GC2990/20 Philips Steam iron

Philips PowerLife
Steam iron
2300 W
40 g/min continuous steam
140 g steam boost
SteamGlide soleplate
Built to perform, day after day
With SteamGlide soleplate - lasts 4X longer
For great results day after day, you want an iron that never lets you down. With its antiscratch SteamGlide soleplate, high consistent steam output and integrated calc-clean, this
high quality iron gives you performance that lasts.
Fast & powerful crease removal
• 2300 W for quick heat up
• Up to 140g steam boost to remove stubborn creases easily
• Steam output of up to 40 g/min for better crease removal
• Vertical steam for crease removal in hanging fabrics
Long lasting performance
• Superior anti-scratch SteamGlide soleplate
• Easy-to-use calc-clean for long-lasting steam performance
• Tested cord for maximum durability and safety
Comfortable ironing
• Drip-stop system keeps your garments spotless while ironing
• Comfortable handle with texturing for easy grip
Steam iron
2300 W 40 g/min continuous steam, 140 g steam boost, SteamGlide soleplate
2300 W for quick heat up
Vertical steam
Quality-tested cord
2300 W for quick heat-up and powerful
This Philips iron has a vertical steam function,
for crease removal in hanging fabrics.
Philips cord for steam irons has been tested
under rigorous quality measures to provide
maximum durability and safety.
Steam boost up to 140 g
SteamGlide soleplate
Drip-stop system
The iron's 140 g steam boost penetrates
deeper into the fabric to easily remove
stubborn creases.
Steam up to 40 g/min
Continuous steam output of up to 40 g/min
gives you the perfect amount of steam to
efficiently remove all creases.
Our exclusive SteamGlide soleplate moves
smoothly over any fabric. A durable, 5-layer
coating - including anti-corrosive base - makes
it last longer. Non-stick, scratch-resistant and
easy to keep clean.
The Drip Stop system of your Philips steam
iron lets you iron delicate fabrics at low
temperatures without having to worry about
stains from water droplets.
Built-in calc-clean slider
Comfortable handle
This steam iron can be operated with normal
tap water, and the built-in calc clean slider
makes it easy to remove any built-up scale
from your iron. To maintain the performance
of your Philips steam iron, you should use this
scale clean function once a month when using
normal tap water.
The texturing on the handle of the iron
ensures a comfortable and ergonomic grip, so
that your hand fits well and does not slip during
Steam iron
2300 W 40 g/min continuous steam, 140 g steam boost, SteamGlide soleplate
Easy to use
Drip Stop
Water tank capacity: 320 ml
Extra large filling hole
Extra stable heel rest
Tap water suitable
Soleplate name: SteamGlide
Fast crease removal
Water spray
Continuous steam: 40 g/min
Power: 2300 W
Steam boost: 140 g
Green efficiency
• User manual: 100% recycled paper
• 2 year worldwide guarantee
Size and weight
• Packaging dimensions (WxHxL):
33.2x16.7x13.7 cm
• Product dimensions (WxHxL): 31.2x14.7x12.7 cm
• Weight of iron: 1.255 kg
Scale management
• Descaling and cleaning: Built-in Calc Clean Slider
Issue date 2017-03-29
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* *Tested vs. Philips non-stick soleplate
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