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A-26/4, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate
New Delhi - 110044.
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Dear Customer,
Congratulations! On the purchase of your SINGER Hand blender, this is
designed to include many superior features that permit you the fullest
expression of your cooking skill and enthusiasm. You are now on the threshold
of a whole new world of cooking pleasure.
At SINGER, we have a reputation of manufacturing innovative, high quality
appliances such as Food Processors, Mixer Grinders, Juicer Mixer Grinders,
Cooking Ranges, Juice Extractors, Cooktops, Microwave Ovens, Oven Toaster
Grillers, Hand Blenders, Electric Kettles, Rice Cookers, and Electric
Chimneys. You newly acquired SINGER Hand blender bears the same
distinctive hallmark of excellence.
It is all the result of vigorous quality consciousness in SINGER design and
development where uncompromising standards are maintained and rigid
quality control measures are exercised on raw materials, components and
finally, the finished product.
You SINGER Hand blender has a lot of thoughtful features built in to make
your usage convenient. Please read these instructions carefully, so that you may
get the best out of the power packed features in your SINGER Hand blender.
Welcome to the SINGER world of cooking pleasure!
Important Instructions
Part Identification
1. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the functions of the hand blender
before operation.
2. Before connecting the appliance check the mains voltage comply with the
voltage specified.
3. The blade are very sharp, so be careful while operating the blender.
HB 66
4. Repairs or the replacement of the main cord must only be done by
authorized service personnel.
5. Keep the appliance away from the reach of the children.
6. Always unplug the appliance before assembling, dismantling, cleaning or
7. The appliance is constructed to process normal household quantities only.
Parts No.
Parts Name
Motor housing
Push button
1. Do not run the blender continuously for more than one minute. Allow the
motor to cool down sufficiently before starting the next cycle.
Blade guard
2. Do not chop extremely hard food, such as nutmeg, coffee seeds and grains.
Measuring cup
Technical Specifications*
230V, 50Hz, AC
Cord Plug
2 pin, 250, 1.5m long
No. of speeds
Single speed
Type of stem
Stainless steel
Measuring cup, Wall bracket
3. Do not overload the motor. The quantity of material for blending or
chopping operation should not be more than one half of the measuring jar
4. Do not operate the hand blender unless the attachments are properly
clamped with the motor housing part.
5. Do not allow the cord to hang over the edges of the table, or touch hot
6. Do not immerse the appliance in water.
*Due to continuous improvements in product, specifications are subject to
change without prior notice.
7. Do not attempt to repair the hand blender at home or allow any unauthorized
person to do it either.
Before First Use
1. After unpacking the unit and before any use, make sure the mechanical parts
of the unit and all its attachments are not damaged.
2. Carefully go through the instruction manual before starting the operation.
How to operate your hand blender
Product Description_________________
Date of Manufacture
Product Code______________________
The hand blender is perfectly suited for preparing sauces, purees, soups,
mayonnaise, chutney, baby foods, for mixing drinks and milkshakes.
Purchaser’s Name__________________
1. Introduce the hand blender in the material to be processed, then press the
speed control switch.
Address. ______________________________________________
2. You can operate the blender in the beaker. Even you can blend directly in the
saucepan while cooking.
Invoice No. :____________________Date:___________________
Wall bracket
This hand blender comes with wall hanging facility. It can easily by hung in
the kitchen wall bracket when not in use.
Location Stamp
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. Unplug the blender from the supply switch.
2. Clean the steel stem part with a damp cloth only.
3. After processing salty food, you should rinse the blade right away.
Signature of Salesman ___________________________________
4. In case of any defect, contact authorized service centre or company’s service
A-26/4, IInd Floor, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate
New Delhi - 110044.
Singer India Limited warrants this appliance to be free from any manufacturing defect at the time
of sale and for a further period of 2 years from the date of sale as evidenced by the sale
particulars mentioned overleaf.
The company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the product, should the
company be fully satisfied in its sole discretion that the defect/s is/are due to faulty material or
defective workmanship only.
The warranty is not valid in case of any of the following events:
The warranty specifically excludes any problems arising out of mishandling, wilful damage,
improper storage of the product and in the case of its parts, if they have not been maintained
and operated strictly in accordance with the instruction manual accompanying this
Any repair work carried out by persons other than authorised Singer Shop/Dealer.
Normal wear and tear of the product.
Damage due to chipping, peeling, plating and denting.
Damages due to running of the appliances on the alternate sources of power such as
Invertor, generator or any such auxiliary power supply aid resulting in variation/fluctuating
Breakage or damage to components made of ABS, SAN, Bakelite, Glass and such
plastic/rubber parts, cord, bulbs and surface coating.
Product if used for the commercial purposes.
Product, the serial number of which has been removed obliterated or altered on the
specification plate.
The repair or replacement of such defective parts or product shall constitute complete
fulfilment of all the obligations of Singer India Limited in respect of this product and no other
claims of any kind would be admissible.
All expenses incurred in collecting the units or parts there of from the company’s authorised
service station or the dealers of Singer India Limited as well as expenses incurred in connection
with deputing personnel/tecnicians towards to and fro travel conveyance and other incidentals,
etc. wil be borne by the customer.
Any claims or disputes arising out of this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in
New Delhi only.
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