Induction Cooktop
Owner’s Manual
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Do not use The Copper Chef Induction CooktopTM
until you have read this manual thoroughly.
Clean Energy Cooking
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop TM delivers
perfect cooking results without the use of
dangerous open flames, exposed electrical
elements, excessive heat, or wasted energy.
Before You Begin
It is very important that you read this entire manual, making certain
that you are totally familiar with its operation and precautions.
Perfect Cooking Results
Maintaining specific cooking time and temperature is as important to a good
recipe as the ingredients. With the Copper Chef Induction CooktopTM you can
set and adjust the temperature and time to suit your recipe. No more constant
adjusting of the flame height... no more guesswork.
How Does it Work?
The induction cooking process heats a cooking vessel through the use of
magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction from an open flame or an
electrical heating element. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel,
rapid increases in temperature can be achieved and maintained.
In order for the process to work, a cooking vessel must be made of, or contain,
a magnetic metal such as cast iron or some stainless steels. You can test the
bottom of your cookware with a magnet to determine if it will be compatible
with the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Table of Contents
Parts & Functions
Using the Digital Control Panel
Induction Cooking Technology
General Operating Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions
Care & Cleaning
LED Display Error Codes
Manufacturer’s 60 Day Warranty
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
• READ AND FOLLOW all instructions carefully.
• NEVER IMMERSE this appliance, which contains electrical components,
in water. Do not rinse under the tap.
• TO AVOID ELECTRICAL SHOCK, do not put liquid of any kind into the
housing containing the electrical components.
• THIS APPLIANCE HAS A POLARIZED PLUG (one blade is wider than the
other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a
polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet,
reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician.
Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.
• MAKE SURE the appliance is plugged into a wall socket. Always make sure
that the plug is inserted into the wall socket properly.
• DO NOT cover the air vents while the appliance is operating.
Doing so will prevent proper operation, could cause overheating and may
damage the appliance. Make certain that the vent fan on the underside
of the Unit is not obstructed.
• WHILE COOKING, the cooktop surface that makes contact with your cooking
vessel will become very hot. To avoid personal injury, never place hands on the
cooktop surface until it is thoroughly cooled down.
• THIS APPLIANCE IS NOT INTENDED FOR use by persons with reduced
physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they are under the supervision of a responsible person or have been
given proper instruction in using the appliance. This appliance is not intended
for use by children.
• DO NOT use this Unit if the plug, the power cord or the appliance itself
is damaged in any way.
• IF THE POWER CORD IS DAMAGED, you must have it replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent, or a similarly qualified person in order
to avoid hazard.
• KEEP THE APPLIANCE and its power cord out of the reach of children when
it is in operation or in the “cooling down” process.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
• KEEP THE POWER CORD away from hot surfaces.
• DO NOT plug in the power cord or operate the Unit controls with wet hands.
• NEVER CONNECT THIS APPLIANCE to an external timer switch or separate
remote-control system.
• NEVER USE THIS APPLIANCE with an extension cord of any kind.
• DO NOT OPERATE THE APPLIANCE on or near materials such as
tablecloths,curtains, plastics or any other combustible materials.
• DO NOT USE the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop for any purpose other than
described in this manual.
• NEVER operate the appliance unattended.
• NEVER move the device by pulling on the power cable.
• DO NOT move the Induction Cooktop during cooking or with hot cookware
on top of it.
• DO NOT place any empty container on the device.
• DO NOT place aluminum foil or any metal objects on the device, other than
the intended cooking vessel.
• DO NOT place the Induction Cooktop next to devices or objects, which
react sensitively to magnetic fields (e.g. Credit Cards, Radios, TVs, cassette
recorders, etc.).
• DO NOT place Induction Cooktop next to open fires, heaters or other
sources of heat.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Parts & Functions
Cooktop Surface
Made from durable, heat-resistant ceramics.
AC Power Cord
2 prong design.
Control Panel
Digital display with adjustable 10° increment
temperature controls.
Your Copper Chef Induction Cooktop has been shipped as shown above.
Check everything carefully before use. If any part appears damaged, do not use
this product and contact shipper using the customer service number located
in the back of this owner’s manual.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Parts & Functions
Magnetic Metal-Based Cookware
Magnetic Field
Ceramic Cooktop
Power Coil
The Induction Cooking Process
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop operates on the principle
of electromagnetic induction. Electric current is passed through the Power
Coil installed inside the Cooktop creating a Magnetic Field that travels through
the Ceramic Cooktop. When Magnetic Metal-Based Cookware is used,
the Magnetic Field transfers to the bottom surface of the cookware resulting
in high heat sufficient for cooking. The induction cooking method has heating
performance comparable to that of a gas burner, but it is significantly more
energy efficient.
Air Vents Located on the underside (A) and back (B) of the Copper Chef
Induction Cooktop are critical to its operation. Make sure the Unit is
not pushed up against a counter backsplash and the underside is on
a smooth, level, heat-resistant surface before operating.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Using the Digital Control Panel
1. Induction Timer Button - The timer can be set for timed operation in minutes
and in hours. Timing in hours can only be used for temperatures less than
175°F, low and warm temperatures. The timer will turn off the unit when time
expires. The default time out operation is 150 minutes (2:30 hrs.).The unit will
turn off on any heat setting after this time. The timer can be set in minutes
from 1 min to 150 mins (2:30 hrs.) for all temperature settings. Timer can be
set in hours for up to 10:00 hours at settings below 175°F. See the “To Set
Your Cooking Time” section.
2. Keep Warm Button - Preset button to set temperature at 150°F to keep
food warm.
3. Temperature Decrease Button - Allows user to lower temperature
or decrease time.
4. Low Button - Preset button to set temperature at 100°F.
5. LED Display - Indicates time, temperature, OFF.
6. Medium Button - Preset button to set temperature at 275°F.
7. High Button - Preset button to set temperature at 425°F.
8. Temperature Increase Button - Allows user to raise temperature
or increase time.
9. Sear Button - Preset button to set temperature at 500°F. The Digital Display
for this selection will read “SEAR.”
10. START/OFF Button - Select the START/OFF button to begin the cooking
cycle after selecting temperature setting. The START/OFF button will also
cancel the induction cycle. The power to the unit is still present and display
will read “off” meaning unit is not in operation.
Delay Auto-Off
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop has a 60-second delay auto-turn off. While in use, an inductionready pan can be removed from the induction surface for up to 60 seconds before it shuts off. After 60
seconds, the unit will turn off and then must be restarted. This is a safety precaution.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Using the Digital Control Panel
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop makes cooking easy. A series of preset functions
combined with full control of precise, maintainable heat settings and time, guarantees
perfect results. Induction cooking conserves energy while reducing kitchen heat and
exposure to open flames and dangerous hot coils common to conventional cooking
methods. Note: Any of the preset temperatures may be increased or reduced and time
may be added or reduced at any point during the cooking cycle.
To Set Your Own Cooking Temperature
A. Plug the Unit into a 120V wall power outlet. Display will show “OFF”.
B. Select any preset temperature button:
KEEP WARM (150°F) - LOW (100°F) - MED (275°F) - HIGH (425°F) - SEAR (500°F)
C. Press the UP or DOWN BUTTONS to raise or lower the temperature setting by 10°F
increments. Press START/OFF button to start cooking cycle. The Temperature can be
adjusted if the Unit is in operation by adjusting temperature up or down. The internal
cooling fan will activate when unit is in operation. The Induction circuit will cycle on
and off to keep the desired cooking temperature. The fan will continue to run after
cooking cycle for a period of time as a cool down. Keep unit plugged in until this cool
down cycle completes.
Slow Cook: Slow cooking for a period of up to 10:00 hours can be set for temperature
settings below 175°F. Press the desired heat setting of temperatures below 175°F. Select
Keep Warm, Low or setting below 175°F and then press the TIMER button. Change time
setting to hours by initially selecting DOWN button (#3) to set from 10:00 to 2:40 (hours).
DOWN button will change time in increments of 00:10 min. UP button (#8) will increase
time. Press Start.
Keep Warm: KEEP WARM button preset will keep temperature at 150°F.
This default time is 2:30 unless the timer setting is used for up to 10:00 hours.
For best results, it is recommended to use a lid.
To Set Your Cooking Time
A. Select cooking temperature.
B. Select the TIMER button to set time:
1. Setting Timer in Minutes: Timer can be set for timed operation up to 150 minutes
of all temperatures by selecting the temperature setting and then the time setting.
Select the desired heat setting and then press the TIMER button. Change time setting
by initially pressing the UP button (#8) to add time in intervals of 1 minute. DOWN
button (#3) will decrease time. Press Start.
2. Setting Timer in Hours( Low and Keep Warm Only): Timer can be set for timed
operation up to 10:00 hours of temperatures below 175°F by selecting the temperature setting and then the time setting. Select the desired heat setting of Keep Warm,
Low or setting below 175°F and then press TIMER button. Change time setting to
hours by initially Selecting the down button (#3) to set from 10:00 to 2:40 (hours).
DOWN Button will change time in increments of 00:10 (min). UP button (#8) will
increase time. Press Start. This extended time setting is for slow cooking and Keep
warm. Extended cooking times at higher heats is not recommended. Note: LED will
alternate between time & temperature when timer is set and unit is in operation.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Induction Cooking Technology
The Perfect Companion Cookware
For your new cooktop is the Copper Chef Deep Dish square pan. The large
capacity family-size pan comes with a tempered glass lid and a special base
designed for induction cooking as well as all other methods.
Induction Cooking Technology
Induction Cooking Technology is based on magnetic principles. Compatible
cookware must have an (iron-based, magnetic) bottom. Some cookware is
made of naturally magnetic metals (such as pure iron), while others are rendered
magnetic by “sandwiching” a thin layer of a ferrous metal within the base.
Note: Copper, glass and aluminum cookware will not work unless they have
a sandwiched magnetic base. Pots that function best tend to be medium
to heavy gauge.
Note: The LED display will show a series of dashes -------, and the cooktop
will not generate heat if incompatible cookware is used.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Induction Cooking Technology
Temperature Range: 100°F-500°F
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Maximum Power Output: 1300 Watt
Cookware made specifically for induction cooking
will usually be branded on the bottom of the pan
with a symbol like or similar to the one shown here.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
General Operating Instructions
Preparing for Use
Place the appliance on a stable, level, horizontal and heat-resistant surface.
Plug the AC Power Cord into a suitable electrical outlet.
Place an induction compatible pot with ingredients on the cooktop’s
ceramic cooking surface.
Using the instructions on page 8, program your Copper Chef Induction
Cooktop to suit your recipe.
NEVER empty pot lids or other utensils on the ceramic cooking surface.
An empty pot or lid could activate the Unit’s overheating protection device.
NEVER cover the air vents in the back or bottom.
NEVER drag, slide or shake the pot on cooktop’s ceramic surface.
Though it is built for long-lasting durability, rough treatment could damage
the smooth surface.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
General Operating Instructions
of Induction
Because energy is transferred directly
from the induction range coils to the
pan’s metal base, heating is up to 50%
faster than gas!
Because there is no open flame,
red-hot coil or other radiant heat
source to ignite fumes or flammable
materials. Induction cooking helps to
prevent burns and kitchen fires.
Because with no carbon build-up to
worry about, cleanup is a breeze.
Just use a damp cloth and wipe over
the smooth, easy-to-clean ceramic
glass surface.
Because a gas range produces
excessive heat that goes into your
kitchen, increasing your cooling costs.
With induction cooking, almost no
energy is wasted since all the heat is
being generated within the pan itself.
Because with induction cooking
up to 80% of every dollar you spend
on energy goes right into the pan
When you remove the pan from
the induction surface, the Unit
immediately goes into Stand-by
Mode, no energy wasted.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
General Operating Instructions
Selecting the Proper Induction Cooking Temperature
Melting chocolate, homemade yogurt
Keeping meat, casseroles, soups, vegetables baked goods
Keep warm for serving and pasteurizing
Poaching eggs, roasting, stewing and braising meats, baking
custards and casseroles, warming leftovers, melting cheese
and fondue, simmering stocks, preparing sauces
180°F - 220°F
Waterless cooking vegetables and fruits, jellies and jams,
hard-boiled eggs, roasting after searing
Boil, steam, sauté, roast
Prepare eggs, omelets and crepes, breakfast potatoes,
gravies, and roux
Sauté vegetables and seafood
Brown meats, seafood, bake cakes, pancakes, French toast,
grilled sandwiches
325°F - 350°F
Deep-fry in oil
Sear meats and poultry, stir-fry poultry, popcorn, pasta
Pan-broil meats and fish, stir-fry meats
Quick browning and searing meats before roasting
Max sear, blacken
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
500°F (SEAR)
General Operating Instructions
Induction Cooktop Tips
When food comes to the boil, reduce the temperature setting. Using a lid will
reduce cooking times and save energy by retaining the heat. Minimise the
amount of liquid or fat to reduce cooking times. Start cooking on a high setting
and reduce the setting when the food has heated through.
Simmering & Cooking Rice
Simmering occurs below boiling point, at around 185°F, when bubbles are just
rising occasionally to the surface of the cooking liquid. It is the key to delicious
soups and tender stews because flavours develop without overcooking the food.
You should also cook egg-based and flour- thickened sauces below boiling point.
Some tasks, including cooking rice by the absorption method, may require a
setting higher than the lowest setting to ensure the food is cooked properly
in the time recommended.
When stir-frying be careful to lift the pan clear of the surface if tossing the
ingredients. Sliding the pan across the cooktop surface may scratch it.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use any type of pot to cook on induction?
No. Only pots with a “ferrous” or iron composition will work on induction.
That means items made of glass, copper, ceramic, or aluminum will not
work. Cast iron, enamelware, and some stainless steel will work.
How do I know if my cookware is induction compatible?
A great test is the magnetic test. Take any magnet and see if it is attracted
to the base of your pot. Some pots are advertised as induction capable.
You might want to go shopping with your magnet.
Does induction cooking require special techniques?
You will need to familiarize yourself with the settings used for different
purposes. A common problem for new users is that in the beginning they
may overcook food as they don’t realize how much heat is generated so
quickly. If you are new to induction cooking we recommend practicing by
boiling a pot of water. Repeat this several times with different size pots
and pans and with different levels of water on different heat settings. You
will soon get a good feel for how quickly the pot heats up. This absolutely
can change the way you cook – if you are busy and you need to attend to
another task, for example answer the door or phone, you should set the
Unit to OFF until you return. When you return, the pot heats up instantly.
Does the Cooktop get hot?
The cooktop itself barely gets warm, except directly beneath the cooking
vessel. As soon as the cooking vessel is removed from the stovetop the
element turns off and automatically cools down. However, the surface just
beneath the pot takes a bit of time to cool… avoid touching it.
Isn’t the Cooktop glass? Will it scratch or crack?
The cooktop is made of ceramic glass, as on “smoothtop” stoves. Ceramic
glass is very strong and tolerates very high temperatures and sudden
temperature changes. Ceramic glass is very tough, but if you drop a heavy
item such as a cast iron skillet, it may crack. In everyday use however it is
highly unlikely to crack. Scratching can occur from carelessness. Be careful
not to slide rough-bottomed cookware on the surface.
Is an induction stovetop easy to keep clean?
Absolutely! Burning gas vaporizes by-products that eventually condense
and settle on the surface of the cooktop. Induction cooking limits these
by-products and therefore makes cleaning easier. Also as the surface is flat
it is a lot easier to wipe down than gas type burners.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Care & Cleaning
The Copper Chef Induction CooktopTM is easy to clean. It has a
continuous surface with no dirt traps, and the controls are touchsensitive, so there are no knobs to clean around. Because the surface
doesn’t get as hot as other electric cooktops, most spillage won’t bake
on – although you do have to be careful with sugar because it can
burn on and create an uneven surface.
• Note: Unplug the AC Power Cord prior to cleaning the Copper Chef Induction
Cooktop. Do not use any caustic cleaning agents or abrasive scrubbing pads on
the Unit.
• To protect yourself from electric shock, NEVER immerse the device, or the AC
Power Cord in water or other liquids.
• Wipe off the ceramic plate with a warm, damp cloth and a mild, nonabrasive
soap solution.
• Wipe off the outer Unit housing and the Control Panel with a soft cloth or a
mild detergent.
• DO NOT use any petroleum products which will damage the outer Unit
housing and the Control Panel.
• DO NOT use/store any flammable, acid or alkaline materials or substances
near the device, as this may reduce the service life of the device and lead to
deflagration (fire) when the device is turned on.
• Make sure that the bottom of the cookware does not scrape across the surface
of the Cooktop. A scratched surface will not impair the use of the device.
• Make sure that the device is properly cleaned before storing it in a dry place.
• DO NOT stack many heavy objects on top of the Unit. Excessive weight could
possibly damage the Unit.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
LED Display Error Codes
Improper or
missing cookware
on Induction area.
Cookware must
have a proper
induction plate at its
base and needs to
be placed within the
induction circle.
To check if your
cookware has a proper
induction plate, place
a magnet on it. Proper
induction plates will be
attracted to the magnet.
Low Voltage
Power must be 120V
High Voltage
Power must be 120V
Internal Circuit
Turn off to allow the
unit to cool down,
then restart on a
lower temperature.
Turn off to allow the
unit to cool down,
then restart on a
lower temperature.
Turn off to allow the
unit to cool down,
then restart on a
lower temperature.
Turn off to allow the
unit to cool down,
then restart on a
lower temperature.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Manufacturer’s Sixty Day Limited Warranty
The manufacturer warrants that all parts and components are free of defects in
materials and workmanship for 60 days from the date the product is received.
This warranty is valid only in accordance with the conditions set forth below:
1. Normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. This warranty applies
to consumer use only, and is void when the product is used in a commercial or
institutional setting.
2. The warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser and is not
transferable. In addition, proof of purchase must be demonstrated. This
warranty is void if the product has been subject to accident, misuse, abuse,
improper maintenance or repair, or unauthorized modification.
3. This limited warranty is the only written or express warranty given by the
manufacturer. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular
purpose on this product is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty.
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so
the above limitation may not apply to you.
4. Repair or replacement of the product (or, if repair or replacement is not
feasible, a refund of the purchase price) is the exclusive remedy of the consumer
under this warranty. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any incidental or
consequential damages for breach of this warranty or any implied warranty on
this product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply
to you.
5. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state.
Procedure for Warranty Repairs or Replacement:
If warranty service is necessary, the original purchaser must pack the product
securely and send it postage paid with a description of the defect, proof of
purchase, and a check or money order for $19.99 to the following address:
Tristar Products, Inc.
500 Returns Road
Wallingford, CT 06495.
The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop™
Induction Cooktop
We are very proud of the design and quality of our
Copper Chef Induction CooktopTM.
This product has been manufactured to the highest standards.
Should you have any problem, our friendly customer service staff
is here to help you.
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Tristar Products Inc.
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