Summer 2016
Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters Moving in MRB
A newsletter for
volunteers of Strong
Memorial Hospital
Susan A. Sullivan
Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters in the Flaum Atrium will soon have a new café in the
former Au Bon Pain space at the western end of the north corridor. Construction is
underway for a new state-of-the art café featuring the finest and freshest coffee
selections along with quality products that are proven winners.
New coffee choices will be available including Joe Nitro - a cold brew coffee
infused with nitrogen and served on tap. A premium blend single cup pour over coffee
will offered in addition to a variety of coffee beans for purchase. The new café will also
feature “grab and go” food items along with fresh ice cream. The café will have seating
for customers in a cozy, relaxed setting.
Joe Nitro Coffee
Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters selects high quality Arabica beans from coffee farms
around the world. They sample roast and cup beans in small batches constantly to
ensure consistent taste throughout the harvest season.
All three of Strong Hospital Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters give a percentage of
every purchase to Friends of Strong. Over the last 10 years, $3.6 million has been
donated by Finger Lakes for patient care needs at Strong Memorial Hospital.
Fifteenth Annual Rochester River Run
Thank you for supporting the Fifteenth Annual Rochester River Run/Walk 5k on Sunday,
April 17, at Genesee Valley Park. The event was our most successful run/walk ever with
nearly 1,000 participants! Everyone enjoyed the cool spring weather and refreshments.
Prizes were awarded to the top pledge collectors and runners in various age categories.
We were fortunate to raise nearly $40,000 to benefit transplant patients and their
families. The Sixteenth Annual Rochester River Run/Walk 5k will be held on April 23,
2017. Details will follow in future Volunteer Update newsletters.
New Staff at Friends’ Office
In the past several months we welcomed two new secretaries to our team! Suzanne
Stafford and Jackie Johnson have joined the Friends of Strong staff as ‘time as reported’
secretaries. TAR, or time as reported, allows us to bring paid staff in as needed for
certain special projects or programs that do not need staff attention year round. These
wonderful ladies will be assisting the office during our peak volunteer recruiting times in
the spring, summer, and fall (about 6 months out of the year.)
The TAR’s have a dedicated office space located in Joyce Stadtmiller’s former
office. If you see any of these gals in the next several weeks, please say hello and give
them a warm Friends of Strong welcome!
Be sure to mark your calendar with the following upcoming Friends of Strong events…
 Friends of Strong Annual Celebration Luncheon will be held on Thursday,
October 6 at noon in the Flaum Atrium. Invitations will be mailed later this
summer. Be sure to R.S.V.P.
 Friends in Good Taste: Beer and Food Pairing fundraiser will be held on
Saturday, October 15 from 2-5 p.m. at Lovin’ Cup Bistro and Brews.
Drawings and silent auction items will be included along with live music.
Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at:
 Friends of Strong Pre-Black Friday Sale fundraiser will be held on Friday,
November 18 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Flaum Atrium. A variety of
vendors offering handcrafted items will be participating. All proceeds
benefit patient care. The event is open to the public.
Welcome New Volunteers
Aaron A egba
enise Ale ander
illiam Berry
Larry Billings
elissa Bonner
evin Bosch
ar ne Bosch
ancy Bosy
Rebecca Bec y Boulware
Joy Braselton
andy Bruyer
Aubrey Campbell
ale Cen i
nho Cha
Renee Chen
amela Chesonis
annah Cole
Savannah Contestabile
Lauren Conway
ailey ’ ont
ichael avin
Bradley isenberg
Catherine elberbaum
athleen uierer
Taylor erner
ia orc yca
Cahty allimen
atrina ebb
Adam oward
Steven uber
eredith unt
Andrea Johnson
Jessica aiser
atricia ehrer
James im
Ben amin nopf
ane opas
yra rieg
Amanda Lavere
inh Luong
Annie a
Thomas aciulewic
ric adsen
an arshall
John arvin
Ale ander athes
Sara c onald
aria endicino
oreen essina
i i assis
alia regel
mily almer
Shaili atel
onica errone
Lynne erry
Jonathan Redlins i
eredith Rice
Tessa Rivers
Jenna Sadwic
Lu e Sanna
mily Schran
Libby Schue
aomi Spallina
Susan Steiner
Sandra Stubins i
Chris na Talev
ichael Tarver
aniel Tate
Chris Thaine
evin Thapa
Jade nderwood
Cassandra arsaw
Stacy ic s
awai Jana ong
Stephany ong
Jinyeong Tim im
Tony hao
High School Student Volunteers
Close to 300 high school students have signed on to participate in the summer volunteer
program here at Strong Memorial Hospital and its offsite affiliates beginning Monday,
July 11. The students will wear burgundy golf shirts with the Friends of Strong logo and
will also have a university volunteer ID. All of them are very excited to join our program,
so you if see one of them, please say “hello” and welcome them to riends of Strong!
We will begin making appointment for our Fall Adult/College information sessions
beginning the week of August 15. Anyone that is interested in finding out about
volunteering with Friends of Strong is welcome to call and sign up for a session.
Discount at College Town
When patronizing businesses at College Town, be sure to show your volunteer or
employee ID to receive 10% off your purchase. College Town has been supportive of
Friends of Strong initiatives. We are very grateful for their partnership with us .
Friends of Strong Memorial Hospital
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 660
Rochester, NY 14642
To Friends of Strong
Church of God of Sodus, NY
Maria Correa
Save 25% at the Gift Shop
All staff and volunteers save 25% in
the Gift Shop on the 25th of each
In Memory of Lee Robin
Rose Mary Flihan
Please present your staff or
volunteer ID at time of purchase.
Some items are excluded.
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