Setup, Use and Care Guide
EM419 Color External Monitor
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Dear Gates Customer,
Welcome to the Gates family! You now own one of the finest underwater
housings available, and we thank you for choosing Gates. For over 33 years
Gates has crafted the most reliable, durable and dependable housings to suit
many needs, from recreational diving to treasure hunting, marine research and
Hollywood productions to U.S. Navy programs.
You see, at Gates, your selection of our product is only the beginning. We are
here to service you, the customer, for as long as you own our product. Our
Customer Service is second to none. We’ll make every reasonable effort to
support you wherever your adventures land you, including remote corners of the
globe. Anytime you need advice, parts, overhaul, or repair, Gates will take care
of you promptly and to your satisfaction.
Please read through all the documentation contained in this package to
become familiar with your Gates housing before diving. It contains important
and valuable information to make using your new housing easy to learn and use.
Soon you’ll be capturing images and showing your friends and colleagues the
splendor of the undersea realm.
Complete and return the warranty card enclosed in this package to activate
your 2-year renewable warranty. You’ll receive 2 years of warranty coverage for
your investment and unprecedented peace of mind, only from Gates.
Gates wishes you the greatest success in your diving adventures. May you
capture the memories of a lifetime and the envy of your friends. And
Don’t take a chance…Take a Gates!
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Gates EM419 External Color Monitor
Setup and Use
Congratulations! You’ve selected a Gates product that will provide years of value and
reliable service. This monitor was designed for operation with a variety of cameras and
housings. Please read through this entire guide to become familiar with the Gates
External Color Monitor. The following setup guidelines will explain how to prepare and
use the EM419 and housing so you’ll get the best results from your video endeavors.
Before You Begin
Every Gates housing is pressure tested before leaving the factory to assure a watertight
seal. The EM419 is shipped with batteries installed and is ready to use. Rough or
abusive handling during shipment however, could have caused unnoticed damage after
leaving the factory. Please carefully inspect the contents of the package and the EM419
for any sign of damage during shipment. If damage is suspected, contact Gates directly
for further action.
Camera Setup
Special setup of your camera may be required to use the EM419.
? Information display. Some cameras must be set to display important camera
data on the video out signal. Every camera is different in this regard, so consult
your camera user manual for further help. If you purchased the EM419 with a Gates
housing, the housing Setup, Use and Care Guide may have specific information on
these settings.
? Camera video connection. The location and type of connection required to
supply the EM419 a video signal from your camera is specific to the camera. The
Setup, Use and Care Guide for your housing may contain more specifics on this
After plugging into the camera, you can
verify operation of the EM419 by
plugging the EM419 cable into the
bulkhead connector on the housing and
turning on the camera. You should see
an image display on the monitor within a
few seconds.
Example connection of
EM419 video wire to
the Canon XL1s
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Mounting to a Housing
Attachment of the EM419 to any housing is straightforward and generally the same
(with exception of the Gates XL1/XL1s housing). See photos below for typical
? TRV / VX / PD / HD /GL housings utilize a bracket that secures to the handles
and spans the top of housing. In the center of the bracket the EM419 swivel base
will attach.
After mating the swivel base and yoke,
tighten the wing nut until the EM419
moves in all directions with enough
resistance to stay in the position you
desire, yet remain moveable for repositioning
base and
Monitor bracket spans handles
Spacer(s) may be required
between handle and bracket
? XL1/XL1s housing. An “L” shaped bracket is
attached to the left side of the housing on a threaded
stud located directly above the left handle.
Side mount
Top mount
Note that the monitor can be mounted in two ways: offset to the side, or directly on
top of the housing (see photo. EM253 is shown.). Determine your preferred
mounting method and attach the “L” bracket appropriately using the ¼-20 nylock
nut and stainless washer.
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? Sea & Sea VX2000 Housing. The EM419
will mount to the Sea & Sea VX2000 housing
on a dovetail bracket (see photo). This
bracket will slide into the same slot as the
carrying handle (which cannot be used at the
same time as the monitor) and secured by use
of a thumb screw. (EM 253 shown)
Dovetail mount bracket
EM419 Connection to Housing
The EM419 will connect to the housing via the 2-pin EO-type connector. The male
connector on the cable will mate with an easily identifiable female bulkhead connector
on the housing (see photo). If necessary, use water or lubricant for easier mating of
the connectors.
Plug in the EM419 cable to the bulkhead
connector. (HD1 housing shown)
While you may see a hole on both ends of the bulkhead
connector, only one is big enough to accept the cable
connector. Also, the connectors are ‘wet mating’ connectors, so
there is no need to plug/unplug them only when dry.
? Caution:
If you are not using the EM419 monitor for any reason, do not plug the
video wires into your camera.
? Verify operation by turning on the camera. If properly connected, the monitor will
automatically turn on and display an image. You may have to wait 3-4 seconds
before an image will appear.
Gates Underwater Products • 5111 Santa Fe Street, Suite H • San Diego, CA • 92109
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The EM419 uses 8 AA cells for power. They can be Alkaline or NiMH/NiCad
rechargeable. The monitor will operate for ~14 hours on a fresh set of Alkaline cells,
and ~10 hours on fully charged NiMH/NiCad cells depending on the capacity.
To change the cells,
release the latches on
the either side of the
monitor and separate
the two halves where
you’ll find the batteries
readily accessible.
When closing the EM419
housing, perform a routine
inspection of the o-ring for
any foreign material or
damage. Replace if necessary
and clean the o-ring groove before
installing the new o-ring. Refer to the
Gates “Housing Care and Maintenance Guide”
for more information.
? Caution:
Verify the batterie s are installed in the holder in the proper direction.
Reversed cells may leak acid and cause damage to the EM419.
? Caution:
Do not lubricate the large orange o-ring! It is a special silicone o-ring
and can be damaged by petroleum-based lubricants.
Gates Underwater Products • 5111 Santa Fe Street, Suite H • San Diego, CA • 92109
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Monitor Adjustment
The EM419 has three adjustments for brightness, color and contrast. These
adjustments can be found on the inside rear half of the housing (see photo).
While the monitor is pre-adjusted at the factory, Gates recommends the monitor be
further adjusted to match the camera being used. This will ensure a consistent match
between the monitor and the image actually being recorded.
Matching the camera and monitor should be done in a darkened area to allow good
viewing of both the monitor and the camera electronic viewfinder (EVF).
With the camera on and the monitor plugged in, compare the image on the EVF to the
monitor. Separate the monitor halves, make a small adjustment to the brightness,
contrast or color control, then mate the halv es again and view the results. (It is not
necessary to secure the latches. Simply mating the halves should produce an image.)
Fine tune your adjustments until you are satisfied that the image on the monitor
accurately reflects that being seen in the EVF.
Customer Support
If you have any questions or require further assistance with your EM419 External Color
Monitor, contact your dealer or Gates directly and we’ll be happy to assist.
Gates Underwater Products • 5111 Santa Fe Street, Suite H • San Diego, CA • 92109
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