The Clement House 1908
Celebrate the
Art of Breakfast
We are committed to providing the finest foods,
service, and atmosphere at affordable prices.
We hope you have a memorable dining experience.
The Rice Family
The Woodstock Inn Bakery
Everyday we freshly bake our famous sticky buns
and fresh bread in our own bakery.
Sticky Bun...$1.99
Sticky Bun and Coffee...$3.29
Specialty Ground Espresso
& Coffee Bean Blends
Enjoy a bottomless cup of fresh regular or decaffeinated coffee...$2.24
Espresso...$2.49 Latte & Cappuccino...$3.25
Mocha Latte...$3.25 Raspberry Latte...$3.49
All breakfasts include
Sticky Buns, Coffee and Juice
Camping in the White Mountains, early 1900’s.
Aren’t you happy you chose breakfast at the Woodstock Inn?
Celebrate the Art of Breakfast at the Woodstock Inn. We use only the freshest extra-large eggs available
and cook everything to order (Egg whites are available for many of our dishes, please ask).
Sometimes we take a little longer, but we hope you feel it’s WORTH IT!
Breakfast Inn Style
includes...Sticky Buns, Toast, Homefries, Juice, & Coffee, Tea
Just Inn Style ... $5.19
Add $1.00 for Espresso, or Latte
For Starters... Hot Cereal of the Day...2.99
Fresh Fruit...$7.49
Assorted Cold Cereal...2.59
Fresh Banana ... $1.49
Great Expectations
We use local farm eggs when available
Beggar’s Banquet
The Duke’s Fare
One egg any style...$7.29
...with bacon, ham, or sausage...$8.29
Two eggs any style,
bacon, ham or sausage...$9.39
The Good Shepherd
The Bishop’s Feast
Two eggs any style...$8.19
Two eggs any style, bacon, ham or sausage,
pancakes or French toast...$11.29
The Woodcutter
One egg, Canadian bacon with melted cheese on an English muffin...$8.39
The Wonderful Wizard’s Waffles
Before the Tornado Waffle
Plain malted waffle...$8.99
Waffle Sampler
Four small waffles with each of our
delicious sauces...$10.99
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Waffles
Raspberry chambord sauce, whipped cream...$10.79
Blueberry brandy sauce, whipped cream...$10.79
Amaretto peach sauce, whipped cream, almonds...$10.79
There’s No Place Like Home Waffle
Wicked Witch’s Waffle
Peanut Butter, marshmallow fluff, & walnuts...$10.79
Topped with vanilla ice cream & strawberries...$12.39
If I Only had a Brain Waffle
Glenda’s Favorite Breakfast
Sprinkled with raisins, walnuts, and honey...$10.79
Malted waffle, eggs, home fries...$11.29
The Lion-Hearted Waffle
Banana Split Waffle
A waffle topped with two eggs over-easy, fresh tomato,
and basil, broiled with Monterey Jack cheese...$11.79
Topped with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, hot fudge,
bananas and whipped cream … $12.69
Hearty Country-Style Pancakes & French Toast
All include home fries. We serve only New Hampshire’s purest Maple Syrup. For each gallon of
syrup, approximately 45-gallons of sap are needed which is collected from area sugar maples.
Our Maple Syrup is available at Fadden's General Store.
Country Pancakes
Tropical Pancakes
Traditional and down-home...$10.49
Fresh bananas, coconut and walnuts make these
pancakes a special treat...$10.99
Blueberry Pancakes
Fresh berries when available...$10.78
New England Cranberry-Nut Pancakes
Blueberry Brandy Pancakes
Tasty New England cranberries and nuts are the
special ingredients...$10.99
with a blueberry brandy sauce...$11.29
North Country Apple Pancakes
Tart and tasty...$10.79
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Sweet morsels...$10.79
The Standard French Toast
French toast grilled with our
own cinnamon swirl bread...$10.49
...topped with raspberry, blueberry
or apple topping...$10.99
Benedict Arnolds
Traitors to the Eggs Benedict tradition
Eggs Lafayette
Eggs Rosemary
Poached eggs on toasted
English muffins topped with asparagus
and hollandaise...$11.89
Poached eggs, artichokes, shiitake mushrooms,
asparagus, and roasted red peppers, sauteed
with basil pesto and topped with fresh cilantro
hollandaise, served on a bagel...$12.49
Eggs Benedict
Oregon Benedict
Poached eggs on toasted English muffins
served with Canadian bacon or sausage
patties and topped with hollandaise...$11.89
Poached eggs and lox on a bagel
with hollandaise...$13.19
Veggie Benedict
Eggs Hampton
Poached eggs on spent grain bread with
basil pesto and grilled tomatoes.
Topped with pesto hollandaise...$11.89
Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs on toasted English muffins
with spinach and hollandaise...$11.89
California Benedict
Sliced tomato, bacon, poached eggs and avacado
(in season) topped with guacandaise...$12.19
Poached eggs, crabmeat, and asparagus on
an English muffin with hollandaise...$13.69
Peasant’s Muffins
English muffins covered with
red flannel hash, poached eggs,
and hollandaise...$13.29
Eggs New England
Crab, Shrimp and Scallop cakes with poached eggs
and basil hollandaise sauce...$17.29
All Breakfasts include Sticky Buns, Homefries, Fresh Ground Coffee,
Juice and Homemade Toast.
The Inn’s Special Breakfasts
Lox & Bagels
The Wiseman
Imported lox, bagel, lettuce, tomato,
cream cheese....$12.49
Egg whites, herbs, and veggies
make up this tasty, healthy breakfast...$10.19
Fruit & Cereal
Fresh fruit and choice of
Hot or Cold Cereal...$8.99
Eggs Balsano
Two eggs scrambled with prosciutto,
potatoes, peppers, and onions, seasoned
with fresh garlic and topped with
Sharp Cheddar cheese...$11.69
The Archer
Breakfast Burrito
Sausage, onion, tomato, eggs and cheese
grilled in a jalapeno tortilla garnished
with lettuce, tomato and sour cream...$10.69
Huevos Rancheros
Lightly fried eggs and refried beans on a flour
tortilla covered with our homemade salsa and
melted cheese, finished with shredded lettuce,
tomato, and sour cream...$12.29
The Peasant’s Pride
Two scrambled eggs with sauteed scallions
and melty cream cheese...$9.99
Homemade red flannel hash with two
poached eggs, served sizzlin' ...$11.69
The Green Arrow
Cape Cod Surf & Turf
Same as The Archer but with asparagus
instead of scallions...$10.29
Eggs Halifax
Eggs scrambled with crab meat,
asparagus, and cream cheese,
served with a breakfast-sized
8 oz. New York sirloin...$19.99
Two eggs scrambled with
cream cheese and lox...$10.29
Rest of the Best
Two eggs scrambled with
a bit of everything...$9.99
Steak & Eggs
8-ounce NY Sirloin, two eggs any style...$16.59
Warm Cinnamon & Flame Roasted
Fuji Apples...$9.19
Blueberry Brandy...$9.19
Cambord Raspberry...$9.19
Peach Amaretto...$9.19
All Breakfasts include Sticky Buns, Homefries, Fresh Ground Coffee,
Juice and Homemade Toast.
New Hampshire Health Department recommends that all eggs and poultry products be cooked well done.
(An 18% gratuity may be added for parties of 8 or more.)
Stagecoach at the former Deer Park
Woodstock Inn Omelettes
All omelettes are made with three extra-large eggs.
All ingredients are strictly the freshest and sauteed to order.
The Inn’s Choice
Choose a combination of ham, cheese, mushrooms,
tomatoes, peppers, scallions, and bacon,
or try them all together...$11.19
Spanish Omelette
Camden Omelette
A luscious mixture of crabmeat,
fresh mushrooms, port wine, heavy cream,
and spices, lightly sprinkled with grated
Parmesan cheese..$17.59
Pacific Omelette
Filled with Pepper Jack cheese and spicy
homemade salsa topped with guaacamole...$11.19
Snow crab meat and asparagus sauteed
in garlicky sherry butter, cheese,
topped with hollandaise...$14.29
German Omelette
Loaded with chunks of potato, onion,
green pepper, tomato, sausage,
mushrooms, and cheese...$11.69
Philly Cheese Omelette
Shaved steak, onions, mushrooms,
peppers and cheese...$11.69
Scottish Omelette
Lox, red onion, capers, & cream cheese...$12.19
Western Omelette
Mushrooms, onions, peppers, and cheese
smothered with chili...$11.69
Red Flannel Hash Omelette
Our famous homemade corned beef hash
with cheese...$12.29
Florida Omelette
Fresh vegetables, herbs, and cheese...$11.29
Greek Omelette
Spinach, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, olives,
mushrooms, feta cheese, with basil pesto...$11.69
Chicken Fajita Omelette
Fresh chicken, onion, pepper, fajita spices,
and Pepper Jack cheese...$11.69
Cappressi Omelette
Fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes...$11.49
Orchard Omelette
Fire roasted Fuji apples, walnuts, fresh basil,
and New England brie cheese...$11.29
Californian Omelette
Fall River Omelette
Artichokes and mushrooms sauteed in
garlic-basil pesto with melted cheese...$11.39
Better Than Mom's Omelette
Meatloaf with caramelized onions
gravy and cheese...$11.79
Chorico sausage, peppers, onions
and potatoes sauteed in Port Wine
with melted pepperjack Cheese...$11.69
BBQ Pulled Pork Omelette
with gravy and Cheddar...$11.89
A delicious puffy omelette baked on a malted waffle.
Ham & Cheese
Just like it sounds...$13.49
Mediterranean Womlette
Sundried tomatoes, artichokes,
roasted red peppers, shiitake
mushrooms, and cheese...$14.19
Kitchen Sink
Everything we can find!...$13.99
All Breakfasts include Sticky Buns, Homefries, Fresh Ground Coffee,
Juice and Homemade Toast.
For the Little Ones
(under 12 only, adults add $1.25)
Single Pancake or French Toast, and juice...$5.59
Single Egg, home fries, toast, and juice...$5.59
One egg, one pancake or french toast, toast, homefries, juice,
and choice of bacon, ham, or sausage...$6.69
Ham & Cheese Omelette
Two-egg omelette and juice...$6.69
A La Carte
Assorted Teas...$2.24
Hot Chocolate...$2.24
Single Egg...$1.85
Red Flannel Hash...$5.99
Pancakes or French Toast...$4.19
...with blueberries...$4.49
Ham, Bacon, or Sausage...$3.49
Toast...1.75 Home fries...$2.29
Bagel...$2.25 with cream cheese...$2.75
Chourico Sausage...$3.99
Grilled Seafood Cake...$4.99
1/2 Waffle...$4.45
Small Side of Fruit...$4.25
Fresh Fruit Juices...$1.75 /$2.25
Orange • V8 • Tomato
Grapefruit • Cranberry
Pineapple • Apple • Grape
North Woodstock’s Main Street, year unknown.
Car travelers on Main Street, North Woodstock circa 1900.
The buildings in the background are Hallsworth’s Photograph Studio and home, which
are now a flower and gift shop and Woodstock Inn Riverside.
A Brief History of the Woodstock Inn
The Woodstock Inn opened during Christmas of 1982.
The Main House is over 100 years old and was occupied by the Clement Family-after whom
the main dining room is named-for most of its 100 years. After being empty for approximately
20 years, the house was restored and finished as closely as possible to its original decor. To
meet the demand for more seating, the wraparound porch was enclosed in the Summer of
The Inn has six guest rooms, individually appointed. Recognizing the need for more rooms,
the home across the street from the Main House was purchased and renovated to provide eleven
more rooms with private baths. The Deachman House behind the Woodstock Inn joined our family
in 1995, and four guest rooms with a Victorian flavor were added. Finally, in the fall of 2001, we
gutted the Sawyer House to add three beautifully appointed bedrooms. In 2006, The Cascades
Lodge was purchased and fully renovated in an Adirondack style.
Behind the Inn now sits the original Lincoln Railroad Station which was moved in two
halves from Lincoln and refurbished in the Summer of 1984. The Station is now the Lounge for
the Inn and features a pub-style menu for lunch and dinner, along with nightly entertainment.
The Spring of 1995 ushered in a new phase when the Woodstock Inn Brewery produced its first
barrel of handcrafted ale. The Woodstock Inn Brewery & Brewpub operates year-round and has
six unique brews and homemade root beer on tap everyday.
We don’t know what’s next, but we’ll continue to improve and we appreciate your comments
as well as your continued patronage.
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