cooking collection
Instructions for use and warranty details
Built In Oven
Model No.: OMF60
Dear Customer,
Thank you and congratulations for choosing
Your new appliance has been designed
and meticulously tested to ensure that it
meets all your culinary requirements, and
has been carefully manufactured using top
quality materials to give you years of reliable
For best results, carefully read the instructions
on how your new appliance is to be installed.
Correct installation will avoid delays and
unnecessary service call costs.
Once installation is complete, please read this
instruction manual carefully and get to know
the controls and the features of your new
Kleenmaid appliance. These simple instructions
will enable you to achieve excellent results from
the very first time you use it.
Again, congratulations and thank you for
choosing The Best You Can Own.
The oven is exceptionally easy to use and extremely efficient. After reading the instruction
manual, operating the oven will be easy.
Before being packaged and leaving the manufacturer, the oven was thoroughly checked with
regard to safety and functionality.
Before using the appliance, please read the instruction manual carefully.
By following these instructions carefully you will be able to avoid any problems in using the
It is important to keep the instruction manual and store it in a safe place so that it can be
consulted at any time.
It is necessary to follow the instructions in the manual carefully in order to avoid possible
Do not use the oven until you have read this instruction manual.
The oven is intended for household use only.
The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes which do not affect the
operation of the appliance.
Safety instructions ............................................................................................................. 4
Description of the appliance ............................................................................................. 8
Operation........................................................................................................................... 10
Baking in the oven – practical hints ............................................................................... 17
Cleaning and maintenance .............................................................................................. 19
Installation instructions ................................................................................................... 23
Specifications ................................................................................................................... 26
Warning: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot
during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating
elements. Children shall be kept away unless continuously
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
During use the appliance becomes hot. Care should be taken
to avoid touching heating elements inside the oven.
Accessible parts may become hot during use. Young children
should be kept away.
Warning: Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal
scrapers to clean the oven door glass since they can scratch
the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass.
Warning: Ensure that the appliance is switched off before replacing the lamp to avoid the possibillity of electric shock.
You should not use steam cleaning devices to clean the
Danger of burns! Hot steam may escape when you open the
oven door. Be careful when you open the oven door during
or after cooking. Do NOT lean over the door when you open
it. Please note that depending on the temperature the steam
can be invisible.
● Ensure that small items of household equipment, including connection leads, do
not touch the hot oven as the insulation material of this equipment is usually not
resistant to high temperatures.
● Do not leave the oven unattended when frying. Oils and fats may catch fire due
to overheating or boiling over.
● Do not put pans weighing over 15 kg on the opened door of the oven.
● Do not use harsh cleaning agents or sharp metal objects to clean the door as they
can scratch the surface, which could then result in the glass cracking.
● Do not use the oven in the event of a technical fault. Any faults must be fixed by
an appropriately qualified and authorised person.
● In the event of any incident caused by a technical fault, disconnect the power and
report the fault to the service centre to be repaired.
● The rules and provisions contained in this instruction manual should be strictly
observed. Do not allow anybody who is not familiar with the contents of this instruction manual to operate the oven.
● The appliance has been designed only for cooking. Any other use (for example
for heating) does not comply with its operating profile and may cause danger.
The warning symbol
on the door of oven means “CAUTION: hot surface”.
The product is in compliance with the 89/109/EEC European Directive as it is destined to
come into contact with food products.
This household appliance is compliant with the provisions of the European Community Directives
– ErP DIRECTIVE – 2009/125/EC
The product identification data is stated on the relevant plate applied on the back of the oven.
The plate must never be removed.
Using energy in a responsible way not only saves
money but also helps the
environment. So let’s save
energy! And this is how you
can do it:
Do not uncover the pan too often
(a watched pot never boils!).
Do not open the oven door unnecessarily
Only use the oven when cooking larger
Meat of up to 1 kg can be prepared more
economically in a pan on the cooker hob.
Make use of residual heat from the
If the cooking time is greater than 40 minutes
switch off the oven 10 minutes before the
end time.
Important! When using the timer,
set appropriately shorter cooking
times according to the dish being
Make sure the oven door is properly
Heat can leak through spillages on the door
seals. Clean up any spillages immediately.
Do not install the cooker in the direct
vicinity of refrigerators/freezers.
Otherwise energy consumption increases
During transportation, protective packaging was used to
protect the appliance against
any damage. After unpacking, please dispose of all
elements of packaging in a
way that will not cause damage to the environment.
All materials used for packaging the appliance are environmentally friendly; they are
100% recyclable and are marked with the
appropriate symbol.
Old appliances should not simply be disposed of with normal
household waste, but should
be delivered to a collection and
recycling centre for electric and
electronic equipment. A symbol
shown on the product, the
instruction manual or the packaging shows
that it is suitable for recycling.
Materials used inside the appliance are
recyclable and are labelled with information
concerning this. By recycling materials or
other parts from used devices you are making
a significant contribution to the protection of
our environment.
Caution! During unpacking, the packaging materials (polythene bags, polystyrene
pieces, etc.) should be kept out of reach of
Information on appropriate disposal centres
for used devices can be provided by your
local authority.
Temperature regulator
signal light L
Cooker operation
signal light R
Temperature control
Oven function
selection knob
Control button”+”
Control button „-”
Menu button
Cooker fittings:
Grill grate
(drying rack)
Baking tray
Shelf supports
Before using the oven for the first time
● Remove packaging, clean the interior of
the oven,
In ovens equipped with the electronic
programmer Ts, the time “0.00” will
start flashing in the display field upon
connection to the power supply.
The programmer should be set with
the current time. (See Electronic
programmer ). If the current time
is not set operation of the oven is
● Take out and wash the oven fittings with
warm water and a little washing-up liquid,
● Before using the oven for the first time,
allow it to operate empty and at maximum
temperature for about 1 hour. Ventilate
the room well, possibly by opening the
windows. This will allow evacuation of
the combustion fumes of manufacturing
residues such as grease, oil and resin.
The electronic prgrammer Ts is equipped
with electronic sensors which are
switched on by touching or pressing
the sensor surface for at least one
Each sensor reaction is confirmed by
the beep.Keep the sensor surface clean
at all times.
The oven is equipped with a retractable
knobs. In order to select a function do the
1. Gently press and release a knob which
will pop out,
2. Turn the oven functions selection knob to
the desired function.
Symbols printed around the knob indicate
available oven functions.
To clean the oven, only use a cloth
well rang out with warm water to
which a little washing-up liquid has
been added.
Electronic programmer
The timer can be activated at any time, regardless of the status of other functions. The
timer can be set for from 1 minute to up to 23
hours and 59 minutes.
To set the timer you should:
function selection button
“–” sensor
“+” sensor
Press sensor 1, then the display will show
The electronic prgrammer is equipped with
electronic sensors which are switched on by
touching or pressing the sensor surface for at
least one second.
Each sensor reaction is confirmed by the
Keep the sensor surface clean at all times.
Setting the time
After connection to the mains or reconnection after a power cut the display shows flash
set the timer using sensors 3 and 2.
The time set is shown on the display and the
signal function
is on.
Press sensor 1, 2 or 3 in order to switch off
the signal, the signal function will go out and
the display will show the current time.
If the alarm signal is not turned off manually,
it will be turned off automatically after approx.
7 minutes.
Press sensor 1, then the display will show
set the time using sensors 3 and 2.
7 seconds after the time has been set the
new data will be saved.
If the correct time is not set then proper operation of the oven is not possible.
Semi–automatic operation
Automatic operation
If the oven is to be switched off at a given
time, then you should:
If the oven is to be switched on for a specified
period of time and switched off at a fixed hour
then you should set the operation time and
the operation end time:
Set the oven function knob and the temperature regulator knob to the setting at which
you want the oven to operate.
Press sensor1 until the display will show:
Press sensor 1 until the display will show:
Set the required time using the sensors
3 and 2 within a range from 1 minute to 10
Set the required time using sensors 3 and 2,
within a range from 1 minute to 10 hours.
Press sensor 1 until the display will show:
The set time will be introduced to the memory
after approx. 7 seconds and the display will
show AUTO function.
When the set time has passed the oven is
switched off automatically, the alarm signal
is activated and the signal function AUTO
flashing again;
Set the oven function knob and the temperature regulator knob to the switched–off
Set the switch–off time (operation end time)
using sensors 3 and 2, which is limited to a
period of 23 hours and 59 minutes from the
current time.
Press sensor 1, 2 or 3 in order to switch off
the signal; the signal function will go out and
the display will show the current time.
Set the oven function knob and the temperature regulator knob to the setting at which
you want the oven to operate.
In ovens equipped with one control knob,
the oven function knob is integrated with the
temperature regulator knob.
Change the timer beeps
The function AUTO is now on; the oven will
start operating from the point when the difference between the set operation end time and
the operation duration time occurs (e.g. the
operation time is set to 1 hour, the operation
end time is set to 14.00, so the oven will start
working automatically at 13.00).
The tone of the timer beeps may be
changed as follows:
press sensors 2 and 3 simultaneously,
select “tone” function with the 1 sensor,
the display panel will start to blink:
When the oven reaches the operation end
time it will switch off automatically, the alarm
will be activated and the function AUTO will
start flashing again.
Set the oven function knob and the temperature regulator knob to the switched–off
Press sensor 1, 2 or 3 in order to switch off
the alarm; the function AUTO will go out and
the display will show the current time.
● with the 2 sensor press the appropriate
sensors from 1 to 3 to select the option you
Cancel settings
Timer and automatic function settings may
be cancelled at any time.
Cancel automatic function settings:
press sensors 2 and 3 simultaneously,
Cancel timer settings:
press sensor 1 to select timer settings,
press sensors 2 and 3 again,
Oven with automatic air circulation
(including a fan and and fan-forced
The oven can be heated up using the bottom
and top heaters, the grill or the fan-forced
n . Operation of the oven is
controlled by the oven function knob to use
a function turn the knob to the selected
position, and the temperature regulator knob
to the required temperature. Knobs are
used are follows. The oven is equipped
with a retractable knobs. In order to
select a function do the following:
- Gently press and release a knob which will
pop out,
- Turn the oven functions selection knob to
the desired function.
Symbols printed around the knob indicate
available oven functions.
Oven is off
Oven lighting
Set the knob in this position to light up
the oven interior.
Rapid Preheating
n , roaster and fan on. Use
to preheat the oven.
Only fan is on and all heaters are off.
Ventilated grilling
When the knob is turned to this position, the oven activates the combined
grill and fan function. In practice, this
function allows the grilling process to
be speeded up and an improvement
in the taste of the dish. You should
only use the grill with the oven door
Ultra roasting
In this setting both roaster and
increases temperature in the top
part of the oven’s interior, which
makes it suitable for browning and
roasting of larger portions of food.
Roasting is used for cooking of small
portions of meat: steaks, schnitzel,
fish, toasts, Frankfurter sausages,
(thickness of roasted dish should not
exceed 2-3 cm and should be turned
over during roasting).
The oven can be switched off by setting both
of these knobs to the position “ ”/“0”.
When selecting any heating function (switching an
n on etc.)
the oven will only be switched on
after the temperature has be n set
by the temperature regulator knob.
When the knob is set to this position
the oven is heated using only the
n . Baking of cakes
from the bottom until done (moist
cakes with fruit stuffing).
Pizza and bread
With this setting the convection fan
and bottom
n are on, which
in-creases the temperature at the
bottom of the cooked dish. Intense
heat from the bottom, moist cakes,
Conventional baking
Set the knob in this position for conventional baking. This setting is ideal
for baking cakes, meat, fish, bread
and pizza (it is necessary to preheat
the oven and use a baking tray) on
one oven level.
Switching on the oven is indicated by two
signal lights, R, L, turning on. The R light
turned on means the oven is working. If the L
light goes out, it means the oven has reached
the set temperature. If a recipe recommends
placing dishes in a warmed-up oven, this
should be not done before the L light goes out
for the first time. When baking, the L light will
temporarily come on and go out (to maintain
the temperature inside the oven). The R signal light may also turn on at the knob position
of “oven chamber lighting”.*
Fan-forced convection
Setting the knob in this position allows
the oven to be heated up by a heating
element with air circulation forced by a
rotating fan fitted in the central part of
the back wall of the of and chamber.
Lower baking temperatures than in the
conventional oven can be used.
Heating the oven up in this manner ensures uniform heat circulation around
the dish being cooked in the oven.
Ventilated convection
This knob setting is most suitable
for baking cakes. Convection baking
(recommended for baking).
functions have been
When the
selected but the temperature knob is
set to zero only the fan will be on. With
this function you can cool the dish or
the oven chamber.
Use of the grill
The grilling process operates through infrared
rays emitted onto the dish by the incandescent grill
In order to switch on the grill you need to:
Set the oven knob to the position marked
Heat the oven for approx. 5 minutes (with
the oven door shut).
Insert a tray with a dish onto the appropriate
cooking level; and if you are grilling on the
grate insert a tray for dripping on the level
immediately below (under the grate).
Close the oven door.
For grilling with the Roasting functions
the temperature must be set to 250ºC,
but for Ventilated Grill it should be set to
a maximum of 190ºC.
When using function grill it is recommended that the oven door is
When the grill is in use accessible
parts can become hot.
It is best to keep children away from
the oven.
we recommend using the baking trays which were provided with your cooker;
it is also possible to bake in cake tins and trays bought elsewhere which should be
put on the drying rack; for baking it is better to use black trays which conduct heat
better and shorten the baking time;
shapes and trays with bright or shiny surfaces are not recommended when using the
conventional heating method (top and bottom heaters), use of such tins can result in
undercooking the base of cakes;
when using the ultra-fan function it is not necessary to initially heat up the oven
chamber, for other types of heating you should warm up the oven chamber before
the cake is inserted;
before the cake is taken out of the oven, check if it is ready using a wooden stick (if
the cake is ready the stick should come out dry and clean after being inserted into
the cake);
after switching off the oven it is advisable to leave the cake inside for about 5 min.;
temperatures for baking with the ultra-fan function are usually around 20 – 30
degrees lower than in normal baking (using top and bottom
n );
the baking parameters given in Table are approximate and can be corrected based
on your own experience and cooking preferences;
if information given in recipe books is significantly different from the values included
in this instruction manual, please apply the instructions from the manual.
Roasting meat
cook meat weighing over 1 kg in the oven, but smaller pieces should be cooked on
the gas burners.
use heatproof ovenware for roasting, with handles that are also resistant to high
when roasting on the drying rack or the grate we recommend that you place a baking
tray with a small amount of water on the lowest level of the oven;
it is advisable to turn the meat over at least once during the roasting time and during
roasting you should also baste the meat with its juices or with hot salty water – do
not pour cold water over the meat.
Oven with automatic air circulation (including a fan and an ultra-fan element)
in minutes
160 - 200
30 - 50
160 - 180
20 - 40*
140 - 160
10 - 40*
200 - 230
10 - 20
210 - 220
45 - 60
160 - 180
45 - 60
60 - 70
230 - 250
14 - 18
225 - 250
120 - 150
160 - 180
120 - 160
160 - 230
90 - 120
160 - 190
90 - 120
50 - 60
160 - 180
45 - 60
175 - 190
60 - 70
190 - 210
40 - 50
170 - 190
40 - 50
* Baking smaller items
The figures given in Tables are approximate and can be adapted based on your own
experience and cooking preferences.
By ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance of your cooker you can have a significant influence on the continuing fault-free
operation of your appliance.
Before you start cleaning, the cooker must
be switched off and you should ensure
that all knobs are set to the “ ”/“0” position. Do not start cleaning until the cooker
has completely cooled.
Only use warm water with a small
addition of dishwashing liquid to
clean the front of the appliance.
Do not use washing powders or
Do not use any abrasive agents,
harsh detergents or abrasive objects for cleaning.
The oven should be cleaned after every
use. When cleaning the oven the lighting
should be switched on to enable you to
see the surfaces better.
The oven chamber should only be washed
with warm water and a small amount of
washing-up liquid.
Steam Cleaning function:
-pour 250ml of water (1 glass) into a bowl
placed in the oven on the first level from
the bottom,
- close the oven door,
- set the temperature knob to 50°C, and
the function knob to the bottom
- heat the oven chamber for approximately
30 minutes,
- open the oven door, wipe the chamber
inside with a cloth or sponge and wash
using warm water with washing-up liquid.,
After cleaning the oven chamber wipe it
Do not use cleaning products containing abrasive materials for the cleaning
and maintenance of the glass front
Ovens in cookers marked with the letter
D are equipped with easily removable
wire shelf supports. To remove them for
washing, pull the front catch, then tilt the
support and remove from the rear catch.
Ovens in cookers marked with the letters
Dc have stainless steel sliding telescopic
runners attached to the wire shelf supports. The telescopic runners should be
removed and cleaned together with the
wire shelf supports. Before you put the
baking tray on the telescopic runners,
they should be pulled out (if the oven is
hot, pull out the telescopic runners by
hooking the back edge of the baking tray
on the bumpers in the front part of the
telescopic runners) and then insert them
together with the tray.
Do not wash telescopic runners in a
Removing wire shelf supports
Removing telescopic runners
Installing wire shelf supports
Installing telescopic runners
Replacement of the oven light bulb
In order to avoid the possibility of an
electric shock ensure that the appliance
is switched off before replacing the bulb.
Oven light bulb
Set all control knobs to the position “ ”/“0” and
disconnect the mains plug,
unscrew and wash the lamp cover and
then wipe it dry.
unscrew the light bulb from the socket,
replace the bulb with a new one – a high
temperature bulb (300°C) with the following parameters:
- voltage 230 V
- power 25 W
- thread E14
Screw the bulb in, making sure it is properly inserted into the ceramic socket.
Screw in the lamp cover.
Removing the inner panel
1. Using a flat screwdriver unhook the upper door slat, prying it gently on the sides
(fig. B).
2. Pull the upper door slat loose. (fig. B, C)
Door removal
In order to obtain easier access to the oven
chamber for cleaning, it is possible to remove
the door. To do this, tilt the safety catch part
of the hinge upwards (fig. A). Close the door
lightly, lift and pull it out towards you. In order
to fit the door back on to the cooker, do the
inverse. When fitting, ensure that the notch of
the hinge is correctly placed on the protrusion
of the hinge holder. After the door is fitted to
the oven, the safety catch should be carefully
lowered down again. If the safety catch is not
set it may cause damage to the hinge when
closing the door.
Tilting the hinge safety catches
3. Pull the inner glass panel from its seat
(in the lower section of the door). Remove the inner panel (fig. D).
4. Clean the panel with warm water with
some cleaning agent added.
Carry out the same in reverse order to
reassemble the inner glass panel. Its
smooth surface shall be pointed upwards.
Important! Do not force the upper
strip in on both sides of the door at
the same time. In order to correctly fit
the top door strip, first put the left end
of the strip on the door and then press
the right end in until you hear a “click”.
Then press the left end in until you hear
a “click”.
Regular inspections
Besides keeping the oven clean, you should:
● carry out periodic inspections of the control elements and cooking units of the
cooker. After the guarantee has expired
you should have a technical inspection of
the cooker carried out at a service centre
at least once every two years,
● fix any operational faults,
● carry out periodical maintenance of the
cooking units of the oven.
All repairs and regulatory activities
should be carried out by the appropriate service centre or by an
appropriately authorised fitter.
Removal of the internal glass panel
The installation and technical assistance
must only be performed by qualified staff.
Carefully read the safety instructions in
this manual before using the oven. Incorrect installation, maintenance, assistance
and use can cause serious damage/injury
to persons or objects.
Inserting the oven in the cabinet
Make an opening with the dimensions
given in the diagram for the oven to be
Make sure the mains plug is disconnected
and then connect the oven to the mains
Insert the oven completely into the opening without allowing the four screws in the
places shown in the diagram to fall out.
Ensure the oven is safely installed inside
the cabinet. Use screws to fix the oven to
the front face of the cabinet.
This product must be installed as instructed in this manual and in compliance with
National Standards and local regulations
in force.
Do not lift or pull the oven from the door
handle and do not force or load weights
when this is open.
The purchaser is responsible for installation. Assistance provided by the manufacturer due to incorrect installation is
excluded from the warranty.
DO NOT install the oven behind a decorative door in order to avoid overheating.
Features of the cabinet
The kitchen area should be dry and aired
and equipped with efficient ventillation.
When installing the oven, easy access to
all control elements should be ensured.
The cabinet and its components must be
able to withstand temperatures of up to
90 °C without presenting deformities and/
or surface defects.
The cabinet must enable the free passage
of the oven connections.
All household kitchen units must be
protected with fireresistant material in
accordance with the standards in force.
Hoods should be installed according to
the manufacturer’s instructions.
min. 38
Electrical connection
Warning: This appliance must be earthed.
230V 1N~
The appliance is supplied fitted with a power
cord and 3 pin plug. Plug the 3-pin plug into
a properly earthed, 15A general purpose
power outlet. The power supply plug must
be accessible to allow disconnection of the
appliance in the installed position. The supply
cable should be positioned so that it does not
reach a temperature of more than 75 °C along
its entire length.
(Black or Blue)
or sleeving)
Cable clamp
(Red or Brown)
If a 15A general purpose outlet is not available, then a qualified person should install a
15A outlet or install the appliance with fixed
wiring. For fixed wiring installation, the means
for disconnection must be incorporated in
the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules.
The yellow/green cable must be longer than
the other two by at least 20 mm.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order
to avoid a hazard.
Access to the main terminal is gained by
opening the terminal block cover at the
rear of the appliance (use a small flatbladed screwdriver).
Connection shuld be made with 1,5mm2
twin and earth cable.
First strip the wires, then push the cablethrough the cable clamp in the terminal
block cover.
Connect the cable to the terminal block
and tighten the cable clamp screw (see
Close the terminal box, ensuring that the
cover is engaged on the locking tabs.
Ensure the electric cable does not pass near
or come into contact with the surfaces reaching a temperature above 75 °C.
Attention: Disconect the electric power supply before performing technical assistance or
maintenance on the product.
In case of replacement of the electric cable,
ensure the use of an electric cable certified
according to the Standards in force and suitable to the technical features of the product.
Use only flexible cables:
type HO5VV-F 3G1.5
Use only plug:
according to the Standard AS/NZS 3112
Technical assistance
In case your oven requires technical assistance and/or spare parts, contact the dealer
or the authorised technical assistance centre
nearest to you.
In this case also it is necessary to state all the
appliance data on the rating plate, such as:
model, serial number, etc, rating plate placed
on the back of the oven and on the first page
of the instructions booklet or warranty card.
1. The appliance does not
Break in power supply.
Check the household fuse
box; if there is a blown fuse
replace it with a new one.
2. The programmer display
shows “0:00”.
The appliance was disconnected from the mains or
there was a temporary power
Set the current time
(see ‘Use of the programmer’).
3. The oven lighting does not
The bulb is loose or damaged.
Tighten up or replace the
blown bulb (see ‘Cleaning
and Maintenance’).
Oven dimensions (H/W/D)
595 x 595 x 575 mm
Rated voltage
220-230-240 V ~50/60 Hz
Total power
n + bottom
grill + top
n Fan with
ring heating element Fan
n + bottom
3100 W
2000 W
2900 W
2000 W
3100 W
Compass Capital Services Pty Ltd ABN 96 138 214 525 trading as Kleenmaid will provide parts and labour to you
the customer as set out herein.
Kleenmaid’s Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are
entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable
loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
The benefits given to you under this Kleenmaid Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies to which you
may be entitled under the Australian Consumer Law in relation to the Product to which this Kleenmaid Warranty
relates. Subject to the conditions below, the Product is warranted by Kleenmaid and/or its agents to be free from
defects in materials and workmanship for the Warranty Period for normal Domestic Use.
Product Identification: a. Kleenmaid reserves the right to reject claims for any services or work where you cannot produce for verification
the serial number and a proof of purchase for the Product (including but not limited to the original invoice).
b. This Kleenmaid Warranty will be voided if the serial number for the Product cannot be verified. This is not
intended to exclude, restrict or modify any right or remedy to which you may otherwise be entitled under the
consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law.
c. In the event that a request for repair is made against this Kleenmaid Warranty where the serial number for the
Product cannot be verified or you cannot produce for verification a proof of purchase for the Product (including
but not limited to the original invoice), the repairer will not carry out any repairs on the Product and you will be
charged a service call-out fee.
What is covered by this Kleenmaid Warranty: a. The Product is covered for faulty workmanship or parts that have failed under normal Domestic Use.
b. Kleenmaid and/or its agents will determine by objective testing if there are any defects in the Product and/or
faulty workmanship.
c. This Kleenmaid Warranty is only applicable if repairs on Products are carried out within Mainland Australia.
d. This Kleenmaid Warranty: i. covers a Product purchased as new, manufactured for use in Mainland Australia;
ii. commences from the date of delivery of the Product;
iii. provides for the labour and replacement parts necessary to maintain the Product in good operating condition
as specified in this Kleenmaid Warranty, however, if repair is needed because of Product failure during
normal Domestic Use, Kleenmaid has the option to repair or replace the defective Product or part of the
Product with a product or part of like kind and quality. A replacement part may be new or reconditioned of like
kind and quality and may cost less than the original Product purchased and no charges or refunds will be
made based on the replacement product or part cost difference; and
iv. is only applicable when the Product is used and operated in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions.
What is not Covered by this Kleenmaid Warranty (excluded):a. any damage or failure to or of the Product or part of the Product:
i. due to the Product being inadequately serviced to manufacturer’s recommendations;
ii. resulting from environmental conditions including and not limited to dirt, dust, rodents, insects, rust,
corrosion, salt built-up, of or in any part of the Product;
iii. resulting from excessive use but fair wear and tear is excepted;
iv. resulting from poor installation including and not limited to positioning and externally fitted equipment
such as plumbing and drainage, cabling, antennae or due to incompatibility of connected equipment;
v. caused by overheating as a result of sitting or positioning of the Product, where there is no provision for
adequate ventilation or adequate protection from excessive dust;
vi. if the Product has been dismantled, repaired or serviced by any person other than someone authorised by
Kleenmaid or its agents or representatives;
vii. caused by power surges or spikes, including and not limited to, mains power and telecommunications
connections, or to other unspecified sources, incorrect power current, voltage fluctuation, amperage
fluctuation, rust or corrosion;
viii. if the Product is dropped, collision of the Product with another object, use for which the Product is not
designed, damage to the Product caused by your own negligence, accidental or deliberate misuse of the
Product by you, theft, abuse, vandalism, flood, fire, earthquake, electrical storms or any other act of God
or any war related events; or
ix. due to the introduction of abnormal heat loads to the Product;
b. costs of attendance and testing where no fault or defect covered by the terms of this Kleenmaid Warranty is
identified in the Product;
c. initial setup and installation of the Product;
d. normal maintenance costs and costs incurred through the installation of items listed as requiring periodic
e. Products with removed or altered serial numbers;
f. consumables such as but not limited to bulbs/globes, glass, seals, filters, batteries and remote controls;
g. removal and reinstallation of an internal component not performed by an authorised Kleenmaid agent or
representative or authorised service centre;
h. cosmetic or structural items; or
i. any failures due to interference from or with other products and/or sources.
This Kleenmaid Warranty ceases if: a. the Product ceases to carry the original manufacturer’s serial number or is sold at an auction;
b. the Product is rented;
c. damage to the Product has occurred as listed in point 7a; or
d. there is failure to pay monies owing on invoices as a result of non-warranty work been carried out at the request
of the end user as per point 16 below.
Neither Kleenmaid nor its representatives provide loan equipment under the terms of this Kleenmaid Warranty.
Any unauthorised access to the internal hardware of the Product will void this Kleenmaid Warranty.
Repair Notice: Products presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished Products of the same type rather than
being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the Products.
Replacement items are “like for like” and is not “new for old” and does not indicate in any way that a faulty Product
will be replaced with a new part or unit. “Like for like” may either be a quality checked, refurbished or reconditioned
unit of the same or later batch of model/size/specifications
The cost of making a claim under this Kleenmaid Warranty is not covered by Kleenmaid, including any costs of
transportation or travel expenses between your home and your nearest authorised service agent.
Kleenmaid accepts no liability for items that are lost, damaged, or stolen as a result of freight, transport or storage. If
you are required to transport the Product to an authorised service centre, you must ensure that it is securely packed
and insured.
On Public Holidays or other periods when regular business and wholesale operations are temporarily ceased,
repairer availability and warranty response times may extend beyond the standard response times due to the
unavailability of repairers and parts.
For any repair performed on a Product under this Kleenmaid Warranty where no fault can be found, or the item is
deemed by Kleenmaid or an authorised agent, to be not faulty under this Kleenmaid Warranty, or the repair or fault
is not covered under this Kleenmaid Warranty, a ‘No Fault Found’ fee is payable by you. Kleenmaid will advise you
of this cost and seek your agreement to pay such costs before commencing such repairs.
Any repairs or services required that are outside the terms and conditions of this Kleenmaid Warranty can be
carried out at your request at your cost (including where the Product has not been installed or set up correctly).
Kleenmaid will always advise you of this cost and seek your agreement to pay such costs before commencing such
repairs. A credit card may be required prior to the commencement of such services.
Extra charges will be payable by the customer should the Product not be readily accessible without special
equipment, such as but not limited to cranes and lifts or should the Product be installed in a position that service
access is blocked and/or repair work is not possible without uninstalling the Product to gain access.
You, the customer, may be entitled to purchase an extended warranty in respect of the Product. Any extended
warranty will not be issued by Kleenmaid but by a third party. Any extended warranty services will be provided
directly by the third party as principal and not as agent for Kleenmaid, under their extended warranty terms and
conditions and not under this Kleenmaid Warranty.
To make a claim under this Kleenmaid Warranty, please have your proof of purchase and the serial number of the
Product ready and call (02) 9310 1207 during business hours.
This Kleenmaid Warranty is given by:
Name: Compass Capital Services Pty Ltd ABN 96 138 214 525 trading as Kleenmaid
Business address: Level 2, Suite 3, 204 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW Australia 2015
Telephone: (02) 9310 1207
a. Australian Consumer Law means the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
b. Domestic Use means use of the Product for personal, domestic or household purposes.
c. Kleenmaid means Compass Capital Services Pty Ltd ABN 96 138 214 525 trading as Kleenmaid.
d. Mainland Australia means the following States and Territories of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, South
Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory.
e. Product means the appliance sold by Kleenmaid to you as evidenced by the original purchase invoice.
f. Warranty Period means the period of 36 months for domestic use, 12 months for non-domestic use or such
alternative period as may be specified.
UPDATE NOTICE: This Kleenmaid Warranty is current as at 7 March 2017 but is subject to variation from time to time.
For the latest version of the Kleenmaid Warranty, please see our website or phone us on (02) 9310 1207.
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