Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Ovens and Microwave ovens
o My oven is not working and the luminous symbols are not lit. Why?
Firstly, check the status of the electrical installation whether or not there is power
supply. You have to make sure that the oven is connected.
o Why my oven is not working with flashes of the following symbols? :
Cause : Oven just installed or interruption in the power supply, with the function
selector not in position “0”.
Solution: Set the clock to the right time and the oven will start.
Cause : The time pre-set for cooking has elapsed.
Solution: Turn the function selector and the temperature selector to the “0”
Cause : Oven blocked with the function selector in position “0”.
Solution: Release the timer as indicated in the “Child Safety Lock” part of the timer’s
user manual.
Cause : The time set for the oven alarm has elapsed.
Solution: Press any button.
o Why and what can I do if smoke comes out when oven is in use?
This situation could be caused by your greasy oven. Just clean it and it would be fine.
Another possible reason is the oven temperature is too high. You should reduce the
o Why is my oven still making noises after cooking is completed?
The oven fan is operating (even with the oven off) to cool down the surrounding’s
temperature. Although this situation is normal, do contact our technicians for help if
the problem wasn’t resolved for prolong period.
o The interior glass of the oven door is misted up and dripping. How could I solve
In order to solve your problem, you just need to push the accessories (grill and tray)
further in to prevent it from coming into contact with the glass.
o Any constructive advices or suggestions for baking with ovens?
You must check the temperature selected against the temperature shown in the
table by slightly increasing the temperature if baking is very pale or very wet while
slightly reducing it if baking is very dark. When baking, always remember to select
dark coloured enamelled baking moulds as they will absorb the heat better than light
coloured moulds which prevents the baking turn out very pale.
o What can I do when the induction plate does not work (the lights on the keypad
are off)?
You are recommended to check the electrical installation because the appliance is
not receiving any power as the power supply or connection is faulty. However, if the
problem arises isn’t caused by the possible reason stated, do contact our technician
at 1-300-88-5188.
o Why is the hob stops working, continued with beeps every 10 seconds and – or F7
appears on screen?
Because there has been an overflow or an object is obstructing the command panel.
You need to clean or remove the object and start cooking again.
o My pan makes noises and the induction hob plate makes slight cracking sounds
during cooking. What is the reason for these conditions to happen?
This situation is normal with some types of recipients due to the energy passing from
the plate to the recipient. Just stay calm and ignore the sounds as there is no risk
imposed on the plate or the recipient.
o When I switched on the hob, trip switches are activated. Any problem occurs?
This means the connection to your hob plate is faulty. Check the fuses and trip
switches to certify that your hob plate is appropriately connected.
Built-in coffee machines
o What are the causes and solutions for the following conditions?
Coffee is not hot
Cause : The cups have not been preheated.
Solution: Rinse the cup with hot water to heat them or leave them on the cup
heating surface for at least 20 minutes.
Less coffee
Cause : Too many coffee beans or too much ground coffee has been added.
Solution: Select a milder strength or reduce the quantity of ground coffee and
request a new coffee.
Fewer creamers
Cause : The coffee blend is not suitable.
Solution: Use a coffee blend for espresso coffee machines.
o How many designs of hoods offered?
Five designs are obtainable in Fagor – Island hoods, Chimney hoods, Asian Chimney
hoods, Classic hoods, and Canopy hoods. Other than the Island hoods, all others are
How do I clean the filter?
Remove your filter and leave it soaked with solution of water and neutral liquid
detergent. Then, rinse it with warm water and leave it to dry. You may wash it with
dishwasher too. It is recommended to clean the filters at a maximum of two months
period in order to prevent fire hazard.
o How does Automatic shut-off feature works?
The Chimney’s motor and light will automatically turned off after a fixed period of
time. This keeps the energy consumption minimal.
o What are the important aspects and considerations in choosing a suitable hood for
my kitchen?
Some of the concerns include:
 The design and availability of space allowances of your kitchen.
 Cooking style whether heavy or light.
 The size of your cooking hob (hood should be larger in size compared to hob).
For instance, a cooking hob of 600mm requires 900mm of hood for a greater
extraction capacity and efficacy.
Washing machines
o What makes a front loading washing machine a better choice?
Front loading washing machine twists and treats the clothes in more gentle
movements with smaller holes designed in the drum. It would also reduce the
consumption of water, electricity, and detergent compared to a front loading for an
efficient washing. Thus, reducing monthly utility bills meantime, conserving the
o Are there any restrictions on the type of laundry detergent used in my front
loading washing machine?
Both powder and liquid laundry detergents are suitable to be used provided that the
detergents are labelled “Low Suds”.
o What are the benefits of having Advanced Balanced System (ABS) washing
With ABS, the clothing is evenly distributed inside the drum that minimizes and
eliminates vibration and noise. Overtime, it adapts to the exact amount of clothing
o What is the size of the washing machine?
Fagor washing machine lights your load and unload task with its size hatch up to
73cm from the floor with a diameter up to 34cm. Our aim is your comfort.
o How could I maintaining and increasing the durability of my washing machine?
The easiest way is by not overloading your washing capacity. Overloaded the
washing machine would cause huge damage on it as this will cause unnecessary
wear and tear on the drum, deteriorating the components before their lifecycles.
o How to make sure that the laundries aren’t too damp or too dry?
Too damp condition: Damp situation occurs if the filter in the drum is clogged with
fluff. So, constantly ensuring the condenser is not blocked by fluff and check whether
the type of drying has been selected correctly. If selection is too low, switch to the
next programme up or increase the drying time.
Too dry condition: This happens when the drying time selected is too long.
Therefore, you have to shorten the drying time to avoid laundry becomes too dry
and difficult to iron.
o What are the reasons my laundry is unevenly dried?
The types of textiles in the load are too different (e.g. sheets placed together with
jeans), the laundry has been laid imperfectly unfolded in the dryer, and the drum is
not overloaded.
o What are the functions of LCD Screen feature on the dryer?
The LCD processes and indicates washing and drying information such as washing
programme, remaining time, delaying of time, safety clock and the information
about functions or revolutions.
Refrigerators and Wine chillers
o Should I place foodstuffs or wines to refrigerator or wine chiller respectively right
after turning the units on?
It is not recommended to place the items in the appliances straight away. Let the
units run for at least 4 hours before placing in the foods and beverages.
o How fast Fagor refrigerator cools items?
A comparative study among different refrigerator brands available in the market had
shown that Fagor refrigerators could cool substances up to 35% faster than the rest.
For example, to cool down a 1.5 litter bottle of water from 25C to 5C, others need
555 minutes, while Fagor requires only 362 minutes. Thus, it has higher efficiency
o What should I do to maintain the stabilized temperature of the refrigerator and
wine chiller?
Set the cooling appliances’ controls to a lower setting if the temperature is too low
or setting it higher if the temperature is too high until the required and suitable
temperature is reached. Make sure that you do not open the cooling appliances too
often and close the door properly after each opened.
o What are the loud noises heard when I start my refrigerator?
It is normal for refrigerators having loud noises as modern refrigerators increased in
capacities to maintain more uniform temperature. However, the noises reduced as
the refrigerator continue to operate.
o What should I do with the nasty odours of my refrigerators/wine chillers?
Clean the interior of the cooling appliances with a sponge, warm water, and
bicarbonate of soda. Ensure that the foods with strong aromas to be covered
completely. Leaving an open container of baking soda or a pinch of charcoal in the
coolers can help to absorb awful odours as well.
o Why didn’t my dishwasher start?
This happens due to:
 There is no power supply
 It isn’t plugged in correctly
 The power fuses have blown
 The dishwasher is not connected to the mains
 The dishwasher door is not closed properly
 You have not pressed the Start button
o Why were the traces of detergent left in the dispenser or on the door of my
The reasons include:
 One of the utensils is preventing the dispenser from opening
 The detergent had expired or not appropriate
 The spray arms rub on a dish
 The spray arm nozzles are blocked
 The detergent container was damp when the detergent was added (the
container must be dry)
o There are remaining of dirt or food stains on the utensils after washed with my
dishwasher. Why?
This may be because:
 The wash filter is dirty, blocked, or not correctly in place
 The spray arm nozzles are dirty or the arms are blocked by a utensil
 The detergent is inappropriate or there is an insufficient amount
 The utensils are not correctly positioned (some utensils are in contact with
 There are too many utensils in the racks
 The wash programme is inappropriate
 The drain is blocked
 The food remains on the utensils were too old and dry
o What is meant by Aqua stop feature and why it is claimed to be safe?
All Fagor dishwashers are equipped with the Aqua stop feature which operates as
internal and external sensors to detect any leakage. Consequently, cuts the water
supply automatically. Thus, it is safe.
o How to increase the lifespan and efficiency of the dishwashers?
To achieve these, try to fill up the capacity of your dishwashers with a standardized
capacity of 12 place settings. This would also reduce water and electricity
consumption, more economical and quieter operation. Bear in mind to select the
correct wash programmes and additional functions as required and clean the
dishwasher regularly. Likewise, if you are planning to be away for a long period,
leave the dishwasher door open so that the air can circulate freely inside the
machine to last longer without usage for extended period.
For more information, resolving doubts of purchased products or making enquiries, please
do not hesitate to contact our customer service iCare hotline at 1-300-88-5188 or email to We will be available to assist you from Monday to Friday between
9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
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