Input Capacity on Battery 1000VA
Input Voltage 100V or 110V/120V/127V or 208V/220V/230V/240V
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz +/-0.5%
AC Output Waveform Sinewave
AC Output Voltage 100V or 110V/120V/127V or 208V/220V/230V/240V +/-2%
AC Output Frequency 50/60 Hz +/-0.5%
AC Output Transfer 0 ms
AC Output Efficiency >95%
AC Output Hamonic distortion <3% of T.H.D. at linear load AC Output Crest factor ratio 3 : 1 PROTECTION
Protection Spike 260 Joules Protection Surge Protection 120V (IEEE C62.41) / 230V (IEEE C61000-4-5 level
3) Protection Overload Protection 125% for 1 minutes and 150% for 10 seconds Protection Short Circuit UPS
output cut off immediately or input fuse/circuit breaker protection BATTERY Battery Type sealed,
maintenance-free lead acid batteries Battery Typical Recharge time to 90% full: 4 hours Battery Protection
cut off without draining any current when battery is low BACKUP TIME Battery Backup Time Full Load 1u=4
min, 2u=7 min Battery Backup Time Half Load 1u=10 min, 2u=15 min PHYSICAL Physical Weight kgs RM
1u=15.5, 2u=17.1 Physical Weight lbs RM 1u=34.1, 2u=37.6 Physical Shipping Weight kgs 1u=17.5,
2u=19.3 Physical Shipping Weight lbs 1u=38.5, 2u=42.5 Physical Dimension mm RM 1u=428x525x44,
2u=428x425x84 Physical Dimension inch RM 1u=16.9x20.7x1.7, 2u=16.9x16.7x3.3 Physical Input Inlet
NEMA 5-15 (120V) / IEC 320 (230V) Physical Receptacles NEMA 5-15 (120V) / IEC 320 (230V) INDICATOR
Indicator LCD Input/output voltage, frequency, on-line mode, back up mode, battery capacity, load level
ALARM Alarm Battery Backup Beep every 5 sec Alarm UPS Fault Continuous beeping sound and LCD display
CONFORMANCE Conformance Safety UL 1778, CE INTERFACE Interface RS-232 Serial Port & USB Interface
Option SNMP card ENVIRONMENT Environment Temperature -20 ~ 50C / -4 ~ 122F Environment Humidity 0
- 95%, non-condensing Environment Operation Temperature 0 - 40C / 32 - 104F Environment Operation
Elevation 3500 meters max
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