Dear Customer,
First of all, we congratulate you for preferring a nature and technology friendly VESTEL product. This user
manual is intended to guide you in using your equipment, and you will acknowledge th at your equipment
has the most advanced technological solutions and that it is quite to use it. If you show due care and
perform necessary maintenance, your equipment will serve you for long years. We wish you get pleasure
while using your equipment.
Important Safety-Related Information
•Please read the instructions in this manual carefully to know your device quickly and make use of all the
functions of your device.
•Always keep this user manual closely to your appliance. Give this user manual along with your appliance
when you lend it.
•WARNING: Read this user manual carefully before starting to use your appliance to be able to prevent
risks of dangerous situations, fire, electric shock and personal injury. Follow the instructions at all times.
•Assembly of the appliance must be performed by Vestel Authorized Service.
•Appliance must be grounded.
RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK: Dangerous voltage.
CAUTION: Risk of injury or damage to properties.
WARNING: Risk of serious injury or death.
Table of Contents
1 Pre-Assembly Safety Rules������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4
2 Technical Specifications������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 6
3 General Appearance ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������7
4 Assembly of Appliance��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������8
5 Operation�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 11
6 Cleaning and Maintenance ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������12
7 Replacement Of Lamps����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������12
8 Troubleshooting����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������13
1 Pre-Assembly Safety Rules
•Follow the instructions in this manual. Vestel
cannot be held liable for accidents, damages or
fire that might occur as a result of failure to follow
the instructions in this manual. User manual is an
integral part of the appliance and must be kept.
•Assembly and electric connection must be
performed by authorized people.
•Call the nearest Authorized Service in case of
•Cooker hoods are intended for domestic use only,
and thus will not demonstrate full performance for
other purposes of use.
•Energy inlet cord shouldn't be subject to heating,
jamming or crushing during assembly.
•While performing lamp replacement and cleaning
processes on the appliance, the cord must be
disconnected or the fuse must be turned off.
•Problems that could prevent the aluminium flap at
the flue outlet to be turned off when the motor is not
operative must be eliminated.
WARNING:Use of your appliance beyond
its intended purpose might cause damages or
hazardous situations, and leads to void of warranty.
Such damages are met by the customer only.
•Appliance must only be used over Electric and Gas
•This appliance is not intended to be used by
people with physical, sensory and mental disabilities
(including children) or those who have not adequate
experience and knowledge regarding its use,
unless they are under the supervision of a person
responsible for the safety of the appliance.
•Cooker hood must be mounted at a minimum of
65 cm distance to the cooking surface of electric
cookers, and 70 cm to the cooking surface of
multifunctional cookers. If the assembly instructions
of gas cookers require a longer distance, it should be
taken into consideration.
•This appliance can be used by children of 8
years and older, people with physical, sensory or
mental capability deficiency or people with lack
of experience or knowledge; as long as they are
provided supervision or instructions for the safe use
of the appliance and they comprehend the dangers.
•Do not mount this appliance on the wall using
plaster or silicon. Mount only on the surface.
•Since maintenance might be required on the air
outlet flue, do not secure the appliance on furniture
or shelves that do not allow easy disassembly.
•Operating voltage of your appliance is 220 - 240
Volt ~ 50. Grounded plug has been mounted on the
mains cable of your appliance. That cable must be
connected to a grounded socket.
•In case of any deflagration, de-energize the cooker
hood and cooking appliances, and cover
the flame. Never use water to extinguish the fire.
•Flue outlet of the cooker hood shouldn't be
connected to flues which have warm gas connections
such as water heater, stove, natural gas. •Risk of fire is higher with oil that is used frequently.
Food that is cooked in the deep fryer and with oil
must be cooked under supervision.
•While the electric cooker hood and other electric
appliances operate simultaneously,
negative pressure in the room shouldn't exceed 4 Pa
( 4 X 10 bar).
•Avoid flamy cooking since faults may occur in the
appliance due to fire hazard and the high heat that
will be generated.
•Aluminium oil filter must be on during operation,
and these filters must be cleaned at certain intervals.
Otherwise, oil deposit on the filter might lead to
•Since the packing materials could be dangerous,
keep them away from children.
Safety Information to Be Considered
During Cleaning and Maintenance
•The cable of the appliance must be disconnected
or the fuse must be turned off prior to all cleaning
and maintenance processes.
•Appliance shouldn't be cleaned with steam
cleaning devices.
•The fire risk gets higher due to oil deposit if cleaning
and maintenance are not performed. Therefore, get
your appliance cleaned and maintained regularly.
•Repairing should be done by technical service
Efficient Ventilation
In order to allow for ventilation properly, windows that
open outwards in the kitchen must be kept closed. In
order to create air flow, operate the cooker hood and
cooker spontaneously. Suction power will be affected
in a positive way. After completion of cooking, leave
the appliance in an operative mood for a while to let
it suck the remaining odour and vapour.
You must be careful when using the appliance
simultaneously with other appliances (e.g. gas,
diesel fuels, coal, wood, etc. burning heaters,
shower heaters), which use the same air in the
environment. and fuel. Because cooker hood might
affect the fire adversely since it discharges the air
in the environment. This warning doesn't apply to
flueless use.
2 Technical Specifications
220-240 V 50Hz
210 W
Supply Voltage
Lamp Power (W)
Motor Power (W)
Flow Rate (m /h)
Insulation Class
This product complies with the 2014/30/
EU (Regulation on Electromagnetic
Compliance) and 2014/35/EU (Regulation
on Low Voltage Devices (LVD)) Directives.
•Specifications of the device and this manual may
be modified without prior notification.
•Complies with the AEEE Regulation.
This device complies with the Directive
on the Control of Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment.
Consumer Services
General Information
Safety Information to Be Observed
During Transport and Shipping
Your device must be kept in its original package
to protect from damage to its accessories during
transport and shipping.
Keep the product in normal position during transport.
Do not drop the device during transport and protect
it against impacts.
Damages and faults that occur during transport after
the delivery of the appliance to the customer are not
included in the warranty cover.
This cooker hood is designed for use over a cooker.
Make sure that your wall can stand the weight of
your cooker hood. Processes such as breaking,
cutting, etc. to be performed on the wall or closet
during assembly must be borne by the user. Your
cooker hood is suitable for use with a flue system,
or flueless use (by using a carbon filter). Before
starting the assembly, pay attention to the problems
you may encounter during assembly. Assembly
of the appliance must be performed by authorized
service. Assembly must be carried out by a trained,
specialized and authorized person.
Liability Limitation
All technical information, instructions of use,
information on the operation and maintenance of the
device provided in this manual includes the latest
information regarding your product. Manufacturing
company does not assume any responsibility
for damages and injuries that might be caused
due to not observing the instructions in this user
manual, using the device outside its intended use,
unauthorized repairs, unauthorized modifications on
the device and using spare parts not approved by
the manufacturer.
The lifetime of your appliance stated by the
Department of the Industry (the period for retaining
parts required for the proper functioning of the
appliance) is 10 (Ten) years.
3 General Appearance
Figure 1
Dimensions given in technical drawings are in mm.
1.Inner Flue
2.Outer Flue
3.Front Panel
4.Aluminium Filter
5.Cooker Lighting
6.Control Panel
Figure 2
The purpose of this image is to inform you about
the parts of your appliance. The parts may vary
depending on the model of the appliance. Images
are symbolic.
Position of Cooker Hood
Distance between the cooker and the cooker hood must be considered prior to assembly. This distance must
be 65 cm for electric cookers and 70 cm for gas cookers.
- Distance must be measured from the surface of grate for gas cookers,
- from surface of glass for electric cookers.
65 cm
70 cm
Figure 3
4 Assembly of Appliance
Figure 4 : Installation Diagram and Components
Inner Flue
Outer Flue
2x M5x35 Screw
Product Hanging Plate
Front Panel
6. 2x 3.9x22 Screw
7. Flue Connection Plate
8. 2x Ø6mm Plastic Dowel
9. 3x 5.5x60 Wall Mount Screw
10.3x Ø10mm Plastic Dowel
M5x35 screws (Figure 4 / 4).
•Hang it on the wall with the hanging plate
of the cooker hood. If the cooker hood is not
parallel, loosen or tighten M5x35 screws to
make the cooker hood parallel.
•Tighten A + B (5) fixing screw on the wall,
and completely secure the product from its
point C.
•Affix the assembly pattern on the wall,
at the specified height (See the minimum
and maximum distances intended for the
worktop, in the assembly pattern). Perforate
points A, B and C (Figure 4).
•Insert Ø10mm dowels into the holes
drilled as A, B, C, and screw down the
screws at the points A + B so that 5mm
space remains between the screw head
and the wall (Figure 4).
•Affix the hanging plate of the cooker hood
on the body of the cooker hood with 3 x
Assembly of Air Discharge Outlet
1.Ø150/120 mm Flue Adapter (Option)
2.2x 3.5x9.5 Screw
3.Ø120/150 mm Plastic Flue
•Attach the plastic flue (3) to the product's
body (Figure 5).
•Connect the flue adapter (1) to the plastic
flue when required.
•Fit the air pipe of the product to the
chimney 1 or 3 (Figure 5).
Figure 5
Assembly of Flues
•The outer and inner sheet metal flues (Figure 4) are
encased one within the other.
For this purpose;
•The cooker hood is set in the midst, and then the
flue connecting plate (8) is directly affixed to the wall,
under the cover or points D and E are marked after
performing a measurement (Figure 4).
•Drill points D and E with Ø6mm drill bit, and
insert Ø6mm and plastic dowels (9). Insert the flue
connection plate with 3.9x22 screws (7) (Figure 4).
•Install the External Flue to the cooker hood. Secure
the inner flue (1) to the flue connection plate (3) with
a screw (Figure 6).
Figure 6 : Installation of the Sheet
Metal Flue
1.Inner Flue
2.Flue Fixing Screws
3.Flue Connection Plate
5 Operation
1. Press this button to turn on or off the
2. When this button is pressed, product will
operate at speed level 1.
3. When this button is pressed, product will
operate at speed level 2.
4. When this button is pressed, product will
operate at speed level 3.
NOTE: To activate timer function, press and
hold any of buttons 1,2 and 3 for 3 seconds.
Then, 15 minute timer function will be activated
and the product will turn off automatically after
15 minutes.
All active functions operated prior to activation
of timer function will be deactivated after 15
minutes. All active functions operated after activation of timer function will be reactivated after
15 minutes.
6 Cleaning and Maintenance
WARNING: Ensure that the appliance is
unplugged or fuse is turned off before all cleaning
and maintenance operations.
Submerge the aluminium filter in hot water with dish
detergent and wait for some time; then clean with
a soft brush. Rinse with hot water after cleaning.
Repeat this operation if necessary. You can wash the
aluminium filter in dishwasher on normal program
with 55 degrees.
A) Cleaning and Maintenance Time
Hood must be cleaned and maintained at regular
intervals to ensure its usage life and performance.
Deposit of oil and dirt in aluminium filters of the hood
may affect its normal operation.
Unnecessary oil residue on the inner parts of the
device and its flue increases the risk of fire. The
Carbon Filter(s) inside the inner part, which are
required for flueless use, may be used for a specific
duration. They cannot be cleaned and washed.
Thus, Carbon Filter(s) must be replaced in regular
intervals. You can procure the carbon filters suitable
for your appliance from authorized services.
WARNING: Take care not to cause damage on
the grid
while cleaning the aluminium filters. Colour changes
may be observed on the filters when hard cleaning
materials are used. This won't affect the device
negatively and is not a cause of malfunction. After
cleaning, fit the dried filter back into the device
7 Replacement Of Lamps
WARNING: Disconnect the electrical supply of the
cooker hood.
Leave the lamps to cool down first because they
could burn your hands when they are hot.
•Aluminium filters must be cleaned every 2 - 3
This cleaning and maintenance should be performed
regularly to prevent formation of oil residues on your
kitchen furniture and walls.
Replacement of Lamp
Remove the aluminium cartridge filter.
Remove the defective bulb and replace with a new
one with the same rating (Figure 7).
B) Cleaning the Appliance
•Cut the power to your hood by unplugging it or
turning off its fuse.
•Do not clean the appliance with vapour or a
cleaning appliance that uses vapour.
•Do not clean the hood surface with unsuitable
cleaning materials. Otherwise, colour changes may
occur on the product.
•The outer surface of the appliance must be
cleaned using Inox surface cleaner and a soft cloth.
Device must be dried after cleaning. The glass parts
of devices with glass shall be cleaned with a glass
cleaner material.
Figure 7
C) Opening the side suction glass
To remove the side suction glass, hold from the
right and left front points and pull towards yourself.
D) Disassembly of Aluminium Filter
Press the locking latch of the aluminium filters
backwards and pull below the appliance to remove.
E) Cleaning Operation
8 Troubleshooting
When you observe an abnormal condition in your appliance, you might try to solve the problem in line with
the explanations in the table. If your appliance still doesn't operate, contact Vestel Customer Contact or
the nearest Vestel Authorized Service. Do not try to repair your appliance yourself. You can find authorized
services list and contact information from the web site.
Appliance doesn't operate.
Lighting is not functioning.
Dirty air enters through the flue.
It is not plugged properly.
Plug it tightly.
There's no power in the socket.
Check the fuse and the socket.
Power On/Off switch isn't pressed.
Press Power On/Off switch.
Appliance might not be plugged.
Make sure the power cord is plugged in.
Appliance key may not be functioning.
Check the button.
Check the plastic flap at the flue outlet.
Flap should cover the air outlet when the appliance is
not running. Remove the obstacles that prevent this
Diameter of the flue may not be sufficient (Minimum Make sure that the diameter of the flue is at least
Ø120 mm).
Ø120 mm.
Performance of the appliance is not
If you use the cooker hood without flue, make sure that
adequate or the appliance makes too
Replace the carbon filters.
the carbon filters are not older than 6 months.
much noise during operation.
Be attentive to ventilate your kitchen adequately, in or- Let the environment be ventilated by opening the
der to provide an airflow.
Disposing of your appliance in an environment-friendly way
This sign, present on your product or its information label, tells that this device must not be
disposed of along with other domestic waste at the end of its physical life. In order to prevent
the uncontrolled waste disposal from damaging the environment or human health, please set
this device apart from other waste types and ensure their responsible recycling to support the
sustainable reuse of material resources. Please contact the retailer you purchased the product
from or other local establishments to receive information on where and how to take this appliance for
environmentally safe recycling. This product must not be mixed with other trade waste for recycling.
Recommendations for Energy Saving
If you use your appliance with carbon filters, replace
them regularly.
Regularly clean your aluminium filters. Since dirty
filters would block the air passage, you might have
to use the appliance at a higher speed. Use your
product according to its normal speeds. Use at
higher speed would cause an increase in the energy
Package information
Product package is made of recyclable materials.
Do not dispose of the packaging waste together with
the household waste or other wastes, dispose it to
the packaging collection areas specified by local
Optional Rights of Customer
Consumer may exercise any of his/her optional rights below within two years of expiry period starting with the
date of delivery of the good to the consumer if the good is found to be defective as per the provisions of Law
on the Protection of Consumers no. 6502, even if the defect is found later;
1) To terminate the contract by stating that he is ready to return the sold good,
2) To request a discount on the sale price proportional to the defect and keep the defective good, against the
3) To request the sold good to be repaired at the seller’s expense by bringing all repair costs to the seller if
such costs are not excessive,
4) If possible, to request the purchased good to be exchanged for a non-defective good, against the Seller,
manufacturer or importer.
Consumer may exercise either of its rights to terminate the contract or discount from the price in proportion to
the defect if free repair or replacement of the good with a non-defective fungible will bring about disproportional
Consumer may apply to Consumer Courts and Arbitration Committees for their complaints and concerns.
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