Customer Service Information Sheet
1. Program Name: Restaurant Services
2. Program Information: Full Service restaurant. The Cove offers a wide variety
of entrées, sandwiches, paninis, and salads. The restaurant periodically offers
special menus the are created by instructors and students. The Cove also offers
buffets for special events and books parties up to 60 people.
3. When and how does your program offer customer service: The Cove restaurant
is open Tuesday through Friday 10:40 to 12:15. Dine-In or Carry-out. It is
always suggested that diners from outside the building call first to guarantee
that the restaurant is open that particular day. They can contact Jim Antenucci
(ext1104) or Brigitte Gillies (1103).
4. Customer Service Fees: Prices charged for lunches are competitive with those
charged by commercial establishments. Tips are accepted.
5. What happens to the customer service fees: All customer service revenue is used
for payment to purveyors etc. Tips are deposited in the students FCCLA account
to be used for but not limited to competition fees, uniform for competition teams,
and banquet.
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