July 21, 2017
Product End Of Life Notification
Consolidation: Connect SP -S
Notice # 170721-02
Reason for Change :
Technical Requirement
Customer Requirement
Quality Improvement
Change of Production Location
of change
Product Transition
Product Discontinuation
Product Enhancement
Other (Brand Change)
The Connect SP products have traditionally had a part number for North America
(domestic) and a part number for International (rest of world) with the only
difference being the power supply accessory. As part of the effort to streamline
our product offers, we are consolidating the two part numbers into one WorldWide
part number. Certifications are identical on each of the part numbers.
Digi is consolidating the Domestic (North America) and International (Rest of
world) part numbers for the Connect SP –S product line. Part numbers below.
As of August 15, 2017, the replacement part number will be updated with
a different power supply that allows for exchanging of the power plug. The
power supply will ship with a US power plug on the power supply and a
separate box containing EU, UK and AUST plugs.
The current International part number will continue to ship as is until final
shipments in September 2017.
Replacement part numbers are Form, Fit and Function equivalent.*
Discontinued Part Numbers
Replacement Part Number
Connect SP –S, Intl
Connect SP -S, WorldWide
This is an ongoing effort to streamline and consolidate our product offerings to
focus on consistent product availability while maintaining our high quality.
All LTB purchase orders are NCNR (non-cancellable/non-returnable).
Standard warranty policy will apply to all LTB purchases.
Part Numbers
DC-SP-01-S-W Connect SP –S International
Timing of Change
Replacement Product
Power supply
Last time buy orders must be received by: September 15, 2017
Last time shipments: September 30, 2017
DC-SP-01-S Connect SP –S Worldwide
This replacement part number includes the following power supply until
August 15, 2017:
 24000078 12VCD 1.5A to 120-240VAC Wall Mount Power Supply (US
plug only)
 This power supply can be purchased separately by ordering Digi part
number 76000735
*This replacement part number will transition to the following after August
15, 2017, which is Form, Fit and Function identical to DC-SP-01-S-W:
 24000091 12VDC 1.5A to 120-240VAC Wall Mount Power Supply w/
US plug
 18000291 Power plug accessory kit: EU, UK, AUST
 This is the exact same power supply and plug kit that is contained in
the current DC-SP-01-S-W
 This power supply/plug kit can be purchased by ordering Digi part
number 76000823
24000078 vs. 24000091
US power plug only
US power plug is default w/ interchangeable power plugs: EU, UK and AUST
Dimensions: Size: 74.0 x 43.5 x 34.0 +/-1.0 mm
Last Time Buy Parts
Quality Issues
Kim Knutsen, Sr. Product Manager, Digi International
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