Wega Mininova 2003
Installation Instructions
Thank you for purchasing a Wega Espresso Product. We are sure you will be happy with your purchase
and the quality of coffee produced by our machines and grinders. Below are a few tips to ensure proper
operation of your new espresso machine.
Mininova 2002 (Lyra in the USA)
Professional espresso machines for your home. The Wega compact line of espresso machines offer a
three way group valve, pre infusion, thermo siphon, just like our full line commercial machines. A boiler
capacity of 2 liters heat exchanged on both the group and hot water tap ensures clean fresh source for
brewing and hot water. Also included is a 1500 watt element to rapidly heat the water. The machine can
be connected directly to a water source or operate using the internal water reservoir. When using the
water reservoir the machine has a low water function that shuts off power to the heating element, ensuring
safe operation.
Mininova 2002 is available in several configurations. Please determine which model you have purchased
prior to installation. This is important as some installation details do not apply to all machines.
Available Lyra Models
Semi Auto operation with built in water reservoir or direct water connection
Automatic operation with built in water reservoir or direct water connection
Semi Auto operation with rotary pump. (Direct water connection only.)
When your machine arrives, unpack the box and inspect the machine and components for damage.
Freight damage can occur if the box is dropped and may not be visible until unpacked. Even if there is no
physical damage to the shipping carton you may find impact damage. If any freight related damage is
noted, please contact the freight company and file a claim for damages within 24 hours. The time frame
is extremely important. If you claim is not filed within 24 hours damage claims will be nullified.
If you notice any water in your packaging, this is simply residual water from testing of your machine at our
facility. If it appears that water may have covered any electrical components, it is highly recommended
that you wait 24 hours for the machine to air dry prior to installation.
The Mininova 2002 Lyra line of espresso machines are compact and work well in a semi commercial
or home application. When delivered from our facility the machine will be bench tested and ready
for installation. This means that the machine performed and passed all of our tests for coffee brewing
operation, pressures and temperatures.
The correct installation of your espresso machine is important, but simple. If you will be using your
machine in the reservoir setting the installation is very easy.
Reservoir Model
The machines are set at our facility for reservoir mode, and no changes are needed to operate in this
mode. If however you are converting a machine from plumbed in mode to reservoir the following steps
are the correct procedure.
The first thing you need to do is remove the top of the machine with a 3mm Allen type wrench. This will
allow you access to the water setting switch located on the right side of the machine. The switch should
be depressed in the down (or 1) position. Next simply reattach the top of the machine. Once you have
completed this task, make sure that the water reservoir is firmly in place. Now simply add water to the
reservoir. Once the reservoir is full you can plug the machine in.
The use of distilled water will keep the machine from functioning correctly!
The same trouble may occur when using reverse osmosis water.
Direct Plumb
If you intend on plumbing your machine to a direct water source the following steps will help you set the
machine for this function.
If you will be plumbing your machine to a direct water source it is important that you follow these steps.
The first thing you need to do is remove the top of the machine with a 3mm Allen type wrench. This will
allow you access to the water setting switch located on the right side of the machine. The switch should
be depressed in the up (“0”) position. Once you have completed this task, make sure that you remove
the water feed tube from going to the reservoir. Now simply attach the stainless steel supply line that
came with your machine. We have provided an adapter that allows for a 3/8” compression connection.
Most cold water facilities connect using a 3/8” stop valve, this makes connecting very simple. We highly
recommend the use of a water filtration system and the use of a water pressure reducing valve for the
installation of this equipment. These and many other installation parts and pieces are available from your
equipment vendor. Now turn on the water source and check for leaks. If no leaks occur, turn the machine
on using the following procedure.
IMPORTANT: The power switch is located directly over the brew head on the machine and is labeled
“Power”, has an internal light, or has a coffee cup symbol. It is the only button on the front of the machine
that will light up. Depress the button in the “on” position. Now that the machine has power it will
automatically fill with water. If using the reservoir mode watch the level of the reservoir as you may need
to add water during the initial boiler fill. When the boiler reaches the proper level the pump will turn off
and the machine will start heating.
During the initial heating process, it is a good idea to open the steam valve to release any air left in
the boiler during the fill stage. It will take about fifteen minutes for the machine to come up to temperature.
While waiting for the machine to come to full temperature, depress the group switch as well as the hot
water switch until water flows from both. This will remove any air that is in the system. Once steam is
exiting the steam wand, close the valve and the machine will build pressure. Your machine was preset at
our facility for a temp of 203 degrees at the group head. This is adequate and the typical temperature
that most coffee roasters prefer. When the gauge reaches about 1.3 bar the machine is ready for use.
Operation of EVD Model
Your EVD or automatic model Mininova comes from the factory with preset settings. You can however
change these settings to meet your requirements as follows. Load the portafilter with coffee and tamp.
Place the loaded portafilter into the group head and turn right until it is seated firmly in the group. Press
and hold programming button and the one coffee button at the same time. The coffee will start to flow
from the portafilter. When you have reached the desired quantity, press the one coffee button again.
Upon completion of the last step you will hear two beeps. This indicates that the button is programmed.
Now you can repeat this process for the additional buttons. For a constant flow of coffee press the
continuous flow button Press this same button again to stop the flow of coffee.
Operation of the EPU Model
Operation of the EPU model is very simple. Fill the portafilter with coffee and tamp. Place the portafilter
into the group. To start the flow of coffee, press the center button or the button with a coffee cup symbol.
To stop the flow of coffee, depress this button again, in the opposite direction.
While we have taken every effort to ensure accurate testing, shipping these heavy machines can cause
components to move and possibly be out of adjustment causing buzzing or rattling while the machine is
in operation. This is usually caused by the pump rubbing against the body of the machine. Page two of
this instruction booklet shows a diagram of the machine and its components, which will help to determine
how to remove body panels to find the pump. Once you have found the pump simply arrange it so that it
is no longer touching the body. Reinstall the body panels and prepare for installation. Machines shipped
in the colder months of the year, can freeze during shipping. It is suggested that the machine be placed
into a warm area and allowed to come to room temperature prior to installation. It is also important to
note that while we do drain the boilers prior to shipping, residual water matter be found in the shipping
carton. This water is normal, and simply part of testing of the equipment. It is possible that if a machine
is turned over during transit that this water could enter the control unit of the machine, thus causing the
machine to act odd during the initial start up. It is suggested that if you find the machine to be wet upon
arrival that you wait 24 hours before installation.
Warranty Considerations
It is imperative that your machine be installed with water filtration. This will not only add to the life of your
machine, but will also reduce water related service issues.
A water pressure regulator should be used in all cases when connected to a pressurized water source.
The regulator should be set to 30 PSI.
Machines used with a timer will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This is due to the
surge like effect to the electronic functions of the machine. If you intend to use a timer it is suggested that
you utilize a surge device in line as well.
Model EVD
Hot Water Switch
Dosing Key Pad
Pressure Gauge
Steam Knob
Hot Water Tap
Brew Group
Steam Wand
Model EPU
Hot Water Switch
Brew Group Switch
Pressure Gauge
Steam Knob
Hot Water Tap
Brew Group
Steam Wand
These instructions are meant as a simple guideline to the operation of your espresso machine. If for
any reason you have trouble with the installation or operation of your new espresso machine please
give us a call @ 360-357-7781
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