Saeco Phedra Coffee Machine
(Medium sized offices, or with multi user environments)
Coffee Machine Description
The Saeco Phedra is the perfect coffee machine for canteens, sports clubs, medium sized offices and
businesses with multi-users or self serve environments.
The Saeco Phedra is an impressive looking table-top vending machine with optional coin operation.
As a “bean to cup” automatic machine, and along with PureBean’s quality freshly roasted coffee beans,
the Saeco Phedra makes a great tasting coffee at the push of a button.
The Saeco Phedra Fresh Milk model comes with cappuccinatore (auto milk frother) transforming milk
into a thick creamy foam.
With 3 powder canisters, the Saeco Phedra can also be used for any combination of hot chocolate,
chai tea latte and soups. It also comes as a vending milk model with 2 spare canisters for hot
chocolate and chai or soup.
The elegant dispensing area is high and wide reducing coffee spills and mess around the coffee
Coffee Machine Features
Saeco brewing unit
User-friendly interface with LCD graphic display and easy-to-read mechanical buttons
High-class stainless steel dispensing area
Mains water connection or independent water tank
Tall cup version for large mugs
Ability to fit a payment system (coin accepter)
Easy cleaning and maintainece
Coffee Machine Dimensions
Dimensions (width x height x depth)
520 x 810 x 560 mm
38.5 Kg
Power Supply
230 V
Power consumption
1250 W
Boiler brass
Coffee beans hopper
1 kg (over 100 coffees)
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