Leica TPS800 Series Powerful, efficient, reliable and intuitive

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Leica TPS800 Series
Powerful, efficient,
reliable and intuitive
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Leica TPS800 Performance Series...
Three classes of accuracy
TPS800 total stations are available in
Lock your equipment effectively
angular accuracies of 2" (0.6 mgon),
to make it unattractive for
3" (1 mgon) and 5" (1.5 mgon). All
being stolen.
models feature a minimum reading of 1".
Fast start-up
Start your work quickly by setting a
predefined startup sequence, screen
Electronic Guide Light
Practical alignment aids to speed
up staking out. Helps the rodman
to line up the reflector quickly and
exactly on the line of sight.
Clear visibility
Leica's precision optic provides
for clear target visibility.
display and instrument settings.
10'000 data blocks
The reliable internal memory of the
TPS800 total stations can store
10'000 data blocks.
The difference lies in
the little button
Thanks to the trigger key mounted
on the side of the instrument you
do not lose sight of the target
while measuring; this is particularly
important when a lot of points
need to be measured.
Distance measurement
The PinPoint technology
enables a reflectorless distance
measurement to any surface
and an exceptional range of
over 500 m. (“ultra”- models).
Dual distance measuring
With the TCR range of instru-
Endless drives
Faster operation with no more
awkward clamping and loosening due to the sliding clutch
and endless loop drive.
ments you can select between
two measuring modes. Choose
from visible laser for aiming
and measuring to all surfaces, or infrared laser for precise
measuring to prisms and tapes at
the press of a button.
Laser plummet
Easy to centre over a set up
Everything at a glance
The large high resolution display
point thanks to the laser plummet.
keeps you informed about all
The intensity of the laser point can
important aspects at a glance.
be adjusted step-by-step to maintain
visibility, even in critical lightning
conditions. Eliminates the time consuming task of centering with an
optical plummet.
With the alphanumeric keyboard
you can enter numbers, letters
and special characters as quickly
and as easily as you are used to
with your mobile phone.
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...with an application for every task
On board software and application programs simplify and speed up work in the field. The user is
guided through the routines by clear menus and measurement prompts.
Surveying & Orientation
Reference Line and Arc
Remote Height
With the Surveying program,measu-
For setting-out or checking points
The position of an inaccessable point
rements of an unlimited number of
along a defined line or arc. Orthogonal
can be computed by measuring to a
points is supported. Included are the
stakeout elements of the target points
base point and then aiming at the
functions of defining the set-up station
are calculated in relation to the defi-
remote point. This can be used to
and determining the orientation from
ned reference. Reference lines can be
determine the ground clearance of
measurements up to five points.
shifted with parallel offsets or even
a structure.
rotated to match predefined settingout instructions.
Free Station
Tie Distance
Hidden Point
Set up your instrument anywhere and
Tie Distance determines the distance,
Easily measure points that are not
calculate station coordinates, elevation
grade, azimuth and height difference
directly visible by using a hidden
and Hz circle orientation. Up to five
between two points. The distances
point rod. The length of the rod and
orientation points may be used with
can be calculated continuously (tra-
the spacing between the reflectors is
any combination of directions and
versing) or from a central point. The
configurable. The rod can be held at
distances in one or two faces.
Tie Distance between the last two
any angle when measured and the
measured points can be checked
program calculates the hidden point
instantly while surveying.
as if it were observed directly.
Stake Out
Area (3D) & Volume
Points can be staked from manually
This program calculates the area,
The layout of a construction site can
entered data or from an uploaded
volume and perimeter of plan and
be defined relative to construction
file stored in the instrument memory.
slope surfaces. The points used can
lines. Points can be staked out relati-
3D stakeout elements are calculated
be measured, entered manually or
veto the selected line. Graphic displays
using the point coordinates and the
selected from the instruments
show the position of the instrument,
station data.
prism and stake out point relative to
the construction line.
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Leica TPS800
an overview of the models
Leica TC802/3/5
-Infrared Distance Measurement (IR)
Leica TCR802/3/5 power
-Infrared Distance Measurement (IR)
-PinPoint R100 Reflectorless Distance Measurement (RL)
Leica TCR802/3/5 ultra
-Infrared Distance Measurement (IR)
-PinPoint R300 Reflectorless Distance Measurement (RL)
Technical data
Road Alignment (Optional)
Angle measurements (Hz, V)
Stake out and check routes of roads
or other curvilinear projects. A refe-
Display resolution
rence line is defined and can consist
of straight and curved sections. Points
Absolute continuous
1" (0.1 mgon)
Standard deviation (ISO 17123-3)
2" (0.6 mgon) 3" (1 mgon)
5" (1.5 mgon)
30 x
are staked out at any defined chainage
Field of view
1° 30' (26 m at 1 km)
and offset from this reference line.
Minimum target distance
1.7 m
Electronic 2 axis oil compensator
Setting accuracy
Infrared distance measurement (IR)
Measuring range with circular prism GPR1
3'500 m
Measuring with reflective foil (60 mm x 60 mm)
Standard deviation (ISO 17123-4) (fine/quick/tracking)
250 m
2 mm + 2 ppm/5 mm + 2 ppm/5 mm + 2 ppm
Time for a measurement (fine/quick/tracking)
< 1 sec/< 0.5 sec/< 0.15 sec
PinPoint- Reflectorless Distance measurement (RL)
COGO Routines (Optional)
Coordinate Geometry offers you a
PinPoint R100 (“power”)
170 m (90 % reflective)
(Medium atmospheric conditions)
PinPoint R300 (“ultra”)
> 500 m (90 % reflective)
Laser at GPR circular reflector 7'500 m
wide range of calculation functions.
Standard deviation (ISO 17123-4)
These include inverse, traverse, inter-
sections using combinations of bearings,
Time per meas. (Normal/Tracking)
typ. 3 s/1 s
distances or lines, offset calculations
Point size at 100 m
12 mm x 40 mm
and line extensions. Computed coordi-
nates can immediately be staked out.
Internal data storage
Data formats
3 mm + 2 ppm/5 mm + 2 ppm
10'000 data blocks
GSI/IDEX/ASCII/dxf/Freely definable formats
Graphics 160 x 280 pixels,
Alphanumeric 8 lines x 31 characters
Laser plummet
Laser point, brightness adjustable in steps
1.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Environmental conditions
Temperature range (operation)
Dust and splash proof (IEC 60529)
-20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F)
95 %, non condensing
Weight including battery and tribrach
Operating period with GEB121
Number of distance measurements with GEB121
5.4 kg
approx. 6 hours
approx. 9'000
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...with many included extras
With “Direct.dxf” functionality, data can be read
directly from the instrument
in dxf-format and read
into AutoCAD‚ on a PC
PinPoint Technology
Easy to learn
Compatible accessories
with its accurately and
Simple to use
Leica Geosystems acces-
extremely bundled visible
Start regular surveys imme-
sories are designed to
Laser provides you the high-
diately with a definable
withstand tough survey
est degree of pointing and
start-up sequence. Easy
conditions. An accessory
measurement accuracy. Wall
and direct operations using
kit suitable to the specifi-
corners and inaccessible
the function keys.
cations of the instrument,
points can be measured
Frequently used tasks are
consisting of 2 batteries, a
without special applications.
assigned to the numeric
quick charger, data cable,
Furthermore the EDM
keys for increased produc-
mini prism set, tribrach and
system gives many other
tivity. Coding and settings
instrument height meter, fit
advantages such as very
can be selected with one
into the instrument con-
The PIN-code feature prevent
high measurement quality
button push. These features
tainer for convenient and
unauthorized persons from
and reliability even under
have been designed to
secure transportation.
using the instrument. This
hardest conditions like rain
save your time.
without any intermediate
steps. Coordinates, codes
and point numbers can be
stored in different layers.
increases your data security.
and snow. All these unique
Without correct code, the
features have been combi-
Equipment can`t be operated,
ned in the two reflectorless
data erased and makes it
unattractive to steal. This
R100 in the
protects you from having
“TPS800power” with a
damages, increases your
range of up to 200 m
safety and possibly lowers
and the R300 in the
your insurance rates.
“TPS800ultra” with a
Individual data exchange
External connections
Data exchange has been
Information can be ex-
The link between
implemented in such a
changed between the
spot size and accuracy:
flexible way that just about
instrument and a computer
any format can be created.
by standard RS232 cable,
This allows data to be
USB connection or wireless
range of over 500 m.
False measurement
transferred to any software
EDM Technology
Leica PinPoint
EDM Technology
. Data can be
directly from the instrument.
configured to enable com-
The data can also be for-
munication with most
matted to be compatible
data collectors.
for transfer to other survey
instruments and GPS. The
required programs are delivered with the instrument.
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Whether you want to survey a parcel of land or objects on a construction
site, determine measured points on facades or in rooms, gather the
coordinates of a bridge or a tunnel – Leica Geosystems’ total stations
provide the right solution for every application.
They unite reliable results with easy operation and user-friendly applications. Our total stations are designed to meet your specific requirements. Modern technology enables you to work fast and productively,
thanks to the straightforward and clearly structured range of functions.
When it has to be right.
Illustrations, descriptions and technical specifications are not binding and may change.
Printed in Switzerland – Copyright Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 2006.
742613en – V.06 – RDV
Total Quality Management –
Our commitment to total
customer satisfaction
Ask your local Leica Geosystems
dealer for more information
about our TQM program.
Distance meter
(PinPoint R100/R300):
Laser class 3R in accordance with
IEC 60825-1 resp. EN 60825-1
Laser plummet:
Laser class 2 in accordance with
IEC 60825-1 resp. EN 60825-1
Distance meter (IR):
Laser class 1 in accordance with
IEC 60825-1 resp. EN 60825-1
Guide light (EGL):
LED class 1 in accordance with
IEC 60825-1 resp. EN 60825-1
The Bluetooth ® word mark and logos
are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and
any use of such marks by
Geosystems AG is under license.
Other trademarks and trade names
are those of their respective owners.
Leica Geosystems AG
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