IceQ Stainless Steel Ice Cube Maker
Instruction Manual
Thank you for purchasing our product. Make sure you have read this manual before using the
appliance. Ensure that you use the appliance in accordance with the instructions. Please keep this
instruction manual for your reference.
The iceQ Stainless Steel Ice Cube Maker is a stylish product used to make ice cubes. With a sleek,
stylish appearance, as well as an antiseptic internal material, it is suitable for long-term use. The
automatic ice-making system processes the ice cubes in uniform shape stably. The ice cubes will
not clump together. Three different modes of ice cubes could be processed according to your
personal choice.
In order to keep the ice maker working efficiently and smoothly, please always follow our
operating instructions.
I. Product Features
1. Adopting compressor refrigeration technology, the ice maker processes ice cubes very
2. This Ice maker is suitable for both home and commercial use.
3. Ice making status is watched through the transparent window.
4. Push-button operation. LCD indicator light indicates the machine’s status.
5. The Ice Maker will automatically remind you if there is low water.
II. Components’ Names
Transparent window
Operation panel
Air outlet
Air inlet
Power cord
Water outlet
Ice storage box
Ice making box
III. Safety precautions
1. The power source must be suitable for the standards of Ice maker. UK 230-240 AC Volts.
2. Hazardous articles which are explosive and flammable are prohibited to put inside ice maker.
As well as highly corrosive acid and alkali.
3. Do not use if the power cord or the plug is damaged.
4. Hold the plug to unplug it from the socket; do not pull the cable for unplugging.
5. Do not use ice maker in a place with coal gas or other flammable gas leakage.
6. Before cleaning always unplug the unit.
7. Ice maker is designed for making ice cubes; do not use it to refrigerate food or beverages to
avoid machine damage.
8. Do not use or store gasoline or other flammable materials besides Ice maker.
9. Unplug the cable before moving Ice maker, so as to avoid the damage to refrigerating system.
10. Never let children operate the appliance alone.
IV. Place environment
1. Place the Ice Maker securely onto a sturdy and even surface.
2. Make sure the unit is placed away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight.
3. The Ice maker should work in a place in a well ventilated area. Ensure that a minimum space of
20cm from Ice maker’s air outlet and inlet is not obstructed.
4. Ambient temperature for Ice maker should not be less than 5℃ .
5. Ice maker should not be used outdoors.
V. Preparation before Use.
1. Remove all the package components.
2. Read instructions.
3. Place the ice maker in a suitable position.
4. Clean the machine before use.
VI. Start to Use
1. Switch on the power source. Do not turn on the Ice maker within 30 minutes after moving the
ice maker.
2. Pour water into the water tank. Please use drinking water for making ice.
3. Press
key to start making ice.
VII. Operation Panel.
Buttons and Icon
Making Ice, Standby,
Eliminating faults.
Selecting Ice cube size:L, M, S three sizes.
Power on or off time setting; power on and off
time setting; three states setting switch
Clock-time setting, power off time setting, power
on and off time setting switch
Ice making fault indication, trouble-free flashing
▲ key
SET key
Low fault indication, fault-free flashing
Large, medium, small size ice size instructions, the
default Medium.
Ice full instruction.
Real-time indicator icon
Power on time setting function indicator
Clock icon indicates real time(24 hour system), set
real time, regular time, in hours and minutes
respectively blinking, no time setting display realtime, the default time display 12:00
Ice working status indicator, flashing while ice
making in progress, still while standby.
1) Real Time Setting: Press the SET button once,
hour, press the SET button once,
hour blinking, press the ▲ button to set
minutes flash, press the ▲ button to set minutes.
2) The timing for the machine start on time setting: press the SET button 3 times,
blinking, press the ▲ button to set hour, press the SET button once,
minutes flash, press
the ▲ button to set minutes;
3) Set the machine power off time: Press the SET button 5 times,
button to set hour, press the SET button once,
hour blinking, press the ▲
minutes flash, press the ▲ button to set
4) The timer functions take on use: Press ▲ to set timer, set the cycle timer function mode: time
power on→time power off→time off power on and off, power on default time is 8:00, power
off default time is 12:00.
IX. Self-Clean Mode Operating Instructions:
The self-clean mode should be put into operation before you use your ice maker for the first time
and/or if there has been a long period without use.
Three Icons as Large, Medium and small Icons will be on at the same time when the ice maker is
in self-clean mode.
Stage 1
1. Add equal parts of water and vinegar (1:1) to the ice maker’s reservoir.
2. With the stand-by mode, hold ON/OFF button at least 5 seconds until it makes a “BEEP”
noise to activate the self-clean mode.
3. During the self clean mode, the upper water bucket is filled and dumped. The pump will
remain in continuous operation as it feeds water to the bucket and evaporator coils. This cycle
will repeat five times.
4. Upon completion, the unit automatically changes to stand-by mode.
Stage 2
1. Drain the cleaning solution from the internal reservoir by removing the rear drain cap and
2. Add fresh water to the Max. fill line.
3. With the stand-by mode, hold ON/OFF button at least 5 seconds until it makes a “BEEP”
noise to activate the self-clean mode again which will now act as a rinse.
4. Upon completion of this final stage of the self clean process, the unit automatically changes to
stand-by mode. Proceed to drain the water from the internal reservoir by removing the rear
drain cap and plug. Leave the lid on the ice maker open to allow it to air dry.
Please note if there is a water shortage during Self-cleaning mode, the unit will automatically go
into stand-by mode; If water bucket is fail to turn over,
icon will be on, you need to long
press ON/OFF button for more than 5 seconds to release self-cleaning mode to change for other
X. Cleaning and stop use.
1. Make sure to unplug the appliance before cleaning and long time off use.
2. Use a damp cloth to clean both the interior and exterior of the appliance.
3. Water tank cleaning.
a). Unscrew the nut of water outlet, drain off the water.
b). Pour clean water into the water tank, use a clean cloth to wipe water tank around. Pour
clean water again until the flowing out water is clean, and then drain off water and grip the
4. Do not use organic solvents, boiling water, cleaning agents, strong acids, strong acid and Alkali
etc substances for cleaning.
5. If the ice machine is not in use, you should unplug the appliance, drain off the water and dry the
appliance with a clean cloth. Make sure to store the ice maker in a clean, dry place.
2, for the technical questions, please contact the after sale service departments.