This '1000espressos' model is a standard range, 2 group professional espresso machine.
Before we plug the machine, we must connect the inlet water and drain pipes and make
sure that the installation of the local (bar, restaurant, etc) is according to law, with enough
power to install a coffee machine and a proper earth connection. This machine is a single
phase, 220/230V and 50 Hz, but it can also be supplied at 110V/60Hz.
So, please check the points described down here before turning on the machine:
Models: DUE and TRE – 2/3Groups
1- Cups warmer
2- Touchpad with 5 buttons
3- Main switch
4- Pressure gauge
5- Steam and water knobs
6- Group type E-61
7- Steam wand
8- Heating element Led
9- Water spigot
10- Service lamp ON
11- Service tray and drain
Power: 2.600 / 3.500 Watt
Capacity Boiler:
2 /3 groups: 12 /18 Liters
Note: Do not install the machine without reading this manual first. Serious damages can be
caused to the machine if the installation is not done properly!
1- Connect the gray drain pipe to permit the machine to drain properly.
2- Make sure also that the metallic inlet water pipe is well connected.
3- Install a plug on the main cord, and connect the machine to power (Usually the
machines come with 4 cables on the main cord. Blue –neutral, Yellow/Green –
earth, Brown – 1 phase, Black – 1 phase. You can wire together the Brown and
Black to get only 1 phase).
After the machine is plugged, connected to drain and to water inlet pipe, then we can
proceed to TURN it ON...
1- Please place the main switch to position 2 (indicated on the panel). This will allow
the machine to start filling the boiler keeping the heating element Off.
2- If the boiler is not full after 120 seconds, touch pads will blink and filling will stop. If
this happens, place the main switch to position 0 and start again.
3- When the boiler is filled of water, we must place the main switch to position 1,
which will permit the heating element working.
4- Take some water out of the groups in order to release possible air inside the
system. Also, please note that this machine comes with an optical sight glass, but
can also be made with an electronic level of water. This level will indicate will
indicate at any time if the boiler has or not the necessary level of water, and the
pump and the solenoid will automatically work each time the boiler needs water.
5- When the water inside the boiler is hot (it usually takes 15-20 minutes) the Led of
the heating element turns Off, and the pressure showed on the gauge is around
1Bar. Now the pressure-stat runs the machine, so the heating element will work
only when the pressure goes under 1Bar.
6- Check that the pressure showed on the gauge is Ok. Net pressure should be
around 5 Bar and pump pressure when making coffee around 9Bar.
7- Pump and boiler pressures can be easily adjusted by touching the wheel of the bypass in the pump and the screw on the top of the pressure-stat respectively.
8- Now the machine is ready to make coffee and give hot water and steam.
When all seems ready to work, we recommend playing with the machine. It means taking
water from the group by pushing on the touchpad buttons (2) or the push-button if the
machine is semi automatic, and getting steam and hot water. Like this, the group and
wands will keep hot and ready to make coffee.
It is a good habit to check once on a while the pressure of the machine, and make sure that
everything works properly: safety valve, pump, Leds, steam and water wands, etc.
When finishing, please clean the machine with a wet cloth, and make sure the filters and
filter-holders are properly cleaned. To make sure the group is clean we recommend pouring
some water using the touchpad or button.
Use the push-button to make coffee in semiautomatic machines and the touchpad if it is
If your machine is automatic (equipped with touch pads) the quantity of water can be
programmed for each button of the pad. If you want to modify the coffee volume served for
each dose, please proceed this way:
1- Press the continuous (*) button and keep it pressed 5 seconds until the Led blinks.
2- Press the dose button that you want to program, and let the water pouring.
3- When the volume is what you want the dose to be, press the dose button again
and it will keep automatically programmed.
4- Repeat step Num 3 to modify the other dose buttons. (We recommend following
this process with the filter holder filled with coffee, to ensure that the final quantity
is what you desire to cup to be).
5- Left touch pad is the master, so if you program the left side, same quantities will
keep programmed on the right side.
The touch pads of the machine blink if machine can’t fill the boiler within 120 seconds and
boiler filling stops although the machine demands water. Also, the touch pads blink if the
brewing is too slow…
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