• Note: When touching the touch screen, only use the fingerprint area
of your finger please. Using a sharp object will increase the risk of
damaging the touch panel.
• Find and locate the Crestron Touch
Panel. If the lid down, press down on
a corner and it pop up. If the screen is
blank, the unit will need to be woken
up. This can be done by touching any
of the ten buttons or touching the
touch screen.
• Find the white button on the left side of the Touch Panel called “TV
Control” and press it.
When facing the two TVs, on the Touch Screen, press the ‘On’ button
for the respective TV and wait approximately 5 seconds for the
picture to appear.
• For Laptop computer input, press the Laptop button.
• For Desktop computer input, press the PC button.
• For DVD input, press the DVD button.
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