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15 September 2017
The 2017 CR-V heads in a fresh new direction while continuing to build on the legacy
with sportier innovative styling and even more spacious interior. Step inside the CR-V
and be greeted by upscale amenities, premium accents and incredible versatility with
one-motion dive-down 60/40 split rear seat. For the first time ever, the all-new 5th
generation CR-V is offered with a turbocharged 1.5 litre DOHC Direct-Injection Inline4 engine. Introducing third-row seating with seven seats in total, meeting the needs of
all lifestyles.
Sharper front-end design elements; aggressive styled headlines with Honda
signature’s wing-shaped LED DRL and wide muscular fenders.
Longer, wider and taller than previous generation CR-V.
The roomiest CR-V cabin yet – 50mm of additional rear seat legroom, along
with voluminous cargo area.
Handsome new instrumentation featuring a full-colour 7-inch Driver
Information Interface (DII) display and clean and sleek 7-inch Touchscreen
Display Audio system.
Newly designed center console with easy-to-use Electronic Parking Brake and
Brake Hold function.
First in the CR-V history, 1.5 litre VTEC TURBO is offered and it produces
more horsepower and torque than the previous CR-V.
Refined chassis and new suspension provides confident handling and stable
Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) improvement technology improves engine
Driver and passenger friendly features: Power tailgate*, Lanewatch™*, Walk
Away Auto Lock*, Driver Attention Monitor, Multi-angle Rear-view camera,
Rear cooler system and open Panorama roof*.
Apart from 5-seater, for the first time ever, CR-V is also available in 7-seater.
The fifth-generation CR-V exterior offers sporty and innovative styling to match its
comfortable and spacious interior, while also providing maximum utility value for a
wide range of users. Slightly longer, wider and taller than the previous-generation CRV, the new model is the ideal size to lead the compact SUV segment.
Defining design elements that add strength and vigour to the all-new CR-V are athletic
wheel arches, a long hood with aggressive aerodynamic front-end detailing, a short
rear overhang, and increased ground clearance. The design also features longer
For the first time ever, the CR-V is offered with a turbocharged 1.5-litre DOHC DirectInjected inline-4 engine, closely related to the 1.5-litre VTEC TURBO offered in allnew Honda CR-V. The CR-V’s 1.5-litre VTEC TURBO engine has key enhancements
and developments for more horsepower and torque.
With maximum power output of 142 kW @ 5,600 rpm and maximum 243 Nm @ 2,000
- 5000 rpm of torque, this CR-V is the most powerful production example of this engine
family to date.
Several features combine to create the CR-V 1.5-liter turbo’s increased performance
compared to CR-V models that are powered by this same engine family. A reduction
in compression ratio combines with a
higher maximum turbo boost pressure –
made possible by a new turbocharger
impeller design and more free-flowing
intake and exhaust systems – to net a
substantial gain in horsepower and
Advancing the CR-V’s exterior with a dynamic and exciting new design, the fifthgeneration CR-V builds strongly on the previous four generations. Like those vehicles,
the shape of the new CR-V is utility
oriented, providing the roominess,
capabilities that are useful for so many
people. The new CR-V heads in a
fresh new direction with aggressive
new attitude, thanks to crisper and
sharper front-end design elements,
aggressive stylized headlights surrounded by a wing-shaped LED DRL, and wide,
muscular fenders. The long hood, longer wheelbase, short rear overhang and dual
exhaust outlets give the new CR-V an upscale presence. The all-new CR-V’s exterior
lighting adopts Honda signature’s LED DRLs and Turn signals in both the front and
rear which creates an awareness of the vehicle’s width. It represents sophisticated
and modern design with advanced full LED headlights, LED turn lights for all grades
and LED tail & brake lights
The interior is a marriage of advanced integrated technology and finest materials. For
superior rear passenger
reclining seatbacks and a
nearly flat floor under front
seats offers a new level of
passenger comfort. The
all-new one-motion divedown 60/40 spilt rear seat
design creates incredible
cargo space.
In typical Honda fashion, the 5th generation CR-V is built on a foundation of smart
design, comfortable fit and intuitive controls. Upscale amenities, premium accents and
available leather seating help give the CR-V a more luxurious feel than ever before.
By stretching the wheelbase, the CR-V offers impressive space and comfort,
particularly in the spacious rear seating area, which has gained more than 50 mm of
additional legroom.
A roof spaciousness is improved with inner slide panorama.
The panorama roof can be operated in
3 different modes
1. Tilt mode – Back edge of glass is
moved upward for ventilation
2. Glass mode – Front side of glass is
moved forward for ventilation and to
(rear side is fixed)
3. Shade mode – Shade is moved
forward or backward to let in the light
To maximize convenience and utility, the CR-V’s interior has a wide range of storage
features including the newly designed center console With the CR-V’s Electric Parking
Brake, there’s no need for a traditional manual parking brake handle on the center
console, which opens up a considerable amount of space.
The cup holder is arranged in a position to which a driver’s hand naturally reaches
without changing the direction of eyes during driving. Cup holder can accommodate
various size or cup and mug. Two large cupholders are positioned within convenient
reach of the driver and front passenger.
Large console with large article storing can be arranged by a removable tray.
Topped with a comfortable padded, sliding, flip-up center armrest, the generously
sized console now has 3 distinct internal configurations, made possible by a tray that
can be repositioned as desired.
Rear Cooler System is installed for the comfort of 2nd and 3rd row passenger
throughout the journey. Position air conditioning outlets and operation switches on the
roof face above the head space area of the 2nd row seats. The system can be adjusted
3 steps for the fan strength.
Equipped with 7-inch Display Audio Touchscreen, the intuitive interface system can
be controlled via the touch screen or via illuminated steering-wheel mounted controls
which includes a new touchpad control or via voice commands from the steeringwheel-mounted talk button. The 7-inch touchscreen is a special high-contrast, high
with a high viewing angle
for better legibility. In the
CR-V, the system offers
output divided among 6
speakers: four 6.7-inch
full range speakers, one
in each door, and two
1.5-inch tweeters near
the A-pillars.
New in the CR-V is the power tailgate where it can be operated via the remote key fob
or from a button on the driver’s door panel. With the programmable height feature, it
is customizable for drivers of all sizes. In all CR-V
models, a 12-volt power outlet is positioned at the
base of the center stack near an open storage
tray. More USB charging ports are positioned on
the rear of the center console for use by rear seat
The all-new CR-V packs a whole suite of innovations that aids the driver.
Making its debut is the Driver Attention Monitor where it alerts the driver to take break
when the driver becomes inattentive with a
coffee cup icon. Other features such as
Walk Away Auto Lock, Multi-angle Rearview Camera and LaneWatch™* System
always come in handy.
automatically locks (1) when the driver
leaves the vehicle; (2) when the key
holder’s distance from the vehicle exceeds 6.5 feet for 2 seconds; and (3) when no
other key is detected inside the vehicle. An audible tone sounds and the hazard lights
flash to confirm that the vehicle has locked. The Walk Away Door Lock feature is
programmable, and may be turned on or off as the driver prefers.
Making its Honda debut on the 2017 CR-V, Driving Attention Monitor is developed to
detect reduced attention that is hard to notice by the driver him/herself, for dozing off
or resulting in accidents from fatigue, and prompt the driver to take early break.
When driving on highways or on arterial roads, driver attention level is estimated from
the amount of steering input, and outputs information according to the estimated status
On highway and arterial roads, the Driver Attention Monitor continually monitors and
assesses driver behaviour behind the wheel to help determine if the driver is becoming
inattentive – and then if so, warn the driver to take a break. The system uses input
from the Electric Power Steering (EPS) to measure both the frequency and severity of
the driver’s steering inputs to gauge their level of awareness with four gradients.
When the Driver Attention Monitor is activated, the driver is first alerted by a coffee
cup icon and a 4-level bar graph that is displayed on the MID below the speedometer
and tachometer. The bar graph indicates full attention with 4 white bar elements are
illuminated. As the driver attention drops, fewer and fewer bars are illuminated. When
the number of bars drops to two, a message inviting the driver to take a break is
illuminated. If the driver continues driving and the graph drops to the lowest level of
one bar, a beeper sounds and the steering wheel vibrates, prompting the driver to pay
With Honda LaneWatch™* System, you can
expand your side horizons. Every time you
activate the left-turn signal before changing
lanes, a small camera on the passenger side
will display an image of what’s in the blind spot
to the left of the car on a 7-inch screen.
Updated with Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™ results in an increase
in engine torque that can be sent to rear wheel under high degree of 4-wheel-drive
sophistication in rain, dirt roads and dry pavement. Working in cooperation with
Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA) and the Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering
(EPS), the system further supports high fuel efficiency and all-around drivability at all
speeds when required. With advanced compatibility engineering™ (ACE™) body,
composed of highly efficient energy-absorbing main frame, it disperses collision forces
over larger frontal area and reduces the chance of deformation of the passenger
compartment. Based on Honda internal test data, the fifth-generation CR-V is the most
aerodynamically efficient vehicle in its class.
*Available for 7-seater variant only.
The all-new Honda CR-V environmental performance is geared to set a new standard
in its competitive class. Under LTA’s FELS system, the CR-V is expected to achieve
fuel economy of 7.0/100km and a CO2 output of 160g/km for 5 seater CR-V and
7.3/100km and a CO2 output of 166g/km for 7 seater CR-V.
The all-new Honda CR-V is available in 7 colours, they are Passion Red (pearl), Dark
Olive (metallic), Brilliant Sporty Blue (metallic), Modern Steel (metallic), Crystal Black
(pearl), Lunar Silver (metallic) and White Orchid (pearl).
The all-new 2017 CR-V is covered by an exclusive 5-year unlimited mileage warranty
offered by Kah Motor.
About Honda
In 1948, Soichiro Honda started one of the world's most successful motor corporations
in Hamamatsu, in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. From its humble beginnings,
Honda has grown to one of the world's best-known corporations, selling high quality
and technologically advanced products in almost 200 countries.
From the beginning, Honda has set new standards in vehicle production and design.
From the award-winning Civic to on-going participation in international motorsport,
Honda's spirit of challenge and commitment forms the basis for every Honda project.
Going into the 21st century, Honda has emphasized the development of technology
that is user-friendly and environmentally responsible. Honda unveiled the ZLEV
technology in 1997 with the objective of eliminating virtually all harmful exhaust
emissions in petrol engines, and now offers a variety of environmental responsible
vehicles with Honda’s Earth Dreams Technologies, which include Clarity Fuel Cell, a
fuel cell vehicle that emits only water.
About Kah Motor
In 1957, an avid and passionate motoring enthusiast Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew formed
Boon Siew Sdn. Bhd. In the next year, Tan Sri Loh met Soichiro Honda, the founder
of Honda Motor Co., Ltd and quickly a business partnership is formed. Since then
Honda is synonymous with Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew and Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd. was
set up in 1969 to further Honda automobile business in Malaysia and Singapore.
Today Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd. continues to provide Singapore motorists with
successive generations of better and more advanced Honda models. Boasting more
than 47 years with the Honda brand, we are positioning ourselves to serve Singapore
in the years to come.
Our close relationship with Honda Motor Co., Ltd reflects the close, personal working
relationship that the late Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew had with the late Soichiro Honda.
Working in tandem with Honda Research & Development Tochigi Co. Ltd, we
continually strive to develop a complete model line-up that is optimised for use in
As Singapore’s exclusive distributor, we boast an extensive sales, service and spare
parts Honda network. The entire range of Honda-approved models can be viewed and
test-driven in two strategically located Honda Centres. Both centres are characterised
by its complete Sales and Service facilities. Both centres are supported by a spare
parts facility where a wide range of genuine Honda parts, lubricants, accessories and
care car products are available. The Ubi Honda Centre also houses Kah Motor’s
headquarters and a fully stocked parts inventory.
In addition, there are also 6 other service centres located strategically across
Singapore to serve the maintenance and repair needs of Kah Motor's customers and
two Body Repair and Paint workshops, located in Ubi and Mandai to meet the needs
of owners requiring more extensive repairs.
Kah Motor also offers a comprehensive range of rental and leasing services with a
wide selection of Honda automobiles to choose from. For more information on Rental
& Leasing, please visit www.honda.com.sg.
For more information, please contact:
Kah Motor Co. Sdn. Bhd.
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