A player from an opposing team will be assigned to manually record the score for each
ball thrown. The electronic scoring may make mistakes. It is your obligation to keep
accurate scores. Don’t cheat. It’s not funny; it’s not fair; it’s not right. Any team caught
cheating will be automatically disqualified for the match and may be subject to removal
from the league. If you have proof that a team is cheating, please report it to the referee.
Just because a team rolls a high score doesn’t mean they are cheating. Remember … this
is Skeeball … play nice!
Roll: A roll is one ball rolled by a player.
Possible scores are 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, and 0.
Frame: A frame (personal game) consists of 9 rolls. The total combined score of
those 9 rolls determines your frame score. Highest possible frame score is 900.
Game: A game (team game) refers to all 6 players’ combined frame scores.
Points are awarded to teams for each game for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place.
(see scoring below).
Match: A match consists of 4 Games. A team’s match score is the combination of
the game scores. The highest possible point total is Four 1st places.
Coed teams consist of a minimum of 6 players
We recommend at least 8 players per team
We suggest 4 men and 4 women per team
o We will attempt to place an equal number of men and women on free
agent teams whenever possible.
Free Agent and Small Group Teams will have approximately 8 players
Teams compete with 6 players each game
o A team may compete with less than 6 players in extreme circumstances.
The referee has sole discretion to allow a team to play with less than 6
players and who may roll twice.
o We encourage coed teams. It is recommended to have at least 2 men and
2 women playing each round. It is up to the discretion of VAVi staff and
the referee to allow teams with less than 2 men and 2 women.
o At least 5 players must be present at the scheduled start of each game. If
you are not present, the referee has discretion to call a forfeit and you will
receive 0 points for that game.
Once a player rolls for a game, he/she may not be substituted until the next game.
The order may be changed and players may be substituted between games.
Three to Five teams compete against each other at the same time.
Games last approximately 10 minutes. Matches last approximately 50 minutes.
4 games will be played and points will be given for 1st – 5th place
(see scoring below).
The first players from each team begin play and compete simultaneously in
adjacent Skeeball lanes.
Remaining players take turns in the same fashion.
Players roll 9 balls consecutively
o The referee has the right to impose a 10 second shot clock on slow players
and a loss of roll penalty (score of 0) will be enforced for any infraction
o Players should complete a personal game in approximately 2 minutes
o Teams should complete a team game in approximately 10 minutes.
You may not touch the playing surface with any part of your body. Don’t be “that
guy” and try to walk up to the target area. This will result in automatic
disqualification, you will be blind folded for the rest of the game, you will have to
take a time-out in the corner with a dunce cap, and you will have to perform
Dance Dance Revolution until you get high score or Dave & Buster’s closes.
All banks, bounces, caroms, and ricochets are part of the game and count with no
Balls that “bounce-out” or are otherwise “returned” without scoring may be rolled
again with no penalty
If a ball gets stuck and does not register a score, a bonus ball may be thrown in
it’s place. If the ball is dislodged by another ball, it is scored wherever it lands.
This usually happens when going for 100. If it doesn’t come down, you get
another ball. If it gets knocked out, you usually get 10 points.
Referee may impose special restrictions to all players at his discretion. He has
been known to make under the leg mandatory for some of the rounds. If you have
an idea to make a round more fun let the referee know.
No head shots
No cross checking
No unchecked aggression.
Shot Clock may be enforced at the referee’s discretion.
Yellow Cards may be given for unsporting behavior.
Red Cards may be given for extreme unsporting behavior (or two Yellow Cards)
and result in disqualification from the rest of the match or a severe slap on the
wrist … at the referees discretion.
Score is kept manually
o One player from an opposing team will record the score manually using
the provided score sheet
Team captains will fill out the line-up for the entire match before
the start of the game (please arrive early to complete your roster)
o Unfortunately, the electronic scoring is not reliable.
o The referee will assign an opposing player to record the score.
Possible Scores: 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0
If someone ever rolls 900 in a frame, they win a brand new car and free Skeeball
Leagues for life and you will be entered into the VAVi Hall of Fame and Tyler
Jensen will personally kiss your feet. This will be any matchbox car of your
choice in Dave & Buster’s prize room.
Because the electronic scoring has been known to make mistakes, team members will be
assigned to verify scores for each player. 6 players roll 9 balls attempting to get the
highest score possible. The total score for all 6 players (all 54 rolls) determines the
winner of that game.
The team’s score for the game is the addition of 6 players’ scores (all 54 rolls)
Team points will be given for each game accordingly:
o 1st = 5 points
o 2nd = 4 points
o 3rd = 3 point
o 4th = 2 points
o 5th = 1 points
o Forfeits = 0 points
In the event of a tie, both teams receive the same amount of points for that game:
o Tie for 1st = 5 points
o Tie for 2nd = 4 points
o Tie for 3rd = 3 points
o Tie for 4th = 2 points
Season standing will be determined by combined game points (from a possible 5
points per game, 20 points per match, and 100 points per season). In the event of
a tie, total season team points scored will be used as a tie breaker. If the tie is still
not broken, a blind draw will be used as a tie breaker.
The team’s game points will be accumulated throughout the year to set rankings
for the playoffs.
Every team will make the playoffs. Teams will be placed in heats based on
season rankings.
You have got to buck up, man. You cannot drag this negative energy into the
The Top teams will get a first round bye. Standings will be determined by total
points, then total score, then by blind draw.
All other teams will have a first round “quick” match consisting of 1-3 games.
Each round will consist of heats of 4-5 teams. The top 2 teams will automatically
move on. In the event of a tie, total points scored will be used as a tie-breaker.
Total points scored will be used to determine the remaining teams to move on.
All other teams will be eliminated.
Championship: The championship match will consist of 5 teams playing a full
match to determine the Champion. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
In the event of a tie in the Championship match, a six-ball-sudden-death-roll-offshoot-out will determine the winner. 6 balls, 6 players, 1 roll each!
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