AUS CP 859 MT - BigWarehouse Spare

CP 059 MD (X) AUS
CP 859 MT (X) AUS
Mixed cooker
Instructions for use and installation
Congratulations on choosing an Ariston appliance, which you will find is dependable and easy to use. We recommend that
you read this manual for best performance and to extend the life of your appliance. Thank you.
1. This appliance has been designed for private, nonprofessional use in normal dwellings.
8. During operation, the oven glass door and adjacent
par ts of the appliance become hot. Make sure,
therefore, that children do not touch the appliance.
2. Read the recommendations in this instruction
booklet carefully, as they give important advice
regarding safe installation, use and maintenance.
Keep this booklet in a safe place for further
reference when required.
3. Oven accessories which may come into contact with
food are made of materials which comply with the
contents of EEC Regulation 89/109 of 21.12.88 and
national regulations in force.
9. Check that the capacity of the electrical system and
the power outlets are suitable for the maximum power
of the appliance, indicated on the rating plate. If in doubt,
consult a professionally qualified technician.
4. After having removed the packaging, check that the
appliance is intact. If in doubt, do not use the appliance
and contact professionally qualified personnel.
10. Periodically check the condition of the gas connection
pipe and have it replaced by a qualified technician as
soon as it shows any signs of wear or anomaly.
5. Some parts are covered with a removable scratchproof film. Before using the appliance the film should
be removed and the underlying part cleaned with a
cloth and a non-abrasive household cleaning product.
When switching on for the first time, it is advisable to
heat the empty oven at maximum temperature for about
30 minutes to eliminate any residue from manufacture.
11. Under no circumstances should the user replace the
power supply cable or the gas connection pipe of this
appliance. In the event of damage or the necessity for
replacement, only contact an authorised service centre.
12. Do not leave the appliance plugged in if it is not in use.
Switch off the main switch and gas supply when you
are not using the cooker.
6. All installation and adjustment operations should be
carried out by qualified technicians in accordance with
current regulations. Specific indications are given in
the “instructions for the installer” paragraph.
13. The burners and the cast-iron pan supports remain hot
for a long time after use. Take care not to touch them.
14. To avoid accidental spillage do not use cookware with
uneven or deformed bottoms on the burners.
7. Before connecting the appliance, make sure that the
data on the rating plate (situated on the rear part of
the appliance and on the last page of the instruction
booklet) correspond to those of the mains electricity
and gas supplies.
15. Never use flammable liquids such as alcohol or
gasoline, etc. near the appliance when it is in use.
16.If the cooker is placed on a pedestal, take the necessary
precautions to prevent the same from sliding off the
pedestal itself.
17. do not use steam cleaners to clean your oven
18. WARNING - Accessible parts will become hot when
in use. To avoid burns and scalds children should
be kept away
CP 059 MD (X)AUS
CP 859 MT (X)AUS
Auxiliary gas burner
Semi-rapid gas burner
Rapid gas burner
DC-DR gas burner/Triple ring gas burner
Ignitor for Gas Burners
Safety Device - Activates if the flame accidentally goes
out (spills, drafts, etc.), interrupting the supply of gas
to the burner.
Electric oven selector knob (cooking mode selection)
Electric oven thermostat knob (temperature selection)
Control knobs for gas burners
Support grid for cookware
Electric heating element indicator light
Stabiling chain (30 cm long)
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