Daily cleaning
Each day the following must be completed:
Clean portafilters and baskets
1. With the portafilter in position on the machine, run a wet cloth through the spouts and use a sawing motion to wipe them clean
2. Remove the portafilter from the machine and remove the basket. If the basket is difficult to remove, lever it out with a blunt blade
between the rim of the basket and the portafilter lug.
3. Wash the basket in hot soapy water. Use a green scrubbing pad. Don’t use a metal scourer! Rinse with fresh water. The basket
should shine. Hold it up to the light and make sure none of the holes are blocked.
4. Scrub the inside of the portafilter with a green scrubbing pad, until it’s shiny
Backflush the machine with chemical
Remove portafilters from machine.
Using a small, stiff bristled brush, scrub the collar seals.
Insert a portafilter fitted with the blind basket, ensuring it is tightly seated in the group.
Run water through the group for five seconds, and then stop for five seconds. This is one flush cycle.
Repeat this cycle five times, and then remove the portafilter.
If you’re backflushing during service, you’re done.
Add one scoop (about half a teaspoon) of chemical cleaner to the blind filter basket.
Repeat the flush cycle five times. You will see foam emerging from the rear of the drip tray each time you shut the water off.
Remove the portafilter from the machine.
You will see a dirty foam contained in the blind basket. This must be rinsed away.
Repeat the flushing procedure, this time removing the porta filter from the machine after each flush and tipping away the water it contains. You will notice that as you repeat this, the water gradually becomes clearer.
10. Repeat the flush until the water is completely clear.
General cleaning and grinder
Brush away all coffee grinds from the grinder
Store coffee beans in a sealed bag
Wash hopper if necessary
Dishwash milk jugs
Polish machine with glass cleaner
Polish grinder with glass cleaner
Wipe benches and around
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