Yuan Dean Scientific CO.,LTD
High quality aluminum enclosure
SAMSUNG lithium battery
Applicable to GPS, smart phone, tablet
Ultra high capacity 2600 mAh lithium battery
Smart LED indicator, just press 1 bottom to display the power status
Super bright LED flashlight /Laser function
◆How to charge the power bank
Plug 1 end of USB connector to the USB socket of the computer(AC adapter, car charger) and the other end to the Micro
USB(IN) socket of Power Bank, then start to charge, charging time is 3-5 hours(it depends on different charging way)
◆How to use power bank to charge other devices
Plug 1 end of USB connector to USB socket of power bank and the other end to mobile phone or other.
devices (USB connector type is according to different devices),press power button(>0.1 Sec),then start to charge.
◆Power indicator
Press power button (>0.1 Sec), LED stream indicator will light up, and put out automatically after 2 seconds
Flash 1 indicator lights, means power less than 25%
Flash 2 indicator lights, means power from 25% to 50%
Flash 3 indicator lights, means power from 50% to 75%
Flash 4 indicator lights, means power from 75% to 100%
◆Flashlight/Laser function
Press power button 2 second to open/close flashlight or Laser
◆Specifications :
Model Number : PB-100. PB-101
Input: 5V/1000mA ;
Output : 5V/1000mA ;
Capacity : 2600mAh
◆Dimension : 97mm * 23mm * 23mm
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