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PURITY Finest C500
Technology: softening
With the ideal mineral composition BRITA Purity Finest encourages
the release of the typical aromas from the coffee beans and thus
supports the development of the authentic espresso taste. It also
allows a stable crema with a colour and consistency previously
unachieved. Use BRITA Purity Finest for optimum taste.
Reliable protection for professional coffee machines from limescale
and gypsum deposits.
One filter head concept for all cartridge versions in the PURITY C range:
with rapid-change system, innovative locking handle and integrated
flush valve for easy operation.
Don't compromise on protection or taste. Use BRITA Purity Finest C500 for:
Better Protection
Better Taste
Removes lime scale and gypsum deposits
Removes elements that negatively affect taste
One filter head for all cartridges in the PURITY C range
Intensive espresso taste with full body and authentic aroma
Rapid-change system, innovative locking handle and
integrated flush valve for easy operation
Optimal results for all espresso based coffee specialties
Thick, golden-brown crema that lasts
Sodium charged Ion Exchange
PURITY Finest C500
Sodium Charged Ion Exchange
for better protection and taste
Systematic filter technology
The PURITY promises:
1. Pre-filtration
A pre-filter retains coarse particles.
Optimum water quality
Outstanding and consistent water
quality – free of unwanted taste and
aroma elements.
2. Total hardness reduction
The filter medium reduces the total hardness
in the water and clearly reduces limescale and
gypsum deposits.
Maximum product safety
For uninterrupted operation and safe
3. Activated carbon filtration
All of the water – including the bypass water – runs
through an activated carbon filter, so substances
that have an adverse effect on the taste and aroma
are removed.
Simple to use
Operation is simpler and easier than
4. Fine filtration
At the end of the filtration process a fleece retains
any fine particles.
The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter
products is tested and monitored by independent
The illustration serves as explanation of
the filter technology. It is not to scale.
**aplies to all materials in contact with water
PURITY Finest C500
Capacity1 with a total hardness
of 10 °dH and 0 % bypass2
3,414 l
Max. operating pressure
8,6 bar
Water intake temperature
4 – 30 °C
Filter cartridge
Order number
Filter head 0 – 70 %2, G 3 / 8"
1013637 (Pack 1)
Filter head 0 – 70 %2, JG 8
1013636 (Pack 1)
Flow at 1 bar pressure loss
140 l / h
Nominal flow
100 l / h
Flow meter
BRITA FlowMeter 10 – 100 A
Pressure loss at nominal flow
0.5 bar
Carbonate hardness test kit
Dimensions (W / D / H)
Filter head with filter cartridge
Weight (dry / wet)
Connections (input / output)
Operating position
144 / 144 / 557 mm
4.6 / 6.9 kg
Backflow preventer G 3 / 8"
The capacities given have been tested and calculated on the basis of normal application and
machine conditions. Due to external influences (e.g. variations in raw water quality and / or
machine type), deviations from these results can occur.
PURITY Finest C500 cartridges must be operated with a bypass setting of 0 %.
Only drinking quality water may be used as the water supply for BRITA water filters.
1000639 (Pack 3)
Appropriate hoses and hose sets from our comprehensive FlexConnect range as well as other
accessories can be found in our price list.
G 3 / 8" or John Guest 8 mm
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