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come to understand that it is not just our great quality products, but our unsurpassed
knowledge of how they are made, and how they are used, that creates the powerful
value system we are delighted to offer to our customers.
Headquartered in California, Ecoline Industrial Supply, Inc. is a small business – 100%
woman-owned and operated. We offer a full line of environmentally safe maintenance
chemicals for industrial and commercial facilities, all made from the highest quality
ingredients right here in the U.S.A .
We pride ourselves in providing unrivaled value and outstanding results. Within our
range of innovative products, you will find non-fuming drain cleaners, non-chlorinated
A N.
nationwide presence in industrial and institutional markets; and in that time we have
Over the last two decades, Ecoline Industrial Supply, Inc. has gained a notable,
Ecoline delivers unique environmentally safe maintenance
solutions with people’s well-being in mind that can provide
unmatched results and ultimate satisfaction for their users.
Cleaners, Degreasers & Solvents
Lubricants, Greases & Oils
Adhesives, Epoxies & Sealants
Electronic Maintenance
Corrosion Control & Protection
Paints, Coatings & Strippers
Graffiti Control
Asphalt & Concrete Products
Auto Detailing Products
HVAC Products
Pipe Repair Kits
Drain Openers
Grease Trap Maintainers
Sewer Treatment Chemicals
Odor Control
Metal Cleaners & Polishes
Carpet Care
Floor Cleaners
Bathroom Maintenance
Disinfectant & Sanitizers
Insecticides & Herbicides
Ice Melters
Skin Care
Safety Items
Spill Containment
Eco-friendly Products
solvents, safe acid replacements, eco-friendly graffiti removers, enzymatic coil cleaners,
bacterial digestants, instant odor neutralizers, and many other specialty items.
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Pure Earth Line
Facility Maintenance
New Products
Enviro Kleen
Concentrated multifunctional
acid-replacement cleaner
Generates heavy duty cleaning
power of an acid, yet it is mild
like liquid dish soap
Removes scale, rust, mildew,
grease from stainless steel, grout,
concrete, ceramic and more
Eco-friendly, non-fuming,
non-caustic and biodegradable
Drain Magic
Non-acid drain opener and maintainer
Dissolves fats, oils, sludge, hair,
soap scum, lint and paper
Odorless, non-fuming, safe for
pipes and porcelain
Heavier than water, sinks quickly
to the point of obstruction
RTV Silicone
Industrial sealant, adhesive
and gasket maker
(Clear, White, Red, Blue, Black)
100% low volatile R.T.V. silicone
in a pressurized can
High chemical resistance,
waterproof and weatherproof
Temperature range -60°F to
+650°F and 330 PSI
Aqua Patch
Crawling insect killer
Fast acting and long lasting
3-month residual action
Effective against roaches,
silverfish, spiders, ticks, stink
bugs, fleas, ants, crickets
Pleasant vanilla scent
Zesty Hands
Double-sided heavy duty hand
and surface wipes
Fortified with high performance
cleaning agents and conditioners
Remove paint, grease, oil, tar,
anti-seize, adhesive, ink
Non-drying cherry scented formula
Ultimate organic waste digester
and instant odor neutralizer in one
Highly concentrated - 2.5 gallons
make a 55-gallon drum
Dual odor counteracting technology
instantly eliminates malodors
Billions of enzyme producing bacteria
rapidly digest waste in drains, urinals,
grease traps, sewers, septic tanks,
trash cans, carpets, and floors
Durable epoxy patch for sealing
holes in condensate pans
Pours through standing water
to create a permanent bond
Self-leveling formula provides
a smooth even coating
Formulated with antimicrobial agent
to prevent algae and mold growth
DURA Steel
Long lasting protective coating
Contains 316L flecks of stainless steel
in an ultra-durable epoxy resin system
Protects from rust and corrosion
Resists alkalis, acids and other
harsh chemicals, as well as severe
temperature conditions
Tidy Bliss
Concentrated cleaner and odor
counteractant in one
Non-toxic and non-staining formula
Spray directly on the surface
to be cleaned or in the air to
neutralize malodors
Unique long lasting fragrance
X-treme Wrap
No Slime Strips
Pipe Mega Wrap
Pen Lube
Safety Solvent
Military grade self-fusing repair wrap
Non-corrosive algaecides
for condensate pans
Complete permanent pipe repair kit
High performance lubricant and
penetrant with a broad temperature
and pressure range
Non-chlorinated solvent-based
cleaner and degreaser
High quality silicone-rubber compound
designed to form a permanent air and
water tight seal on pipes, hoses, air
ducts joints, and electrical wires
Remains flexible down to -60°F
and won’t melt up to 500°F
Has a tensile strength of 600 psi
and insulates up to 400 volts/mil
Uratic Salt Remover
Fast-acting mineral deposit cleaner
Removes uric salts, yellow rings,
and rust stains from urinals, toilet
bowls, grout and tiles
Odorless and safe on plumbing
Controls odors caused by uric salts
Enviro Shine
High performance eco-friendly
stainless steel cleaner
Food grade based formula
Cleans, shines and protects
Prevents fingerprints, smudges,
rust and water spots
Coil Cleaner
Self-rinsing foaming coil cleaner
Non-acid, non-fuming and
virtually odorless
Fortified with enzymes for continuous
cleaning and breakdown of fungus,
mold, grease and grime
Delivers clean coils, drip pans
and free-flowing drain lines, thus
improving system efficiency
Control algae, fungus, and
slime growth up to 1 year
Aid in prevention of
Légionnaires disease
Mesh encasement keeps solids from
breaking and clogging up the line
Graffiti Wipes
Powerful low-odor graffiti removing wipes
Double-sided towels absorb residue
without re-depositing
Remove paint, ink, tar, scuff marks,
graffiti from wood, steel, plastic and
painted surfaces
Will not harm most background paint,
dull surface, or leave haze
Orange Gloves
Highly resilient safety gloves
Nitrile and powder-free
10-mil thick and chemical resistant
Raised diamond texture for
superior grip
Aqua Epoxy
Two part epoxy putty stick
(Also available in Steel, Copper, Wood,
Titanium, Concrete, Plastic)
Can be used under water and on
wet surfaces to fill holes, cracks,
leaks up to 8,000 PSI and 250°F
Resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones,
esters, alcohols, acids and bases
Can be tapped and drilled,
sanded and painted only 1 hour
after application
Works on wet and dry surfaces and
can be used on any pipes, including
potable water
Suitable for standard water line pressure
and -60˚F to 425˚F temperature rating
Sets like steel in only 30-90 minutes
and is impervious to water, oils,
chemicals, solvents and acids
Heat Block
Reusable heat blocking putty
Designed to keep piping and sensitive
components cool during welding,
soldering, and brazing up to 2000˚F
Made from the same material found in
heat shield of space shuttle
Can be re-used up to 40 times
No Mess Anti-SEize
High temperature chemical
resistant anti-seize
Innovative design in a pressurized
can with shoe polish applicator
Water resistant and extreme weather
condition formula
Protects against rust and corrosion,
prevents seizing and galling
Biodegradable liquid stain absorbent
Highly effective against hydrocarbonbased oils, greases, BBQ grill stains,
silicone oils from tire dressings
Ideal for use on asphalt, concrete,
paving stones, pressure treated wood,
composite decking
Thick formula dries quickly for easy
Penetrates through rust and corrosion
to loosen frozen nuts and bolts
Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide
and PTFE to reduce wear and friction
and ensure longer lasting lubricity
Safe on plastic, rubber and
painted surfaces and can be sprayed
upside down
Pheno D
Total release fogger
Hospital grade disinfectant,
sanitizer and deodorant in one
Effective against HIV, E. coli,
Salmonella, MRSA, Herpes, Influenza,
mold, fungus and Tuberculosis
Kills viruses and bacteria both in
the air and on surfaces
Rubberized Coating
Flexible and water-tight film
Asphalt and rubber based formula
seals minor cracks and voids on roofs,
gutters, and condensate pans
Protects from harmful effects of water,
salt, sand, and chemicals, reduces
chances of corrosion and minimizes
unwanted sound and vibration
Will not crack, peel or melt
Glass cleaner with odor neutralizer
Streak-free formula
Cleans and prevents fingerprints
Eliminates malodors
Safely dissolves grease, oil, tar,
adhesives, and ink on electrical
equipment while in operation
Fast drying and residue-free;
no rinse necessary
Non-flammable and non-CFC with
a dielectric strength of 26,000 volts
Rust Exterminator
Non-chlorinated rust eliminator
Chemically neutralizes rust and
stops corrosion
Seals ferrous metals and protects
from future deterioration
Paintable after curing
Unique solution for damaged threads
3 in 1 formula - thread repair agent,
lubricant and penetrant
Uses nano technology to penetrate
deeply into damaged threads and
repair them on a molecular level
Earth friendly, odorless and clear
Dry Silicone
General purpose silicone
lubricant and release agent
Eliminates friction and retards
corrosion, prevents gumming
and seals out moisture
Heat stable, will not freeze or
melt (-40˚F to +285˚F)
Fast drying, clear and odorless
Nutty Hands
New generation industrial hand
cleaner and moisturizer in one
Solvent-free and bead-free formula
Quickly and effectively removes grease,
paint, adhesive, tar and ink
Formulated with walnut shells and
conditioners to exfoliate and restore
moisture to damaged hands
Bust’n Rust
Biodegradable bath-soak rust remover
Inhibits flash rusting for weeks
Neutral pH formula will not harm
surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl,
PVC, aluminum, copper, and brass
Non-toxic, non-flammable and
Tru-Air Bag
Fragrance and chemical free
ultimate odor solution
Eliminates odors using natural minerals,
does not mask them
Effective against organic odors,
smoke, fumes, chemicals, paint,
dead animal odors
Absorbs odors like a magnet and
neutralizes them within 24 hours
Citra Gel
Citrus based heavy duty degreaser
and adhesive remover
Made with all natural power
of 70% d’limonene
Removes grease, asphalt,
adhesives, chewing gum,
stickers off of glass, metal,
wood cement, paint
Clings to vertical surfaces for
longer contact time without run off
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