Great functionality, discreet beauty, capacity and
power to spare – we build the appliances home
chefs dream of. Wok burners, electric barbecue
grills, deep fryers, in-counter steamers; each
setting a standard of its own, together forming a
unified whole. Beautiful, powerful, high-speed
cooktops, individually combined.
The choice is yours: The professional Vario
400 Pro Series offers special-purpose appliances, high-tech in stainless steel, with sturdy
control knobs set in a glowing orange ring. In
the Vario 200 Series, surfaces are finished in
shot-blasted aluminum and are gleaming, light
and robust, with top-mounted control knobs.
Additionally, there are large gas cooktops, glass
ceramic cooktops and new induction cooktops,
with Twist-Pad control. See for yourself.
The Vario 400 Pro Series of modular cooktops
– The Vario VR 421 electric indoor grill*. An openstyle cast grill for low-fat barbecuing. Features lava
stones for even heat distribution, two independently
controlled grilling zones and a large griddle pan.
– The Vario VL 431/430 downdraft ventilation system.
Extremely effective ventilation: downdraft fully
integrated into the countertop surface, providing the
most visually discreet form of ventilation.
– The Vario VC 422 glass ceramic cooktop. Many
options in a small space. Two Super-Quick cooking
zones*, with a switch-on roaster zone*.
– The Vario VK 411 in-counter steamer. Steam and
boil without pressure on two levels. You choose the
precise water temperature, from 115°F to 200°F.
Contains a perforated pan with glass lid.
The Vario 400 Pro Series of modular built-in
appliances presents itself with new technology, new
design and new control knobs. These appliances
combine powerful performance and beautiful design
Further details can be found in the catalog section,
beginning on page 118. The features marked with an
* are explained in “The A – Z of Gaggenau cooktops”,
starting on page 54.
The Vario 400 Pro Series of modular cooktops
– The Vario VP 421 Teppan Yaki*. right front. Fry
and cook Japanese style, with a choice of temperatures for two separate zones, so you can
roast and warm using all or just half the surface.
The smooth, hard chromed surface prevents
– The Vario VL 431/430 cooktop ventilator extracts
fumes and steam at the cooktop level where
they actually develop. Controlled by a panel at
your fingertips, the flap opens only when ventilation is needed. Stainless steel grease filters
provide for easy clean up in the dishwasher. See
page 66.
– The Vario VI 411 induction cooktop*. Super-Quick
cooking for perfect results and an ideal match
for any pan size. This cooktop provides up to
3,500 Watts of power. Shown here with the removable wok ring for the traditional round-bottomed
– The Vario VF 411 deep fryer*. Precise electronic
oil temperature regulation from 275°F to 380°F,
designed for continuous operation. Provides the
right temperature for any kind of deep-fried food.
The Vario 400 Pro Series brings the standards
of professional chefs from all over the world to
your kitchen. Ten special-purpose appliances
that can be combined according to individual
needs. Induction, electric or gas cooktops – the
choice is yours. The series features an innovative induction cooktop* and a classic gas wok
with a large three ring wok burner*, as well as a
Teppan Yaki*, in-counter steamer* and electric
barbecue grill with a large griddle pan. Powerful
appliances with grand design. Further details
can be found in the catalog section beginning on
page 118. The features marked with an * are
explained in “The A – Z of Gaggenau cooktops”,
starting on page 54.
The stainless steel
cover protects the
surface and maintains
the beautiful lines
of the Vario 400 Pro
The Vario 200 Series of modular cooktops
– The Vario VG 232 gas cooktop: two burners, one of
which is a high output unit producing up to 9,500
BTUs. Set in a stainless steel frame.
– The Vario VL 051 downdraft with telescopic swivel
arm positioning: an eye-catching direct ventilation
system offering visual continuity combined with
perfect functionality. Further details on page 138.
– The Vario VR 230 electric indoor grill*: a powerful
grill featuring an aluminum cover. Two separately
controlled grill zones enable you to cook and warm
food at the same time. The grill includes lava stones
for increased performance.
The Vario 200 Series of modular cooktops uses
electricity, gas and induction to create great results.
Each element is self-contained but can be perfectly
combined in your kitchen. Further details can be
found in the catalog section beginning on page 118.
The features marked with an * are explained in “The
A – Z of Gaggenau cooktops”, starting on page 54.
The Vario 200 Series of modular cooktops
– The Vario VK 230 in-counter steamer*, right front.
Steam on two levels, cook without pressure, boil
without burning.
– The Vario VL 041 downdraft ventilation system*.
The ventilation system is built into the countertop
for discreet, simple perfection. Further details on
page 138.
– The Vario VC 230 electric cooktop. A perfectly
smooth surface made from high-grade, non-porous
glass ceramic. Directs the full intensity of the
radiated heat on to the cooking pot.
– The Vario VF 230 deep fryer*. Oil temperatures
precisely regulated from 275°F to 380°F for continuous operation.
Another example of the scope of the built-in
appliances in the 200 Series. Provides great versatility within compact dimensions. The in-counter
steamer* and the induction cooktop* are among the
most technically advanced on the market. Features
induction techniques straight from the professional
kitchen, and Asian-style steam-cooking, complemented with Gaggenau innovation. Finished in shotblasted aluminum. Further details can be found in
the catalog section beginning on page 118. The
features marked with an * are explained in “The A – Z
of Gaggenau cooktops”, starting on page 54.
The powerful KG 291 gas cooktop
– The 36-inch gas cooktop for the 400 and 200
Series. Featuring a full range of power outputs,
and a stainless steel control panel, as shown here.
– A huge range of power outputs: a total of
60,000 BTUs from five burners. The output does
not decrease when all units are in operation,
thanks to the air supply from above. Constant
low heat starting as low as 500 BTUs. Includes a
wok burner.
– Automatic electric ignition and a cast iron pan
support with a flat surface, for optimum ease of
use. Offers the same convenience as an electric
cooktop: automatic* quick ignition, where you
simply press, turn and release.
The gas cooktop features a stainless steel
frame, a seamless cast iron pan support with a
flat surface and space for five large pans at one
time. The control panel is available in either
aluminum or stainless steel, so the KG 291 integrates well with your other appliances. The
center of your professional-style kitchen. Further
details can be found in the catalog section
beginning on page 118. The features marked
with an * are explained in “The A – Z of Gaggenau
cooktops”, starting on page 54.
The KG 491 large gas
cooktop: superior
performance and
remarkable ease of use.
CI 491 induction cooktop
– Precise cooking. Heat only where you need it.
Straight out of the commercial kitchen.
– With stainless steel frame, 36 inches wide. A
convincingly beautiful cooktop.
– Twist-Pad control*. The new maneuverable
magnetic knob selects and controls the cooking
zones. Handy, safe and easy to clean.
The new induction* technology is as fast and
precise as gas without the need for excess heat.
Features five cooking zones, including a large
11-inch zone, automatic pan detection, automatic
quick boil*, automatic cooking timer* and memory
cooking*. Further details can be found in the catalog section beginning on page 118. The features
marked with an * are explained in “The A – Z of
Gaggenau cooktops”, starting on page 54.
The new convenient
magnetic knob is used
to activate and control
the cooking zones.
The A – Z of Gaggenau cooktops
All-gas appliances Gas cooktops from Gaggenau,
including the wok burner, are all-gas appliances
which, when fitted with the appropriate nozzles,
are operated with natural or liquid gas.
Automatic cooking timer The time at which you
wish one or more cooking zones to be switched
off automatically can be selected up to either
90 (CK) or 99 (CI) minutes in advance. The integrated clock can be used as a timer independently.
Timer The Vario 400 Pro Series appliances offer
the same functions through the connecting strip
with timer, which is available as an accessory.
With a connecting strip, up to two cooking zones
can be selected for 90 minutes.
Automatic quick ignition Press the knob on the
gas cooktop, rotate to the desired setting and
release. The electronics ignite the flame immediately and keep it burning without further
intervention – the knob can then be released.
Automatic quick boil
Booster function Increases the output of any
cooking zone by 50 percent for between two and
ten minutes. When using the Booster function,
the usage of other zones is limited.
Glass ceramic cooktops with sensor control A
selected heat setting is briefly raised by four
stages (no higher than maximum setting). After
approximately four minutes, the cooktop automatically switches back to the original setting.
Booster function Increases the output of any
cooking zone by 50 percent for between two and
ten minutes. When using the Booster function,
the usage of other zones is limited.
Cast iron roaster for glass ceramic cooktops
Gaggenau developed this high quality, cast
roaster made of non-stick coated cast aluminum
specially for the 7 1 / 16 " x 16 5 / 16 " roasting zone
on Gaggenau glass ceramic cooktops. Its base
covers the roasting zone exactly, so optimum
use of energy is assured, and its thick thermal
conducting base guarantees even distribution of
heat and optimum heat storage. Even its lid can
be used, for example for searing. Its non-stick
coating allows low-fat cooking and makes for
easy cleaning.
Cast iron pan support A single-section grate for
Vario gas appliances; on larger gas cooktops,
it consists of either two or three sections to prevent small pots and pans from tipping over.
Deep fryer
Professional 3-zone construction:
Frying zone Situated above the electronically
controlled hinged heating element.
Foaming expansion ring The fryer is wider at the
top to prevent hot oil from bubbling over.
Child lock (Vario 200) Locks all the appliance’s
functions via the knobs.
Cleaning stage (Vario 400) You can bring the
water for cleaning the deep fryer to the appropriate cleaning temperature in the appliance
Swivel-out heating element The heating rod easily
folds upwards for easy cleaning of the stainless
steel basin.
Two-basket hanger The integrated hanger can
accommodate two baskets simultaneously,
allowing them to drain.
Downdraft The downdraft extractor standard is a
highly interesting and effective alternative to the
classical wall and above all insular hood. The
downdraft is integrated directly in the cooktop
and extracts cooking vapors before they rise
and mix with the room air, which causes food
smells to remain in clothes and hair. The space
above the cooktop is now open, allowing the
cook to look inside all pots and pans. Extraction, even out of higher pots and pans, is still
effective when the lids are lifted due to the gap
in the direction of the down draft. For a clear
design line in the kitchen, it is the most inconspicuous method of ventilation in existence.
The Gaggenau downdrafts are directly adapted
to the Vario 200 and 400 appliance Series. All
downdrafts are operated with separate remote
blowers allowing for options for every configuration.
Electric indoor grill
Griddle pan Useful, easy care accessory for
grilling or cooking on a flat surface.
Independently controlled heating elements For
example, the front part of the grill can be used
for grilling, and the rear part can be used for
keeping food warm. To clean the stainless steel
cooktop, simply swivel both heating rods upwards. The 400 Pro Series’ open grill shelf has
concealed heating elements. Only small amounts
of smoke are produced, as fat cannot drip onto
Stainless steel container with lava stones The
bottom of the lava stone container is perforated,
so that fat can drip into the pull-out collection
Electronic flame monitoring The principle of
ionization provides maximum safety. If a flame
is extinguished unintentionally, it is re-ignited
immediately. If re-ignition fails, the gas supply
to all burners is automatically cut off.
Electric ignition This activates the gas cooktop.
The integrated ignition is actuated as soon as
the knob is turned on. After the flame has ignited,
the knob is held for a few seconds more until
the burner has reached the temperature required
for a stable flame. The thermoelectric safety
pilot takes care of constant burning of the gas
flames and automatically cuts off the gas supply
after the gas flame has gone out.
Electronic precision temperature control A light
touch of the sensor button is enough to switch
on one or more cooking zones and select the
desired power setting. This provides ideal conditions for cooking dishes or recipes for which
temperature settings are crucial, as no temperature peaks are reached.
Graphical LED display The display reproduces
the cooking zone layout, and the status of individual cooking zones is clearly indicated. The
cooking zones are operated via knobs.
supplied by the booster function, which supplies
50 percent more energy to a cooking zone for a
short time. Pots and pans suitable for induction
cooking can be identified either by their labelling
or by the fact that a magnet placed on their
base stays in place.
Memory Cooking For dishes that you prepare
more often. You can program a sequence for
every cooking zone (up to five) and call up the
information at any time, provided that you are
using the same amounts and cookware.
Graphical sensor control panel The cooking
zones, digital display and sensor buttons are all
reproduced on the glass ceramic surface. It is
easy to activate and monitor all the settings. The
main switch must be touched for two seconds in
order to turn the cooktop on; this prevents the
appliance from being activated accidentally by
children or during cleaning. The appliance is
also not switched on if an object happens to be
placed on the push-button array. Activation of
the main switch while the appliance is in operation switches off all the cooking zones.
Memory function All settings and timer values
are stored for a few seconds after the cooktop
is switched off, so that if the appliance is
switched off unintentionally, all previously entered
values are restored.
Induction cooktops Induction is a method of
heat transfer that makes optimum use of energy.
Induction creates precise and fast reaction time
with which power is supplied by the electromagnetic field. The result is that initial boiling times
are almost as short as with gas ranges. And
because with the induction method only the bottom
of the pan is heated, there is no loss of unused
heat. The cooktop itself hardly heats up at all,
so spillages can no longer burn on. You can use
pots and pans of all shapes and sizes: the induction method recognizes the size of the base
of the pot or pan and heats an area of that size
only. When removing the pot or pan, the heat at
the cooking zone is also removed until a pot or
pan is placed on it again. More power can be
Pot/Pan detection Since only the bases of pots
and pans are heated in induction cooking, different sized pots and pans can be used on one and
the same cooking zone. The induction system
recognizes the diameter of the individual pot or
pan base and only that area is heated. If a pot
or pan is pushed off the activated cooking zone,
that cooking zone automatically switches off.
Options menu The options menu can be used to
tailor convenience functions such as automatic
quick boil, or the settings of the various cooking
zones, to suit individual cooking requirements.
An extra child safety feature can be selected
here, completely deactivating the control panel.
Residual individual heat indication Indicates
residual heat of cooking zones after they are
turned off.
Roasting zone Can be enlarged to suit the cast
roaster. The Gaggenau cast iron roaster is
tailor-made for the 7 1/ 16" x 16 5/ 16" cooking zone.
Safety lock After running for four hours, the
appliance automatically switches itself off if it
has not been operated during this time.
Automatic boiling point detection The appliance
automatically determines boiling temperature,
which is dependent on the geographical position
(height above sea level).
Drain valve The motorized water outlet function
is operated via a control knob.
Electronic steam control The special heating
system brings water or stock to evaporation in a
very short time, and only as much steam is
produced as is needed for the cooking process.
Electronic temperature control The graduated
temperature regulation makes it possible to cook
at precisely defined temperatures (water temperature between 115 °F and 200 °F) or to steam
at 212 °F. Delicate dishes, such as fish, can be
prevented from falling apart. Food can also be
gently heated up or kept warm for long periods
without losing its flavor.
Super-Quick cooking zones Characterized by
the even heat they produce, and once switched
on, they allow heat to be raised or reduced
rapidly. Easy to control, but also easy to see, by
the increasing size of the red light.
Twist-Pad control The maneuverable magnetic
knob on the Twist-Pad simplifies control of the
cooking zone: To activate, move knob in direction of the cooking zone; then turn to select
desired cooking level. LED displays in the cooking zone indicate the selected level. The magnet
always brings the knob back into its resting
position in the middle of the Twist-Pad. For easy
cleaning of the smooth cooking zone, the knob
can simply be removed. The main switch and
additional functions such as timer, memory
cooking or boosting are activated through touch
Variable zone function Gaggenau’s large cooking
zones have settings for varying the arrangement
of the individual zones. It is just as convenient
and easy to cook with large pots and pans as it
is with long, narrow fish casseroles or rectangular
roasting pans and stewpots. The Gaggenau cast
roaster is tailor-made for the 7 1 / 16 " x 16 5 / 16 "
roasting zone.
Wok burner The gas burner has three flame rings
of different sizes, arranged in a circle, offering
an exact power range of between 1,000 and
17,000 BTUs – ideal for braising in a large wok
or large pots and pans.
Teppan Yaki Roasting and cooking in the Japanese
tradition, directly on a smooth stainless steel
surface. More precise cooking than in a pan or
grill. An adjustable surface temperature control,
across either the whole plate or just half. Two
special spatulas are included as accessories.
Thermal cut-out It is impossible for pots and
pans to boil dry, because the temperature sensor
registers the threat of overheating and automatically reduces the power.
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