Welcome to Zari Restaurant & Lounge
For 25 years, Zari has been at the cutting edge of real Indian cuisine.
Alongside all the classic dishes, the team at Zari brings you authentic regional food
from all corners of the Indian subcontinent.
We promise that these delicious dishes will make
your journey into real Indian food an unforgettable adventure!
Gourmet tasting menu
Whisky (25ml)
5 Course tasting menu £29.95 per head
Poppadums with assorted home made chutneys (plain popadoms contain gluten,
spicy popadoms do not)
Scotch Bells (Regular)
Ballantine’s Finest
J & B Rare
Famous Grouse
Tio Pepe
£2.75 Harvey Bristol Cream£3.25
Cockburns Ruby
Scotch (Premium)
Johnny Walker Black
Chivas Regal
Johnny Walker Green
£4.25 Baileys Irish Cream
DOM Benedictine
£3.95 Drambuie£3.25
Glenmorangie 10 yrs
£3.95 Grand Marnier
£3.95 Galliano£3.25
Bourbon Whiskey
Sambuca White
Jim Beam
Sambuca Black
Jack Daniels
Tia Maria
Irish£3.25 Midori£3.25
John Jameson’s
Archer’s Peach Schnapps
Southern Comfort
Apricot Brandy
Courvosier V.S.O.P
Blue Curacao
Calvados-Pays d’Auge V.S.O.P £3.25
Cherry Brandy
Hennessy Fine
Cream de Cacao
Remy Martin V.S.O.P
Cream de Cassis
Hennessy XO
Cream de Menthe
Triple Sec
Cream de Melon
Grappa (50ml)
Vegetable Samosa (G)
Chicken Malai Tikka *
Sheek Kebab
Assorted Vegetable Pakora
Palate Cleanser
Sorbet taster *
Main Course
Monkfish Main - Pan-seared Monkfish tail in Bengali style Kasundi mustard sauce,
roasted red onion, baby corn and red peppers *
Chicken Chettinad (N) - Braised in roasted spices of the famous Chettinad
community, known for its use of a variety of pungent and fresh ground spices in the
preparation, and fresh coconut.
Fresh Sussex Hill Lamb Shanks - Slow cooked fresh Sussex Hill Lamb Shanks in
Lucknawi spices. *
Accompanied with
Jagermeister (25ml)
Amaretto Disaronno (25ml)
Choice of rice
Sweet Wine (50ml)
Masala mash *
Sambar (lentil & vegetable)
Orange Muscat
Choice of bread (G)
Choice of dessert *
Please note that a non refundable deposit of £10.00 per person for group bookings of 10 or above is
required.Sorry we do not accept Cheques. All prices are inclusive of VAT. A discretionary service charge
of 10% is added to the total bill. Also sides and starters cannot be served without mainmeal.
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
Sherry (50ml)
(N) Denotes - contains nuts
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
To Start
Aperitifs (50ml)
Martini Bianco
Martini Rosso
Martini Extra Dry
Pimm’s No.1
Vodka (25ml)
Smirnoff Red (Regular)
Absolut Blue
Absolut Raspberry
Absolut Vanilla
Absolut Currant
Absolut Pepper
Absolut Citron
Absolut Apple
Gin (25ml)
Gordon’s (Regular)
Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire
Galauti - Lamb kebab marinated overnight to melt in the mouth.£5.95
Chicken 65 (G) - Crispy brochette of chicken in corn flour, ginger and ground spices. A famous restaurateur called A.M Buhari introduced
this dish in 1965 in Madras as a starter.
Burra Boti - Pieces of lamb marinated overnight in spices and grilled in Tandoor.
Hazarvi Chicken (N) - Kebab in cashew nut paste, gram flour and soft cheese grilled in Tandoor.
Lamb Sula - Pan-griddled lamb marinated in garlic and red chilli, £5.95
with pomegranate raita.
Spiced Crab (N) - Stir-fried with coconut, avocado salsa, curry leaf oil.£6.50
Tandoori Monkfish - Grilled monkfish tail coated in ajwain and gram flour.£6.95
King Prawn Kasundi - Marinated in Bengali style mustard sauce served with avocado salad.
Paneer Picatta - Flash grilled cottage cheese, Halloumi & curried apple picatta.
Vegetable Tempura - In five spices and tempered mango relish. (G)£5.25
Tequila (25ml)
Jose Cuervo Silver
Jose Cuervo Gold
Hariali Tikka - Fresh mint & coriander basted tandoori chicken morsels, apple & orange salad.
Fruit Skewers - Char grilled seasonal fruits flavoured with mango & rock salt.£5.25
Rum (25ml)
Bacardi Light (Regular)
Bacardi Gold
Captain Morgan
Malai Tikka - Cheese marinated chicken breast, grilled asparagus £5.75
and balsamic drizzle.
Vegetarian Dosa - Paper Thin Pancake (N)
Made with rice and urad dal, with spicy potatoes and coconut chutney & sambar
(Sambar - Traditional South Indian lentil and vegetable curry, tempered with
mustard and curry leaves)
Non Vegetarian Dosa (N) - With spicy chicken and coconut,
chutney & Sambar.
Kebab Tasting Sampler - Trio of king prawn, meat and chicken kebab grill.£7.95
Vegetarian Tasting Sampler (G) - Combination of grilled paneer, fruit kebab and vegetable samosa.
Zari Classic Starters
Onion Bhajee
Vegetable/Meat Samosa (G)
Chicken or Lamb Tikka *
Duck Tikka Sheek Kebab Tandoori Chicken on the bone (quarter) *
Crispy King Prawn (G)
All the ‘classics’ served with fresh greens,mint and Tamarind Chutney
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
(N) Denotes - contains nuts
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
Highly Recomended
The aristocracy of Hydrabad
were famous for their spectacular
entertainments and sumptuous
food. The key flavours in Hydrabadi
dishes are coconut, tamarind,
peanuts and sesame seeds. The
cuisine draws its flavours from the
rich legacy of the Moghuls.
The Lucknawi
Cuisine –
The Cuisine of
Created using classic slow-cooking
techniques for tenderness with
authentic nawabi sauces made
using cashew nuts and other rich
ingredients. This gives these dishes
a silky and luxurious consistency.
The ancient and princely state
of Rajasthan gave rise to a regal
cuisine. The Rajas would dine
on the meat or the fowl captured
in their aristocratic hunting
expeditions. This is still the culture
Regional dishes...
Chicken Galauti Kebab (N)
Lucknawi - Supreme breast of chicken marinated in spices stuffed with
Galauti (melt-in-the-mouth mince) white sauce and roasted vegetables.
Non Alcoholic Drinks
Selection of soft drinks & chilled juices * £2.25
Pint £3.25
Chicken Chettinad * (N)
South Indian - Chicken braised in roasted spices of the famous Chettinad
community known for its use of a variety of pungent and fresh ground spices
in the preparation and fresh coconut.
Red Bull/J20
Freshly squeezed orange juice * Locally sourced Apple Juice* Mango, Sweet & Rock Salt Lassi Chicken Lababdar (N)
Lucknawi - Chicken tikka in a silky smooth white sauce of cashew
nuts and peppers.
Non Alcoholic Beer
Chicken Haleem (N) (G)
Hydrabadi - Brochettes of chicken in fresh mint and coriander paste with oats,
coconut and cashew nuts.
Murg Joshile (N)
Panjabi - Chicken in fresh mint, coriander, almonds and whole spices.
Nizami Mutton (N)
Hydrabadi - In Nizami sauce with coconut, almonds, poppy and coriander
seeds. Medium heat.
Jungle Venison Curry *
Rajasthani - Locally sourced Venison, slow cooked in red chillies,
whole spices and potatoes.
Char Grilled Sussex Hill Lamb Chops £13.95
Lucknawi - Chargrilled Sussex Hill Lamb Chops in fresh ginger and garlic,
cumin and lime juice, with onion and tomato sauce.
Chicken Makhani (N)
Panjabi - Flash-grilled chicken, simmered in fenugreek-scented tomato sauce
Cardamon Masala Mutton £12.95
Hydrabadi - Cooked in a home-made style with earthy spices. A well
balanced flavoursome dish.
Famous Red Mutton Curry - Laal Maas £12.95
Rajasthani - Lamb slow cooked to perfection in dry red chillies and whole spices.
Fresh Sussex Hill Lamb Shanks £13.95
Lucknawi - Slow cooked fresh Sussex Hill Lamb Shanks in Lucknawi spices.
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
Cobra (330ml) £2.95
Still/Sparkling Hildon (750ml) * £3.75
Still/Sparkling Hildon (330ml) * £2.25
Bottled Beer
Kingfisher, Tiger, Corona (330ml) £3.25
Local Organic Larger
Blonde (330ml) £3.45
Magners (330ml) £3.25
Draught Beer
Cobra Pint £3.95
Half £2.45
Shandy Pint £3.75
Half £2.35
(N) Denotes - contains nuts
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
Join us on an adventure into real Indian Dining...
Sparkling Wine
Prosecco San Marco - Italy
This sparkling Prosecco has fine mousse and fresh,
fruity and slightly aromatic b
ouquet with hints of apple
in the background.
Panjabi Cuisine
Bottle 150ml
£18.95 £5.95
Alleppey Fish Curry * (N)
South Indian - Boneless fish in fresh coconut and ginger tempered with
curry leaves.
Sparkling Rose
Sacchetto, Pinot Grigo Spumante Blush - Italy
£19.95 £5.95
Fine and continuous bubbles, this sparkling wine is fruity and
appealing with a floral and fresh fruity bouquet and a lingering finish.
Comte Remy de Champagne - France
Aroma of lime blossom, honey and lemon with a clean, fresh finish.
Veuve Clicquot Brut - France Lingering fruity flavours of apple and pear on the palate create
a fresh, harmonious and lively Champagne.
Laurent Perrier, Cuvée Rose Champagne - France
Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this is clean and wonderfully
fresh with a suppleness on the palate and a lingering finish.
Moet et Chandon, Dom Perignon - France Fine and well balanced with a mellow flavour.
Rose Petal Masala Chicken *
Panjabi - Chicken in onion, tomatoes, fresh rose-petals and subtle hints of
rose water.
Monkfish Main - Mach Baja *
Bengali - Pan-seared monkfish tail in Bengali style Kasundi (mustard
sauce), with roasted red onion, baby corn and red peppers.
This cuisine originated from the
Panjab region of northern India.
It consists of a diverse range
of dishes. The main masalas in
Panjabi dishes consist of onion,
garlic and ginger and are usually
mildly spiced. This region is famous
for its Tandoor (clay over) dishes.
Malabari Fish Curry * (N)
South Indian - Boneless freshwater fish in spices, fresh coconut and tamarind.
Bengali Cuisine
Rarah Gosht
Panjabi - Mutton in ginger, garlic and spices, cooked in mince.
Bengali cuisine is known for its
Tiger Prawn Caldine (N)
South Indian - In a light, fragrant coconut, ginger, green chillies with a hint
of palm vinegar.
Bengali Mutton Curry - Bera Mangsho
Bengali - Authentic mutton curry flavoured with mustard oil, and served with
potatoes in light sauce.
subtle (yet sometimes fiery) flavours.
It is the only cuisine in the Indian
subcontinent that is served as
courses, like French cuisine.
Fisherman’s Curry - Patla Macher Jol
Bengali - Traditionally, the fresh catch of the day is cooked with light spices
and green chillies (optional), garnished with coriander.
Fish in Mustard Sauce - Mach Sarse Diye
Bengali - Fish in richer and spicier onions and garlic in mustard Sauce.
Lucknawi Biryani - Highly Recommended
Lucknow is home to the famous Dum Pukht Biryani - rice flavoured with
meat and vegetables, slow-cooked in airtight vessels sealed with dough to
retain the richest flavours and aromas. Lucknow cuisine is known as the
“Foods of Royalty”. (Can be done gluten free without the dough covered lid.)
Chicken / Lamb
Special - chicken, lamb, prawn and mushroom £11.95
Prawn £11.95
Tandoori King Prawn £14.95
Vegetable *£9.95
All biriyanis are served with curried vegetables.
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
(N) Denotes - contains nuts
South Indian
South Indian cuisine centres around
rice and coconut and includes dry
curried vegetables, well-seasoned
meat, seafood from Indian coastal
areas and a host of coconut-based
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
Sweet and sour sauce and fairly hot. (G)
A semi dry curry prepared with extra onions,
medium hot.
Chicken / Lamb
Prawn King Prawn Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50
Fairly hot sweet and sour curry with a lentil sauce. (G)
Chicken / Lamb
Prawn King Prawn Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50
A fairly dry curry containing onions and spices.
Medium hot and palatable to the uninitiated.
Chicken / Lamb Prawn King Prawn Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50
Fairly hot and spicy dish with onion, ginger and
garlic sauce. (G)
Chicken / Lamb £7.50
King Prawn £10.50
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £8.50
A very hot curry in tomatoes, onion, ginger and
garlic with diced potatoes in the sauce. (G)
Chicken / Lamb £7.50
King Prawn £10.50
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £8.50
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
Chicken / Lamb Prawn King Prawn Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.75
Red Wine
Cuvée Le Bosq Rouge - France
£14.95 4.50 £5.75
An easy drinking Southern French style with a fresh aroma
ofcherries, juicy fruit on the palate followed by a spicy finish.
Tierra Antica Merlot - Chile A full bodied wine with cherry and dark plum flavours.
£15.95 4.75 £5.95
Cooked in tomatoes and onion sauce medium hot.
Rioja ‘Rivallana’ Tinto - Spain
Made in a modern, un-oaked style, the wine is full of
vibrant summer fruit. Well balanced soft and approachable.
Chicken / Lamb Prawn King Prawn Chicken or Lamb Tikka Foundstone Shiraz - Australia Aromas of gentle spice and white pepper. On the palate,
soft berry fruit with hints of aromatic spices. Medium bodied
with a persistent finish.
Rogan Josh
A style of curry that is cooked in a pan using the
stir-fry technique. Originated in the northwest
frontier region of Pakistan. (N)
Chicken / Lamb Prawn King Prawn £9.50
Non Vegetarian Thali (N) (G)
Vegetarian Thali * (N) (G)
Very mild creamy sauce with subtle spicing. (N)
Chicken/Lamb Prawn King Prawn
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50
Coleccion Pinot Noir - Argentina
An elegant and velvety wine showing great freshness
and purity of Pinot raspberry fruit combined with a hint of mint.
Dona Paula Malbec - Argentina A well balanced wine with inviting aromas of plum jam,
through to a fresh juicy palate and a rich smoky finish.
Castiglioni Chianti DOCG - Italy A youthful style of wine with an aroma of fresh fruit and a
full velvety and textured palate.
Chateau Lestrille Capmartin - Bordeaux - France A medium bodied Bordeaux with good freshness on the
palate and a nicely balanced finish.
Domaine du Grand Tinel Chateauneuf du Pape - France £35.95
Aromas of liquorice, red fruits, black currants and rich spices
with good weight and firm tannins.
If you require any food/drink not listed in the menu, we may be able to cater
for you, please ask members of the service team.
Mild with groundnuts and yoghurt sauce. (N)
Chicken /Lamb King Prawn (N) Denotes - contains nuts
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
We also offer a smaller wine glass measure of 125ml The management reserves the right to refuse service without explanation.
White Wine Cuvée Le Bosq Blanc
Vin de Pays du Comté Tolosan - France Fruity nose of citrus and passion fruit, this wine has lovely
fresharomatics and a clean, well balanced freshness.
Bottle175ml 275ml
£14.95 £4.50 £5.75
Tierra Antica Sauvignon Blanc - Chile £15.95 £4.75 £5.95
A rounded and well flavoured wine with notes of ripe pears
and a fresh finish
Peter Lehmann Chardonnay - Weighbridge - Australia £15.95
Aromas of citrus and melon. The palate is soft with a
cleansing acid finish. Flavours of lemon butter complement
the fruit and there are gentle oak hints to add complexity.
Pinot Grigio Venezie Giulia - Italy Fresh, fruity and dry with nice weight and a hint of
spice and lemon on the finish.
Boer & Brit Suikerbossie Chenin Blanc - South Africa £17.95
Fresh and Aromatic aromas with crisp acidity, finishing on
a long fruity note.
Gerard Bertrand Vieille Viognier - Languedoc France Peachy nose, a hint of spiciness on the palate with bright
fresh fruit, crisp acidity and a long finish.
Faultline Sauvignon Blanc - Marlborough New Zealand £19.95
A well rounded and fresh wine with delicate aroma of sweet
honeysuckle, tropical fruits and a subtle hint of herbs.
Chablis Domaine Jean Goulley - Brugundy France
Good weight with a clean, pronounced mineral character
on the nose and palate. A classic Chablis.
Sancerre, Domaine Serge - Loire France
Lovely mineral nose with great depth and complexity while
retaining the purity of the appellation and varietal.
A top notch Sancerre.
Tikka Masala
Continental / Specials
Medium spiced silky smooth masala sauce with
coconut, almond, raisins and cashew nuts. (N)
Roasted Duck Breast *
In Bengali Five Spices, flavoured crispy vegetables.
Chicken Tikka /Lamb Tikka
Spicy Green Chicken Tikka Masala *£9.50
Tandoori King Prawn £13.95
Duck Tikka
Crab Malabari Masala £10.95
Roasted Chicken Breast *
In garlic sauce, grilled vegetables /fries and salad.
A semi dry dish with additional heat from being
cooked with fresh green chillis. Contains chunky
onions, tomato and peppers.
Chicken/Lamb King Prawn Duck £9.50
Sag Chicken / Sag Lamb Cooked in spinach medium hot.
Karahi Chicken / Lamb £9.50
Semi dry in onion, green pepper, ginger and
garlic sauce cooked in an Indian wok.
Garlic Chilli Chicken Masala £9.50
Cooked with fresh green chillies and garlic.
Tandoori Specialities
Rosé Wine
Fiorile Rosato - Italy £14.95 £4.50 £5.75
This is a fruity, very drinkable rose with a clean, crisp finish.
Spicy Green Chicken Tikka Main * £8.50
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Main * £8.50
Sheek Kebab Main * £8.50
Tandoori Chicken Half *
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik *
Duck Tikka Main * £9.95
Tandoori King Prawn *
Mixed Grill * (Nan contains gluten) £14.95
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik * £14.95
Pinot Grigio Blush-Sacchetto - Italy £17.95
This appealing pale blush colour of this wine is obtained
from the skins of the Piniot Grigio grapes which are pink
in colour. A fresh and fruity wine with a delicate flavour and
an off-dry finish.
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
Vegetarian Mains
Vegetable Curry *
Seasonal curried vegetables.
Vegetable Alleppey * (N)
Fresh vegetables in coconut, fresh
ginger and curry leaf.
Vegetable Chettinad * (N)
Fresh vegetables braised in roasted spices of
the famous Chettinad Community, known for
its use of pungent & fresh ground spices and
fresh coconut.
Paneer Makhani (N)
Cottage cheese simmered in a fenugreek
scented tomato sauce.
Paneer Kurchan*
Tandoori grilled paneer flakes in cumin, and
red chillies, wok tossed green peppers.
Masala Mash *
Warm Beetroot & Coriander
Salad * Sugar Snap Aloo * Sag Aloo * Bombay Aloo * Pea & Mint Dal *
Mushroom Bhajee * Cauliflower Bhajee * Tarka Dal *
Brinjal Bhajee * Bhindi Bhajee * Vegetable Bhajee * Muttor Paneer * Sag Bhajee * Chana Masala *
Aloo Gobi *
Sag Paneer *
Sambar (Lentil & Vegetable) * (N) Denotes - contains nuts
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
Chapati (G) *
Plain Nan (G) *
Tandoori Roti (G) * £2.25
Nan (G) * Garlic, Keema, Peshawari, Fig, and Corriander, Sesame Nan.£2.95
(Peshwari and Sesame contain nuts)
Halloumi Nan (G) *
Spiced Aloo Paratha (G)
Laccha Paratha (G)
Cheese and Garlic Nan (G) *
Roomali Roti (G) *
Wafer thin bread, baked on an upside down dome griddle.
Bread Basket (G) *
Chef’s selection of 3 breads.
All of our desserts, ice creams & sorbets are freshly made b
y our own pastry chef.
Fragrant Steamed Basmati Rice *
Pilau Rice Mushroom Rice Special Fried Rice (N)
Fragrant Coconut Rice (N)
Lemon & Mustard Seed Rice * Egg Fried Rice/Garlic Rice *
Keema Rice £5.95
Fruit Tempura
With sauterners & Sussex Cox apple sorbet.
Nougat Parfait (G)
With caramelised nuts and candied fruits.
Essensia Orange Muscat - California
£3.50 (50ml)
Vibrant orange in colour showing sweet oranges and apricots
on the palate... Bittersweet orange marmalade balanced with a fine citric acidity.
Childrens Menu
For children up to 8 years old. All children’s meals include a free home made ice cream
Chicken Satay *
Chicken breast marinated in cheese and y oghurt, pan seared and served with fries
Kids Platter * (G)
Chicken tikka, malai tikka, sheek kebab, fruit skewers and small plain nan.
Fish & Chips 5.95
(N) Denotes - contains nuts
Peshwari Nan Pudding with Caramelised Oranges (N) (G)
Gulab Jamun with Pistachio Ice Cream (N) (G)
Chocolate Mousse
With dark Indian rum macerated raisins.
Dessert Wine
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
Zari Assorted Dessert Tasting Platter * (N) (G)
Chef’s selection of 3 desserts.
Assorted Poppadums and fresh home made
chutneys selection. (per person) (Plain popadoms contain gluten)
Cucumber Raita *
Onion Raita * Mixed Raita *
Green Salad*
Onion Salad / Mango Chutney*
Mint Sauce / Lime Pickle Freshly made Chilli Jam / Apple Chutney
Selection of Freshly Made Ice Creams *
Selection of Freshly Made Sorbets *
Kulfi - Indian Ice Cream
Flavoured with saffron and pistachio.
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
Teas & Coffee
Fresh Ground Coffee Decaffeinated * Espresso Darjeeling *
Selection of Herbal Teas * Organic Earl Grey, Marrakesh Mint, Chamomile Citrus, Orange Dulce & Organic Mint Melange
Chinese Green Tea * With a hint of Jasmine
Bombay Chai *
Delicately spiced
Cappuccino Cafe Latte Cream Coffee Liqueur Coffee £3.25
* Denotes Healthy Eating Options / Choice of Healthy Option
(N) Denotes - contains nuts
(G) Denotes - contains gluten
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