EK317 Instructions – Kawasaki TERYX Folding Windshield With

EK317 Instructions – Kawasaki TERYX Folding Windshield With Acrylic Valance
Parts List
1-Folding Windshield – Hinged
1-Clear Acrylic Windshield Valance
2-Self-Gripping Vinyl Edge Trim “U” Shaped
1-Self-Gripping Rubber Bottom Bulb Seal
1-Windshield Mounting Kit: (2) Steel Post
Clamps, (2) Rubber Flat Washers, (2) Thumb
Drives With Molded Knob
1-Upper Retaining Kit: (2) Rubber Strap Latches,
(2) Black Zinc Latch Plates, (4) ¼-20x1 ¾” PhilPan Machine Screws, (4) 5/16” Flat Washers,
(4) ¼-20 Locknuts, (4) Rubber Grommets
1-Lower Retaining Kit: (2) 1 3/8” Clear Zinc Flat
Washers, (2) Black Zinc Side Bar Clip Plates
1-Valance Kit- (4) Cable Clamps, (4) ¼-20x1/2”
Truss Phil Machine Screws, (8) 5/16” Flat
Washers, (4) Barrel/Connector Nuts ¼-20
Tools Required
Sockets – 7/16”
Wrench – 7/16”
Wrench – ¾”
Screwdriver – Phillips Head
Screwdriver – Flat Head
Toll free 877-444-4147
Please note instructions were
developed using 2 different
colored Teryx machines. This
in no way affects installation.
Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
Step 1 Install Two Steel Post Clamps From The Windshield
Mounting Kit As Shown In (Fig 1). Note: Do Not Tighten All
The Way. Allow Enough Play To Slide The Clamp Up And
Down The Roll Cage At This Time.
Fig 4
Step 2 Remove Protective Film From Bottom Section Of
Windshield & Install Rubber Bottom Bulb Seal As Shown
In (Fig 2 and Fig 3). Note: The Sealing Edge Or “Lip”
Of The Bulb Seal Should Lay On The Cowl Cap
Facing The Front Of The Vehicle Pointing Away From
The Driver and Passenger As Shown In (Fig 4) Please
Note That You Will Need To Pull The Bulb Seal
Toward The Front Of The Vehicle By The “Lip” After
The Windshield Is Installed To Promote A Better Seal
& Allow The Windshield To Seat In Its Proper
Step 3 Place The Windshield Against The Roll Cage & Align
Slots In Bottom Half With The Holes In The Steel Post
Clamps. Run The Thumb Drives With Molded Knob Through
The Windshield & Into The Threaded Holes In The Steel Post
Clamps (Fig 4a). Note: Remember To Include The Rubber
Washers Between The Base Of The Knob On The Thumb
Drive & The Windshield. (Fig 4a)
Fig 4a
Fig 5
Fig 5a
Step 4 Remove Plastic Film From Acrylic Valance & Install As
Shown In (Fig 5, 5b, & 5c) Using Hardware From The Valance
Kit Provided. Please Note That The Valance Shown In (5a & 5b)
Only Has The Top Cable Clamps Installed For Illustration
Purposes. All Four Cable Clamps Will Need Installed For The
Valance To Be Properly Secured (Two On Top And Two On
Bottom Of The Part). Please Note That The Part Is Not
Symetric (Wider At Top Than Bottom By 1/8”) And The Side
Marked Bottom Will Rest Against The Top Of The Main
Body Of The Windshield Which Has Already Been Installed.
Fig 5b
Page 1
Fig 6
Toll free 877-444-4147
Step 5 Remove The Protective Film From The Top Half Of The
Windshield, Fold The Windshield Down, & Insert Four Rubber Grommets
Into The Corresponding Machined Holes On The Windshield (Two Per
Side In The Upper Corners) Which Will Be Protected By The Grommets.
Insert These Grommets Into The Holes And Work Them Around The Hole
Until The Grommet Encapsulates Both Surfaces Of The Glass (Fig 6).
Next, Install The Rubber Strap Clamp Over The Grommets On The Inner
Surface Of The Windshield (Facing Driver & Passenger) And Run The ¼20x1 ¾” Bolts & 5/16” Flat Washers Thru The Outside Grommets & The
Windshield. See (Fig 7).
Fig 7
Step 6 Place The Latch Plate On The Back Side Of The Rubber Strap
Clamp. The Tabbed End Of The Latch Plate Should Face The Center Of
The Windshield. Adjust The Alignment Of The Rubber Strap Clamp &
Latch Plate By Sliding The Latch Plate Back Until The Trailing Edge Of
The Plate Hits The Raised Ridge On The Rubber Strap Clamp (Fig 8).
Secure With ¼-20” Locknuts. Repeat This Process For The Installation Of
The Other Rubber Strap Clamp & Latch Plate. Tighten All Bolts At This
Time. Do Not Over Tighten The Thumb Drive. Make Sure That The
Rubber Washer Is Between The Thumb Drive & The Windshield.
Fig 8
Fig 9
Step 7 Install One Piece Of The Vinyl Edge Trim Along The Interior Lip
Of The Windshield Located Just Below The Hinge (Fig 9). Note: Make
Sure The Edge Trim Is Firmly Seated By Pushing On The Outside
Edge Of The Trim Until The Windshield Hits The Bottom Of The “U”
Shaped Channel. Next, Secure The Second Piece Of Vinyl Edge Trim In
The Same Fashion Along The Interior Lip Of The Windshield Valance
Installed In Step 4.
Step 8 Loosen & Remove The Lower Roll Cage Bolt Where It
Ties To The Vehicle Body (Fig 10). Place The 1 3/8” Clear Zinc
Flat Washer Into The In Countersunk Cavity Where The Bolt Was
Located (Fig 11). Next, Install The Black Zinc Side Bar Clip
Plate Over The Flat Washer & Align The Center Holes. Secure
The Plate & Washer By Running The Previously Removed Roll
Cage Bolt Thru The Center Holes And Fully Tightening (Fig 12).
Note: The Tabbed Edge Of The Side Bar Plate Will Act As A
Hold-Down Foundation For The Rubber Strap Latch When
The Windshield Is In The Down Position (Fig 13).
Fig 10
Fig 11
Fig 12
Your Windshield is now Complete!
WARNING: Disclaimer: Under no circumstances will J.Strong Industries or their parent companies
accept liability for incidental or consequential damages. J.Strong windshields are not applicable, nor
should the windshield be considered as protection against rollover, collision or other accidents that may
result. Extreme care should be taken when operating a motorized vehicle and should only be operated by
qualified, experienced operators
Fig 13
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