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At Kinetico, we understand water is the most
important resource in the restaurant and catering
sector. Virtually every beverage or dish requires
the addition of water.
Kinetico filters and softeners use the most advanced techniques
in the industry to remove contaminants and hardness, improving
overall water quality for food preparation while simultaneously
protecting your investment in expensive boilers and commercial
kitchen appliances. Our reverse osmosis systems are designed to
produce safe, clean, crystal-clear drinking water while increasing
energy efficiency and lowering water-related costs. From the farm
to the table and every step in between, you can count on Kinetico
to help you provide your customers with nothing but the best.
why is water quality important to
your operation and most importantly,
to your customer?
Better-tasting food, beverages and drinking water
Delivers great-tasting drinking water for your customers and improves
the consistency of water as a food and beverage ingredient.
Spot-free glasses and dishes
Achieves consistently clean results eliminating the need for hand-polishing.
Lower operating expenses
Up to 40% lower detergent costs and energy consumption while
reducing the risk of downtime and maintenance costs.
Protect and extend the life of your equipment
Improves the return on your investment by eliminating scale build up and
other harmful contaminants.
High quality water not only improves the efficiEncy of your
operation but also ensures your customer receives the
optimal dining experience.
Restaurant & Food Service | Product Range
coffee and tea.
Crystal clear ice cubes.
Less maintenance
on ice maker.
fountain beverages when
using Kinetico water.
Eliminates spotting on
dishes and glassware.
Eliminates dark mineral
deposits and hard water
spots on fixtures.
Eliminate downtime
due to scale buildup
on appliances.
Kinetico can
recommend a
customized solution
based on your specific
water needs.
Better-tasting recipes.
Protect operating
efficiency of hot
water heater.
Water Softening
Water softening involves a process called ion exchange. Quite
simply, within a water softener tank, calcium and magnesium
(hardness) in water are exchanged with sodium (soft water ions).
When the system can no longer make this exchange, it
regenerates (cleans itself) so that it can once again soften water.
Kinetico softeners provide:
All of Kinetico’s water softeners have robust
construction for the most demanding environments.
CC Series
• Compact non-electric models save space.
• Applicable to water temperatures up to 150°F.
• Corrosion, heat and moisture resistant.
• Proven reliability at high temperatures up to 150° F.
•Non-electric design for trouble-free operation.
•Backed by an outstanding warranty.
•Easy operation.
•Uninterrupted soft water flow 24 hours per day.
• Advanced engineering regeneration minimizes salt and water costs.
•Save up to 48% in water heating costs.
•Eliminates hard water stains on dishes and glassware, and spend less time
and energy hand-polishing.
•Use up to 40% less detergents in dishwashing machines.
•Eliminates service costs due to appliance scaling, and drastically reduces
the need for descaling chemicals.
Appliance Protection:
CP Series
• Larger non-electric systems for optimal performance and efficiency.
• Modular design allows your system to grow as water demand
•Efficient, low cost operation.
Hydrus Series
•Ideal for high flow rate applications in the largest kitchens.
• May also be combined with Hydrus Filtration.
• Configurable, non-electric point-of-entry softener.
• Modular design allows for system expansion.
•Eliminates downtime due to scale build-up in appliances caused by hard
•Extends the life of kitchen appliances.
Restaurant & Food Service | Product Range
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Reverse osmosis involves the movement of water
through a membrane to remove impurities, hardness and
contaminants. It uses advanced technology to provide the
highest quality water for the most demanding environments.
All of Kinetico’s reverse osmosis systems are guaranteed
to provide the highest quality water for optimal
dishwashing, drinking water, coffee, tea and recipes.
The RO membrane has microscopic openings that allow
water molecules, but not larger compounds, to pass through.
Kinetico RO systems provide:
• Kinetico RO systems provide reliability and efficiency.
•Backed by an outstanding warranty.
•Eliminates the need to hand-polish glassware and greatly reduces the
need for rinse aids.
TQ Series
• Compact non-electric models save space.
•Wall-mountable to save floor space.
• Option: Everclean Rinse uses high quality water to clean and extend
the life of the membrane.
TS Series
Optimal Water for Cooking, Drinking
and Dishwashing:
• Reduces total dissolved solids by 90% or more, which eliminates foul
tastes, smells and colors.
• Produces high quality water that is optimal for drinking, cooking and
washing dishes.
•Eliminates spotting on dishes and glassware.
•Eliminates downtime due to scale build-up in appliances caused by
hard water.
•Extends the life of kitchen appliances.
•Space saving, electrical design.
•Wall-mountable to save floor space.
• Option: Everclean Rinse uses high quality water to clean and extend
the life of the membrane.
TL Series
Appliance Protection:
• Requires minimal floor space.
•EverClean Rinse uses high quality water to clean and extend the life
of the membrane.
Restaurant & Food Service | Product Range
Water filtration is used to improve the taste and remove
odors in your water used for food and beverages. Kinetico
water filtration can be used as a stand alone system or in
Product offering
Powerline™ Series
conjunction with reverse osmosis and water softening.
•Electric filter series with a one tank design.
• Meter or timer-based regenerations.
Depending on water conditions, filters can remove
dirt, sediment, chlorine or raise the pH of your water.
Additionally, filtration removes impurities that can
decrease the efficiencies of your beverage equipment.
Filtration options:
They are backed by Kinetico’s outstanding warranty.
Filtration options include:
•Non-electric system that eliminates chlorine.
• Reliable. No timers to set, adjust, repair or replace.
•Highly efficient. No wasted water or electricity.
Macrolite® Filtration: (removal of iron and suspended solids)
A revolutionary, highly efficient ceramic filter media for the
removal of oxidized iron and suspended matter. Capable of
removing suspended solids such as oxidized iron below 3 microns.
Carbon Filtration (dechlorination and odor removal)
Kinetico uses quality, granular carbon. Standard
carbon selections are for dechlorination at high flow
rates. Sizing is based on local water chemistry.
Calcite Filtration (increase pH)
For water with low pH, calcite is used to raise the pH. Water
passes through the bed and slowly dissolves the media, adding
calcium and carbonate alkalinity. Water with a negative Langlier
Saturation Index (LSI) will be increased to a positive value.
• Calcite (increase pH)
• Macrolite (iron and suspended solids)
• Carbon (dechlorination and odor removal)
CP Series
• Larger non-electric system for performance and efficiency.
• Modular design allows your system to grow as water demand
Filtration options:
• Calcite (increase pH)
• Macrolite (iron and suspended solids)
• Carbon (dechlorination and odor removal)
Hydrus Series
•Space-efficient, economical non-electric filter.
• Meter-based regenerations for maximum efficiency.
Filtration options:
• Calcite (increase pH)
• Macrolite (iron and suspended solids)
• Carbon (dechlorination and odor removal)
Restaurant & Food Service | Product Range
Specialty systems
Sometimes, your water problem requires a special,
targeted solution. We have just what you need.
• Removes water hardness and chlorine in one system.
• Conditioned, filtered water 24 hours per day.
• Quad-tank design and non-electric operation.
•Simple, reliable and economical operation.
• Non-electric, salt-free system that prevents scale buildup.
• It is designed to reduce hardness deposits in appliances that heat
• 24/7 Automatic Operation. No regeneration downtime.
• Reliable. No timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace.
• Highly efficient. No wasted water, chemicals or electricity.
Crop Bistro & Bar is one of America’s top restaurants according to Zagat
and winner of the 2012 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Crop Bistro &
Bar is located in the heart of Cleveland’s historic Ohio City neighborhood,
and features a menu of modern American cuisine, built upon foundations of
flavor, freshness and invention.
Steve Schimoler, owner of Crop Bistro & Bar in Cleveland, Ohio, believes that
high quality water is vital to the success of his restaurant. But he isn’t trucking in
imported brands of bottled water from around the world; he’s using Cleveland city
water. So what makes his water so much better than what’s used and served at other
establishments? Crop Bistro & Bar’s water is purified using Kinetico filtration, softening
and reverse osmosis equipment. The water is not only used in the dishes Schimoler
creates, but it’s also served in a high-end, reusable designer bottle to his restaurant
patrons, which has substantially reduced the restaurant’s cost of bottled water.
Schimoler’s customers love the great-tasting bottled water and the exceptionally pure
flavors in his dishes, which he attributes to his Kinetico water treatment equipment.
Schimoler, who is a well-seasoned chef and food professional, originally set up
his restaurant’s kitchen as a laboratory for his cutting-edge culinary research. He
understands how water is an essential ingredient in the food he prepares, whether
it’s the fresh baked bread served at the start of each meal or the savory broths
he concocts for his soup bases. “Chefs and foodies source the purest ingredients
to make high quality dishes. The one thing that is often forgotten is high quality
water to ensure the optimal taste,” Schimoler stated. “When creating great-tasting
food, it’s best to start with a blank canvas consisting of pure, reverse osmosis water,
so tastes and odors in the water don’t compete with the flavor of the food.”
At his restaurant, Schimoler has done blind taste tests of his breads, pastas, rice
and broth made with different types of water: well water, city water and purified
Kinetico reverse osmosis water. Participants are able to taste the impact of impure
water on the taste of the food – the off-tastes caused by the minerals and dissolved
metals in the well water, and the chlorination and hardness in the city water. “In
blind taste tests, participants consistently select the dishes made with pure, reverse
osmosis water as being the best,” Schimoler stated. “The purified water generated
from the Kinetico equipment allows only the flavors of the dish to be tasted by the
palate, without competing with hardness minerals and chemicals commonly found
in tap or well water.” He also noted that cooking with purified water is the only
means of ensuring consistent tastes when preparing recipes at different locations.
Water is vitally important to many beverages and dishes that are prepared
at Crop Bistro & Bar. The Kinetico equipment at this high quality restaurant
has ensured the purest water is providing the optimal taste experience for
Crop Bistro & Bar’s patrons. And the high quality water served in the designer
bottle complements every dish and keeps them coming back for more.
Restaurant & Food Service | Product Range
Unmatched Performance
For more than 40 years, Kinetico has taken a smarter approach to
solving water problems. Our systems treat water more efficiently,
effectively and economically. With more contaminant removal and no
spikes in performance, you can be confident they will outperform other
options available and provide clean, clear water for years and years. It’s
why so many people and businesses around the world rely on our products.
Cost Effective
Kinetico softeners and filters are powered by moving water, which means
they cost less to install and maintain. They provide a longer service life and
less wastewater.
Kinetico systems are built to last. Many customers became tired of all
the problems with their previous water systems and replaced them with
a Kinetico system. They now enjoy the system’s reliability and the fact
that it provides them with treated water whenever they need it.
Tailored Solutions
By partnering with you to develop a solution tailored to your
exact needs, we help you meet environmental regulations, exceed
performance expectations and satisfy demand. Investing in a Kinetico
water system for your business or home provides you with not only
the best technology and products available but extraordinary service
as well. Whatever the application, Kinetico will combine its 40 years
experience and wide product portfolio to ensure the most
efficient and cost-effective water treatment system is installed.
Better quality water, not at the expense of the environment. Our
solutions use less salt and water, work better and last longer. In fact,
we have customers who have had their Kinetico systems for more
than 20 years. With a Kinetico system, you’ll also minimize waste
and energy use, reduce the need for harsh cleaners and chemicals
and help your water-using appliances work better and last longer.
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