Before using your washing machine, please read
this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
Full Automatic Electric Washing Machine
Read This Manual
Inside you will find many helpful hints on how to use
and maintain your washing machine properly.
Just a little preventative care on your part can save
you a great deal of time and money over the life of
your washing machine. You'll find many answers to
common problems in the chart of malfunction display
and solutions. If you review the chart of malfunction
display and solutions first, you may not need to call
for service.
Safety and precautions
Observe the following items in order to prevent from injuring yourself,
others and the damage of property:
This indicates serious injury or death to human
being may be caused.
This will remind you that injury to people and
damage to property may occur.
Safety and precautions........................................................................ 2
Installation of the washer...................................................................... 6
Preparation before washing.................................................................. 7
Please observe following contents of graphics.
Parts identification of the washer........................................................... 8
Quick start.......................................................................................... 11
The main wash.................................................................................... 12
Special features.................................................................................. 13
Cleaning and Maintenance of the washing machine.............................................. 16
Identify usual trouble of washer.............................................................................. 17
Malfunction display and solutions.......................................................... 18
Technical specifications................................................................................ 19
This graphics represents(cause attention),and detailed
cautions will be displayed inside the graphics.
This graphics represents (operation prohibited), and detailed
prohibitive items will be displayed inside the graphics.
This graphic represents (forcible execution), and detailed
forcible execution items will be displayed inside the graphics.
About the procedure of full automatic wash program.................................. 15
Instruction of the washer operation panel............................................... 9
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance
by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
The new hose-sets supplied with the appliance are to be
used and the old hose-sets should not be reused.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons
in order to avoid a hazard.
The openings must not be obstructed by a carpet.
This appliance is for indoor use only.
Do not put washing machine at humid place.
Hands shall not be inserted into running spin-dry tub .
If the spin-dry tub does not stop within 15 seconds after
opening the cover , please stop using the machine and
have it repaired.
Safety and precautions
Safety and precautions
Please do not insert your hand
and take out clothes inside the
spin barrel before
it is fully stopped.
Please do not disassembly
and assembly the
machine without
No dismantling
Please pull out plug from the socket
if the machine is not in use.
Please well connect the earth line of
socket to avoid electric shocking by
accidental leakage.
Pull out the plug
No touching
Please do not install the machine in
damp and raining environment to avoid
electric shocking, catching fire, faults
and distortion
Please do not directly rinse the
machine with water when
Please do not place on the washer
burning candle, mosquito-repellent
incense, cigarette and other
flammable things, as well
as electric stove, air
heating fan and other
Please insert the power plug tightly.
No rinsing
No dampness
It is prohibited to wash the clothes
touching with kerosene, gasoline,
alcohol and other flammable materials.
Please do not let children climb the
machine or peer into the rotating
spin barrel to avoid accidents.
Smoke and fire prohibited
Please do not pull out or insert the
plug with wet hands to avoid electric
Please use correct power source.
Wet hands are
Regularly clean the power plug to
remove dust and dirt to avoid contact
Please do not damage power flexible
cord and power plug to avoid electric
shocking, short circuit and catching
Safety and precautions
Installation of the washer
Installation of the washer
Please do not wash down jacket,
raincoat, fishing coat and similar
clothes in the
Please ensure that the water inlet pipe
is connected and the tap is opened
before washing
Remove package
Remove package and take out the bottom board of
the cabinet on the foam cover.
Open the lid of washer's door and take out accessories.
A trial operation or washing on the foamed cushion
is strictly forbidden.
Base foamed cushion
Placement of upper water drain hose
Do not replace power cord
by yourself.
It is strictly prohibited to place
children or lay
weights on the
The height of drain hose (“a”)should between 86-100 cm.
Diameter of “b”shuld not less than 3 cm, and flow capacity
not less than 40 L/Min.
Before washing machine starts, user should hang up the
drain pipe 86-100cm height from the floor.
86~100 cm
Installation of water inlet pipe
Please do not pull the electric cord
when pulling out the
Do not fill the tub with water manually.
Put the water inlet pipe(which has
metallic filtering bag) screw on to the tap.
Tightly screw another end of water
inlet hose on water inlet valve .
(with rubber seal ring inside).
Note: When tightening the
clamping nut, evenly apply the
force and do not twist the water
inlet valve to avoid breaking of
water inlet valve joint.
Clamping nut
Water inlet hose
Preparation before washing
Adjust the adjustable foot to make
the washer be placed stable.
Parts identification of the washer
Install the water
inlet hose.
Cold (blue)
Hot (red)
Name Of Parts
Drain hose
Water inlet
Control panel
Top lid
Adjustable foot (extend when
clockwise rotating and shorten
when counterclockwise rotating)
(Slightly incline the washer first and loosen the
adjustable foot knob. Adjust the adjustable foot so
as to ensure four corners of washer be steadily
contacted with the ground. Then tighten the
adjustable foot knob and lock it. If the ground is
obviously not flat, correction should be made on
the ground surface, otherwise the washer barrel
will incline and knock the cabinet)
Connect with to
power source.
Put down the drain
86~100 cm
Before washing machine starts, user should fix
drain pump at the outlet place about 86-100cm
high to hang the pipe.
Turn on the
water supply.
Put in
amount of
Adjustable leg
Self-tapping screw
Base cover
Water inlet hose assembly
NOTICE Before washing, please do take out coins,
Please refer to the real material as the attachment
keys and other hard goods, and zip up clothes
tightly to prevent them and barrel from damage.
Instruction of the washer operation panel
Water level
Press the button to preset delay time. Less than
Press the button, select proper water
24 hours, on each press, the delay-time is added
level according to the quantity of clothes. one hour; more than 24 hours, the delay-time is
The indicator lights move at each press
added 6 hour on each press, up to 48 hours. The
on the button, and light and flash in turn. preset indicator comes back to origin status after
that. If keep pressing the button, the delay time
will automatically change.
On & Off power
After program selection, press the button to
Press the button to pause in the course of
operation, press the button again, the program
continues till the program is finished.
Child lock
Press the button to
select any single
procedure, or any
combination of
Press the “Water level” and “Spin”
at the same time to lock buttons on
control panel.
Press the “Water level” and “Spin”
at the same time again to unlock
Can select fully automatic program like:
Normal(light) Quick(flash)
Air dry(flash)
Press the button to set the wash mode of injection “HOT”
or “COLD” water for wash. When the lights of “HOT” or
“COLD” are light at the same time, both “HOT”water and
“COLD” water are injected.
Press the button you can select “HOT”, “COLD”and
“WARM” water to be used.
If the drawing is changed, no information anymore.
! To protect the control panel, the interval time of power on and off should be not less than 30 seconds.
Quick start
The main wash
Instruction of the NORMAL program
9 Press the
[start/pause] key
1 Install the washing
8 Select the desired
2 Load the laundry
1.[Normal] wash program is the easiest, most convenient and most common washing
program. When the user press the power switch and then press [Start/Pause] button,
the normal washing program will start to work.
2.When the washer starts to work, the digital display shows the remaining time. The
indicator light which stand for remaining time is flickering.
Steps in details
1.Press the power switch.
2.According to the washing amount choose the proper water level.
3.Press “start/pause” button.
Instruction to single wash procedure
3 Measure out the
7 Plug the power supply
1.User may freely select any single procedure, or any combination of procedures
among WASH, RINSE and SPIN according to the actual requirements. It is only
required to turn off any one or two of these three indicators that not needed by the
user. And keep the indicator be on showing the process needed by the user.
2.Single wash -- after switching on the power, turn off RINSE and SPIN two indicators
by pressing function button. The operation for single rinse and single spin is similar.
3.Single wash-spin – after switching on the power, turn off RINSE indicator by pressing
function button. The operation for single rinse-spin and single wash-rinse is similar.
Use the cleaning solution for twice
4 Close the top lid
6 Turn on water supply
5 Put down (hang up)
the drain pipe
Programme selection
1 Press the “power” button.
2 Select the proper water level and other attached functions.
3 Press the “start/pause” key.
1. Put the first batch laundry and wash powder and press “Wash” button to set
single “Wash” to run.
2. Take out the first batch laundry after hearing the buzzing sound.
3. Put in the second batch laundry, and run“Wash”, “Rinse”, “Spin”.
4. Take out the second batch laundry after hearing the buzzing sound.
5. Put in the first batch laundry and press “Wash” button to run “Rinse” and “Spin”.
! .Close the top lid when machine is running during spin process, otherwise, it will
automatically stop working and send out abnormal warning.
! .The washer will not work when the filled water does not reach the set water level.
The wash stops
When the wash stops, the buzzer will buzz continuously for 6 times and
then the power will be automatically cut off.
Turn off the water tap.
Although the power can be cut off automatically, the power plug must be pull
out for the safety.
Special features
Special features
Delay time program
Method of use of “delay” button
Delay time means the preset beginning time of washing.
1.Switch on the power.
2.Open the tap and lay the drain hose.
3.Put in the laundry and detergent.
4.Select the proper water level according to the quantity
of clothes.
5.Select the functions and programs.
6.Press “DELAY” button to select the beginning time of
7.Close the lid and press “START/PAUSE”button.
Press the “DELAY” button each time, the
number on the digital indication adds by “1”;
After the number reaches“24”, press the
“DELAY” button each time, the number adds
by “6”; After the number reaches 48, the light
of delay time is turned off, and the delay
program return to original status.
Remaining time
Delay (hour)
Confirmation of the delay and inspection
1. After the delay function is started, the corresponding delay light will flash, and other
lights are turned off.
2. After the delay function is started, press “Delay” button continuously, you may inspect
the preset program and function. Loose the button, the program return to delay status.
Cancel the delay time, or alternate the delay time
1. Press “Power” button to cancel the delay time.
2. To change the delay time, cancel the delay time first, and then press “Delay” button to
Function of automatic power shut off
1. If the machine do not start to work within 10 minutes after powered on, it will power off
2. After end of operation and the buzzer sounding 6 times, it will power off automatically.
Function of adjusting for imbalance
1. If the laundry is placed uneven before spinning, it is likely to cause vibration during
spinning. The washing machine has a function of adjusting imbalance. When working,the
washing machine always inspects operation state automatically. If the spinning vibration is
too great, the washing machine automatically starts the adjusting program to balance.
2. When the machine adjusts imbalance, rinse light will flash, and the machine will start to
inject water to set water level. The machine adjusts imbalance automatically for about 1
minute, then drains water, returns to original spinning state. If the washing machine can
adjust the imbalance twice. If the adjustment has no function, it will alarm.
Fuzzy control function
Standard procedures default implementation fuzzy control function. After start up, such as
water level before starting the keys will be cancelled automatically according to the fuzzy
control functions; In addition, the fuzzy measure before, if there is no water, tub fuzzy
measurement, the water level directly as the default file namely 6 gear levels.
Fuzzy control function is at boot automatically after the determination of cloth is measured,
decide the water level. In fuzzy testing process, water circulation flashing lights display,
digital pipe display “--”.
Power failure memory function
If the power supply becomes off suddenly during operation, the machine remembers
thecurrent operation state.When power is on,the machine returns to former operation state
Wash time is short. Suitable to wash light stained clothes and clothes in summer.
Air dry
As for not easily fading, deforming, and non-waterproof clothes, can use the function to
dry clothes without heating, and to reach the result of being dried in a room.
Normal program, suitable to wash clothes in spring,autumn, and winter.
High wash ability,suitable to wash heavy or serious stained clothes.
Delicate wash, especially for silk fabrics.
The wash time is short,rinses many time with high water level,thoroughly wash away the
About the procedure of full automatic wash program
Cleaning and Maintenance of the washing machine
About the procedure of full automatic wash program
Cleaning and Maintenance of the washing machine
Wash time
Rinse times
Spin time
Total time
12 minutes
2 times
5 minutes
43 minutes
3 minutes
1 times
3 minutes
19 minutes
2 times
5 minutes
54 minutes
2 times
7 minutes
65 minutes
2 times
1 minute
35 minutes
57 minutes
60 minutes
Soak 10 minutes
Wash 11 minutes
and 30 seconds
Soak 27 minutes
Wash 7 minutes
9 minutes
Air dry
End of program
The washing machine will send off the
sound of “ dou-dou” at the end of any
program operation to remind you to take
out the laundry or operate it again.
After the sound, the washing machine
returns to its power-off state with no
display and all lights off.
Please shut off the tap, pull out the plug
when not in use to avoid water leakage or
the fire accidents.
Use gentle clothing to wipe off the water and
dirt on the surface each time after using the
washing machine. Detergent, propellant and
other chemicals are not allowed
to use so as to avoid any
damage to the plastic
Clean the water inlet
Clean Of the filter
The total time included the time of entering water and the drain time .It can be
affected by the pressure of the tap water in your family and the drain speed.
During jeans program, hot and cold water inject at the same time as default.
Efficiency Program
During Jeans washing program, it is identified as Saudi Arabia Efficiency Program
as followed: washing processes 7mins, and soak for 27mins, and rinse for 2 times
and then spin 7mins.
Water level
Water level
Water volume
Weight of laundry
After long time use, the water inlet mesh
bag may be blocked with smudginess, and
should be cleaned according to the
following steps:
1.Switch on the power, followed by shutting
off the tap.
2.Let the washer works for 5 seconds so
that water flows into the tub through the
water inlet hose. then turn off the power.
3.Unload the water inlet hose and clean
the mesh bag, then restore the water inlet
After using the washing machine for a
period, please clean it according to the
following steps:
1.Take out the lint filter.
2.Open the filter and wash it clean in the
3.Restore it and fix it.
Note:If the drain filter is not cleaned at proper time (every 10 times of use), Drain problem could
be caused.
Identify usual trouble of washer
Malfunction display and solutions
Identify usual trouble of washer
Malfunction display and solutions
When the washer is in trouble, please contact local service office or the sales service
department of our company and the customer should not dismantle the machine without
If the washer can not work normally, or appear abnormity or alarms, please check and
correct as follows.
List of faults and inspection
Inspection Items
No water
flows in
If the power is off or the fuse is burned out.
If the water supply is cut off or the water pressure is too low.
If the inlet hose is properly connected and the water tap is opened.
If the filtering screen of inlet valve is blocked by dirt.
If the coil of inlet valve is damaged. (The slight electromagnetic
sound is normal phenomenon when the inlet valve is switched on)
If the "Start / Pause" button is pressed after the power
switch is pressed.
If the power is off or the fuse is burned out.
If the power supply voltage is too low.
If the water amount reaches to the required water level.
(The washer will not work if the water amount does not reach the
required water level)
If it is set to “Delay” washing mode. (It will only start to work
until the reservation time reached)
If the water drain hose is placed very high.
If the end of water drain hose is sealed in pond.
If the internal rubber ring of drain valve is blocked by dirt.
If the door lid is closed.
If all clothing piled largely at one side of barrel or the clothing
is excessively placed.
If the washer is not placed in stable condition or it is placed in
inclination state. (The ground is not flat).
If the motor belt is loosened.
When the washer is in trouble, please contact local service office or the sales service
department of our company and the customer should not dismantle the machine.
If the washer can not work normally, and the abnormal indication is shown in the digital
display window or the machine alarms, please check and correct them as follows.
Alarm of the
Indication buzzing sound
Cause of fault
Alarm for
water inlet
Water injection for about
30 minutes, but do not
reach preset water level.
Alarm for
opening lid
The buzzer
“ E1 ” flares goes on
buzzing for
10 seconds.
If the fault is
Open the lid after starting
not solved,
the delay time. Open the
lid when the washer is
“ E2 ” flares again for 10
spinning. Open the lid
seconds in
when entering into the
every 16
child lock state.
Checked imbalance for
the third time.
Open the lid
to deal with
faults, then
close the lid
to stop the
“ E3 ” flares
Drain off water ten
Drain alarm minutes not arrive at
“ E4 ” flares
empty water level.
After the water reaching the
preset water level, water “ E5 ” flares
injection doesn’t cease.
Note: During the de spin process, if washing are piled at one side of the spin barrel,
it will cause unbalance of spin barrel resulting in striking. At this moment, the
computer inside the washer will feel this unbalance phenomenon and will automatically
correct it ( fill in water Washing ). However, if unbalance situation is not removed after
continuous three corrections, which means the computer auto-correction can not
resolve the problem. Then the user has to manually and evenly place the clothing
inside the barrel to solve the problem.
After treatment
failure, switch
power key
Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Rated washing capacity
Rated voltage
Rated frequency
Rated input power
Motor rated input power
Pump rated input power
Grade of waterproof
Water pressure
Standard program water consumption
Water volume
Net weight
Overall dimensions
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