4 slice toaster
This appliance can be used by
children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance
in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning
and user maintenance shall not be
made by children unless they are
older than 8 and supervised.
Keep the appliance and its cord
out of reach of children less than 8
years old.
Bread can burn therefore do not
use the appliance near or below
combustible materials such as
curtains. Never use the appliance
below wall cupboards or shelves.
Never operate the appliance by
means of an external timer or
separate remote-control system.
Do not touch the metal parts of the
appliance during use as they may
become very hot.
If the supply cord is damaged,
it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or
similarly qualified persons in order
to avoid a hazard.
!!Never use this appliance for anything
other than its intended use. This
appliance is for household use only. Do
not use this appliance outdoors.
!!Always ensure that hands are dry before
handling the plug or switching on the
!!Always use the appliance on a stable,
secure, dry and level surface.
!!This appliance must not be placed on or
near any potentially hot surfaces (such
as a gas or electric hob).
!!The power cord is not replaceable by
the user. Always return the appliance if
the power cord is damaged to avoid any
!!Do not use the appliance if it has been
dropped or if there are any visible signs
of damage.
!!Ensure the appliance is switched off and
unplugged from the supply socket after
use and before cleaning.
!!Always allow the appliance to cool
before cleaning or storing.
!!Never immerse any part of the appliance
or power cord and plug in water or any
other liquid.
!!Never let the power cord hang over the
edge of a worktop, touch hot surfaces or
become knotted, trapped or pinched.
!!Never leave the appliance unattended
when in use.
Bread slots
Cancel buttons
Reheat buttons
Frozen bread buttons
Loading handles with high lift and lift-and-look feature
Browning controls
Crumb tray
Due to our policy of continuous improvement, the actual product may differ slightly from the one illustrated in these instructions.
The browning control regulates how much
the bread is toasted—in other words, the
colour of the toast. Lower settings produce
lighter toast and higher settings produce
darker toast.
When setting the browning control,
remember that dry or thin slices of bread
will toast quicker and require a lower
setting. Moist or thick slices of bread will
require a higher setting.
The toasting process can be stopped at
any time by pressing the cancel button.
The high lift feature uses the loading
handle to help you to remove the toast.
When toasting has finished, simply lift
the loading handle upwards from its rest
position to raise the toast and make it
easier to remove.
The lift-and-look feature allows you to
check the progress of the toast without
cancelling the toasting process. Just lift
the loading handle up at any time during
toasting and lower it again to resume
toasting. If you find your toast is cooked to
your preference, press the cancel button to
stop further toasting.
The frozen bread button allows you to toast
bread straight from the freezer. Insert the
bread into your toaster, press the loading
handle down and then press the frozen
bread button. Your toaster will extend the
toasting time to allow the bread time to
defrost. Watch the toast to ensure that it
doesn’t burn.
The reheat function will heat up toast that
has cooled or gone cold. Press the loading
handle down then press the reheat button.
Watch the toast to ensure that it doesn’t
burn. Don’t use the reheat function on
buttered toast.
Never force bread into the toasting
slots. Bread should fit easily into the
toasting slots. Never toast slices of
bread that have been buttered. Take
extra care when toasting items that
contain sugar, jam or preserves, as
there is a risk of the ingredients leaking
into the toaster, causing overheating.
Don’t use bent, damaged or broken
bread in your toaster as it may cause it
to jam.
Carefully remove your toaster from its box.
Remove all packaging from inside the
toasting slots.
Position your toaster on a stable, secure,
dry and level work surface away from the
edge. Bread may burn therefore do not use
the appliance near or below combustible
materials such as curtains. Never use the
toaster below wall cupboards or shelves.
Before connecting to a power source,
make sure your mains supply voltage
is the same as the one indicated on the
appliance. Connect the plug to a suitable
power outlet and make sure that the power
cord does not overhang the work surface.
When you first use your toaster, there may
be a slight odour as the heating elements
warm up for the first time. This is quite
normal and not a cause for concern. To
remove the odour, simply operate your
toaster for the first time without any bread
in it.
1. Set the level of toasting using the
browning control. The higher the
number selected, the darker the toast
will be.
2. Place the bread into the toasting slots.
You can toast one, two, three or four
slices of bread but only place a single
slice in each slot. Press the loading
handle down until it latches. The bread
will be lowered into the toaster and
toasting will begin.
The loading handle will not latch if
your toaster is not connected to the
mains supply, and may not latch if the
browning control is set to its minimum
or lowest setting.
3. When toasting has finished, the loading
handle will rise and the toasted bread
can be removed. You can lift the
loading handle upwards beyond its rest
position to help you remove the toast.
4. If the toast is not done enough it can
be toasted again. Turn the browning
control to a lower setting and keep a
careful eye on the toast to ensure that it
doesn’t burn.
5. Toasting can be stopped at any time by
pressing the cancel button.
• Toasting is a combination of drying
and cooking the bread and, because
moisture levels differ from one bread to
another, toasting times can vary.
• For slightly dry bread, use a lower
setting than normal.
• For fresh bread or whole wheat bread,
use a higher setting than normal.
• Bread which has a very uneven surface
will require a higher setting.
• Thicker cut pieces of bread (including
crumpets) will take longer to toast—
sometimes significantly longer. This
is because more moisture must be
evaporated from the bread before
toasting can occur. Very thick pieces of
bread may require two toasting cycles.
• When toasting raisin or other fruit
breads, remove any loose raisins or
fruit from the surface of the bread
before putting it into your toaster. This
will help prevent fruit pieces from falling
into your toaster or sticking to the guard
wires in the toasting slot.
If you are toasting a single slice of bread,
set the browning control to a lower setting
than normal. By using a lower setting when
toasting a single slice of bread, it will not
be over toasted.
Never use a knife or any other
utensil or implement to remove jammed
bread. Never insert your fingers into the
bread slots.
1. Switch the toaster off at the mains
supply socket and unplug it.
2. Allow the toaster to completely cool
3. Carefully ease the bread out of the
toaster being careful not to damage the
heating element.
Always switch off, unplug and allow
the toaster to cool down before moving,
cleaning or storing. Never immerse the
toaster or power cord and plug in water
or any other liquid.
• Clean the outside of your toaster with a
damp cloth then dry thoroughly.
• Never use harsh, abrasive or caustic
It is important that crumbs are not
allowed to build up inside your toaster.
Excess crumbs are unhygienic and
could catch fire.
Crumbs can be removed by sliding the
crumb tray out from the bottom of your
toaster. You can then tip the crumbs
out. Always make sure that your toaster
has completely cooled down and is
disconnected from the mains supply before
removing crumbs. Never use your toaster
without the crumb tray fitted. Always
replace the crumb tray before using your
These appliances are built to the very
highest of standards. There are no user
serviceable parts. Follow these steps if the
unit fails to operate:
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• Check the instructions have been
followed correctly.
• Check that the fuse has not blown.
• Check that the mains supply is
If the appliance will still not operate, return
the appliance to the place it was purchased
for a replacement. To return the appliance
to the Customer Service Department,
follow the steps below:
1. Pack it carefully (preferably in the
original carton). Ensure the unit is
2. Enclose your name and address and
quote the model number (located on
the rating label) on all correspondence.
3. Give the reason why you’re returning it.
4. If within the guarantee period, state
when and where it was purchased
and include proof of purchase (e.g. till
5. Send it to our Customer Service
Department at the address below:
Customer Service Department
Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Limited
Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham
OL2 5LN, UK.
Telephone: 0161 621 6900 Fax: 0161 626 0391
e-mail: enquiriesEurope@jardencs.com
This appliance must be earthed.
If the plug is not suitable for the socket
outlets in your home, it can be removed
and replaced by a plug of the correct type.
If the fuse in a moulded plug needs to be
changed, the fuse cover must be refitted.
The appliance must not be used without
the fuse cover fitted.
If the plug is unsuitable, it should be
dismantled and removed from the supply
cord and an appropriate plug fitted as
detailed. If you remove the plug it must not
be connected to a 13 amp socket and the
plug must be disposed of immediately.
If the terminals in the plug are not marked
or if you are unsure about the installation
of the plug please contact a qualified
Plug should be ASTA approved to BS1363
Fuse should be ASTA approved to BS1362
For additional or replacement parts, please
visit www.breville.co.uk or call us on 0161
621 6900.
For troubleshooting and FAQs visit:
Fuse 13A
Ensure that the outer sheath of
the cable is firmly held by the cord grip
The unique matte finish applied to your
Strata toaster is a hardwearing, durable
paint. With Strata’s luxurious matte finish
a little extra care is required to keep your
product looking its best.
Take care not to knock or damage the
paintwork, as this may result in areas
where the matte finish does not retain its
original character.
Clean the exterior of the product by wiping
with a soft, lint-free damp cloth. Do not
use any polishing agents, chemicals or
abrasive cleaning products. These can
damage the beautiful appearance of your
Please keep your receipt as this will
be required for any claims under this
This appliance is guaranteed for 1 year
after your purchase as described in this
During this guaranteed period, if in the
unlikely event the appliance no longer
functions due to a design or manufacturing
fault, please take it back to the place of
purchase, with your till receipt and a copy
of this guarantee.
The rights and benefits under this
guarantee are additional to your statutory
rights, which are not affected by this
guarantee. Only Jarden Consumer
Solutions (Europe) Limited (“JCS
(Europe)”) has the right to change these
in any way or subjected to damage,
misuse, abuse, repair or alteration by a
person other than a person authorised
by JCS (Europe).
Faults that occur through, improper use,
damage, abuse, use with incorrect voltage,
acts of nature, events beyond the control
of JCS (Europe), repair or alteration by
a person other than a person authorised
by JCS (Europe) or failure to follow
instructions for use are not covered by
this guarantee. Additionally, normal wear
and tear, including, but not limited to,
minor discoloration and scratches are not
covered by this guarantee.
The rights under this guarantee shall only
apply to the original purchaser and shall
not extend to commercial or communal
If your appliance includes a countryspecific guarantee or warranty insert
please refer to the terms and conditions of
such guarantee or warranty in place of this
guarantee or contact your local authorized
dealer for more information.
Waste electrical products should not be
disposed of with household waste. Please
recycle where facilities exist. E-mail us at
enquiriesEurope@jardencs.com for further
recycling and WEEE information.
Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Limited
5400 Lakeside
Cheadle Royal Business Park
JCS (Europe) undertakes within the
guarantee period to repair or replace the
appliance, or any part of appliance found
to be not working properly free of charge
provided that:
• you promptly notify the place of
purchase or JCS (Europe) of the
problem; and
• the appliance has not been altered
Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Limited
Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle, SK8 3GQ, United Kingdom
e-mail: enquiriesEurope@jardencs.com
Telephone: 0161 621 6900
For Customer Service details, please see the website.
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The product supplied may differ slightly from the one illustrated due to continuing product development.
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