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1. Set fresh cold water to boil in a kettle.
Place a #4 paper filter
into the ceramic cone.
Over the sink, wet the
filter with hot water.
3. Put medium-coarse
ground coffee into the
filter. If you use a blade
grinder, grind for about
5 seconds.
ground coffee
12 oz
2 Tbsp
2½ Tbsp
3 Tbsp
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4. Place the cone over a mug or small pitcher.
5. Let the kettle cool
for 30 seconds after
the water comes
to a boil.
6. Pour the water in
concentric circles
over the grounds,
filling half the cone.
Stir the grounds until they’re completely
covered by the water.
When the water level
dips below one quarter
of the cone, pour more
hot water in the same
concentric motion.
9. Repeat as many
times as necessary. When
the mug is full
you’re done.
10. Carefully remove the filter with the spent
grounds and discard—only one brew per
grounds. Three minutes from first pour to full
cup is about right. If it took less than three
minutes, the grind is too coarse. If it took
more than four minutes, the grind is too fine.
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