Garanti GGK Café Sampler Coffee Roaster

Grand Roasters
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Garanti GGK Café Sampler Coffee
Designed and professionally built for a 200 - 500 gram/batch
table top coffee roasting experience where coffee lovers can
admire freshly roasted beans by a commercial small scale
traditional drum roaster. The GGK Café Sampler roaster runs
on cost effective gas and electricity from a standard power
Stainless Steel
Table top configuration
Traditional commercial drum roaster
Roast & cool at the same time
External Chaff collector
Gas with LPG or Natural
Plugs into a standard power outlet
Three motors Drum, mixer and fan
Digital temperature control, gas & air control
Bean sampler & viewing glass
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Owners operation and instruction manual
Batch Capacity:
Between 200 gram and 500 gram of green coffee
Roasting Time:
8- 12 Minutes
240 V, 50 Hz
Power Motor Consumption: 3 motors 0.31 kW (1.3 A) Standard Power Outlet
Dimensions (H x D x W):
700 x 600 x 400 mm
45 kg
Heating System:
Gas LPG or Natural
Heating capacity:
Gas 8 MJ/h
Body Type:
Stainless Steel body finish
Digital Temperature Control, manual gas control, roast air damper control
Electrical heating system
PLC control
Profile Roasting
Manufacturer & Origin:
Garanti Roaster & Grinder Equipment Ltd Co. Turkey
Grand Roasters provide the highest level of technical support and 12 months parts warranty. Included standard
with each roaster is an Installation and Operational Instruction Manual. For complete installations and roasting
instructions, please contact us.
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