Modular Fire & Gas Detection System
Fire & Gas Detection Solutions
The modular design of the SUPREMATouch Fire and Gas Detection System
meets the requirements of a diverse range of industries and applications,
while complying with all relevant global safety standards. The system builds
on the success of the original innovative SUPREMA Control System design
and features a large color touchscreen display, enhanced processing
capabilities, and optional integration of addressable fire and smoke
detectors. It can be used with a wide range of detectors, including
combustible and toxic gas, oxygen, smoke, fire and heat. Output options
include relay, and analog and digital communication between racks, which
allows interfacing to external systems using ModBus or Profibus.
The SUPREMATouch System’s modularity enables a variety of fire and gas
detection configurations that meet the requirements of virtually any
application, including redundant systems with up to a Safety Integrity Level
(SIL) 3 rating (IEC 61508).
Whatever the application, our strong experience in fire and gas detection
enables us to provide the best combination of detectors, field devices,
components and systems that will ensure reliable and secure protection of
your personnel and facilities.
Modular Design for Individual Solutions
The SUPREMATouch System is compatible with all MSA fire and gas detectors and can accommodate a variety of third party
devices such as 4–20 mA transmitters and heat and smoke sensors. Open-collector driver outputs (24 V, 0.3 A) provide direct
control of relays or other circuit elements such as contacts, switches or solenoid valves.
With the SUPREMATouch System, digital signal transmission is possible via ModBus and Profibus. There is also an analog
output option.
Designed around standard industrial 19” racks, the SUPREMATouch System provides signal processing for up to 256 inputs
and 512 outputs. It also has the ability to distribute the system over up to 8 racks, using satellites to minimize installation
costs. The modular design allows input and output connections to be either mounted on the backplane or DIN rail mounted.
Wall-mount versions in a NEMA 4 enclosure are also available upon request.
System Flexibility
Innovative modular assembly
Easy checkbox selection to link measurement input with appropriate output
Simple alarm configuration by checkbox selection including voting and grouping
Variable and customized system layout
SUPREMATouch System Block Diagram
Field devices
MCP Central Processor
MDA Digital Acquisition
MAI Analog Input
MGO General Output
MAT Analog Terminal
MLE Logic Extension
MRO Relay Output
MRC Relay Control
(1 ... 8)
MDO Display & Operation
CAN Bridge
CAN Bridge
Non-redundant system
Redundant system
Optional modules
AC Power
DC Power
Simple Operation
The user-friendly touchscreen interface makes installation, configuration, setup and operation of the
SUPREMATouch System extremely simple. No programming skills are necessary. The status signals of up to 256
sensors can be linked and grouped with up to 512 outputs by selecting a checkbox with a simple touch of the
display or a mouse click at a connected computer.
Color LCD touchscreen with LED backlight
Menu-driven graphical user interface
Detailed diagnostics and event logging
No programming required
Simple parameter configuration and calibration
Comprehensive measurement input information
Optional user-defined sensor parameters
Simple alarm assignment and configuration
Digital output inhibit functions
3-level password security
MSA software is available for a USB-connected computer. This is especially useful during setup and regular sensor
calibration of larger systems. The software enables all the functions available at the SUPREMATouch System display,
such as configuration and calibration, offline use, and the storing and printing of reports as PDF documents.
This provides a user-friendly environment for configuration (see screen view image), parameter setting, and sensor
calibration of large systems to minimize the cost of maintaining the SUPREMATouch System.
Made-to-Measure Safety
The SUPREMATouch System provides control capability to meet the user’s safety requirements. The modular
system allows I/O (Input/Output) connections to be either rail- or back-plane-mounted, to be configured as
desired and to be adapted to meet each specific monitoring task.
All system functions can be controlled by the SUPREMATouch System, including I/O inhibition, alarm activation,
analog output signals, I/O fault handling, voting allocation management of status signals and switched
outputs, control of annunciation panels and devices such as fans and dampers. The unit can also interface with
other systems (HVAC, ESD, etc.) through digital bus communications.
The digital bus technology of the SUPREMATouch System ensures reliable communication between racks and
provides the flexibility of being able to have up to 8 satellite racks per system located at distances up to 1.2 km
apart. This ensures that system wiring is minimized, and that overall system costs are as low as possible.
The SUPREMATouch System also interfaces to external bus systems such as ModBus and Profibus.
Compact modular design
requires fewer cabinets
Saves space
Decentralized configuration
Use of satellites minimizes wiring
Plug-in ribbon cables
Easy installation and system extension
Future-oriented technology
Reduces upgrade costs
Digital bus technology
Reliable communication to external
bus systems
System configuration by
checkbox selection
No programming skills required
Connections for 3
system power supplies
Automatic switchover to
backup supply
The SUPREMATouch System is certified to all relevant fire and gas detection standards.
Technical Specifications
Standard 19” rack (up to 8 racks per system)
Optional NEMA 4 wall-mount cabinet
Satellites for decentralized input and outputs up to a distance of 1.2 km
Optional redundant configuration
Event and fault diagnosis logging
Up to 256 per system
Up to 64 per rack
Up to 512 per system
Up to 80 per rack
Switched open-collector driver (24 V, 300 mA)
Relays – SPCO or SPST redundant (230 V, 3 A)
Optional solid state relays for low-current applications
Software control of switched outputs/relays:
■ group creation
■ n out of m alarms
■ alarm multiplication
Power supply
Operating voltage: 18 to 32 VDC
Optional rack power supply – 85 to 265 VAC, 150 W, 50/60 Hz
Power supply connections for internal, external, and battery backup (24 VDC)
with automatic switch-over
Color LCD touchscreen with backlight
5.7" TFT with 320 x 240 resolution
Controls and indicators
Alarm reset and acknowledge keys
Front panel LEDs for alarms 1, 2, 3 and 4, signal fail, inhibit, power and system fail
3-level password or keyswitch for secure access control
Catalytic or IR for combustible
4 –20 mA transmitters
Electrochemical for toxic and oxygen
Conventional smoke, heat and fire detectors
Addressable smoke, heat and fire detectors via external fire panel
ATEX (EN 50104, EN 50271, EN 61779-1, EN 61779-4, EN 61779-5)
CSA / CSA us
SIL 3 (EN 50402, EN 61508)
GB16808-2008 Combustible Gas Alarm Control Units (China)
Optional interfaces to external bus systems (ModBus RTU and TCP, Profibus)
2 x RS-232 and 1 x USB electrically isolated interfaces for data transfer
Printer report of system events (standard ASCII, 80 CHR)
Detailed ordering information available upon request.
Ordering Information
# of Analog
# of Discrete
# of Relay Outputs
(First 8 relays common; 80 maximum – rail mount)
Mounting Style
A = 4-20 mA Rail Mount
B = 4-20 mA Back Mount
Power Supply
0 = None
1 = 150 W, 85–265 VAC (Internal)
Custom Features
0 = None
C = Custom
ST = Satellite
S3 = TUV SIL 3 Certification
Rail Mount or Back Mount
Number of Sensors*
Number of Relays*
*Must be ordered in multiples of 8.
NEMA 4 Wall-mount Cabinet
8 Analog Outputs
Satellite (duplex)
External Power Supply DIN Rail
240 W
480 W
Safety Integrity
S = Simplex
D = Duplex
Bus Interface
0 = None
M = ModBus RTU
P = Profibus DP
T = ModBus TCP
Call MSA for detailed pricing information based on your application.
MSA, the Global Leader in Safety
MSA’s passion for safety comes from almost a full century of manufacturing the highest
quality gas monitoring instruments. MSA designs and manufactures a complete line
of flame and gas detection products for oil, gas, and petrochemical applications. Our
passion shows through in our all-stainless-steel, globally-approved flame and gas
detection fixed-gas instruments, and our reliable and durable single-gas and multigas
portable instruments.
MSA is dedicated to designing and manufacturing superior flame and gas monitoring
instruments to help ensure that men and women may work in safety, and that they, their
families, and their communities may live in health throughout the world. Providing the
best products, service, and support in the industry: that’s MSA’s passion.
Global Reach
MSA is the largest company in the world dedicated solely to producing a complete range
of equipment and systems for worker and plant protection. With headquarters located in
Cranberry Township , Pennsylvania, our operations extend around the world. Our vast
resources ensure that an MSA affiliate is never far away and help to maintain our
commitment to protecting lives in more than 120 countries, on all continents around
the globe.
Local Presence
MSA-authorized representatives comprise one of the largest distribution networks,
providing comprehensive sales, service, and support. MSA field sales representatives and
service technicians are thoroughly trained in the use, application, and servicing of our
products. With MSA, you have access to dedicated and highly-trained field staff as well as
support within our Customer Service Center. Engineers, architects, and operators find
flame and gas detection products to suit their every need, with the superior reliability,
durability, and design excellence expected from MSA.
Got to or call Customer Service 1.800.MSA.INST
for more information on the SUPREMATouch System.
Note: This bulletin contains only a general
description of the products shown. While uses and
performance capabilities are described, under no
circumstances shall the products be used by
untrained or unqualified individuals and not until
the product instructions including any warnings or
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