Tartiflette, Charcuterie & Salad
Serves: 12 persons
Recipe Ingredients
1 wheel
1 head
1 head
4 medium
1 tin
1 pack
1 pack
1 pack
1 pack
½ jar
Not suitable for LF/VG/V
Charlotte potatoes
Bacon lardons
Frozen onions
Frozen garlic
Mixed herbs
White wine
Vegetable stock
Salt and Pepper
Green lettuce, washed & diced
Red lettuce, washed & diced
Tomatoes, quartered
Cucumber, sliced
Black olives
Red pepper, sliced
Not suitable for VG
Salami rosette
White ham
Jambon cru
Gherkins and mini pickled onions
Morning preparation
9.00am Once you’ve put the cake in the oven.
1. Put the bacon lardons into a large saucepan and cook them down on a medium
heat for 10-12 minutes.
2. Pour the fat and water down the sink, running hot water at the same time so
that it doesn’t block the drain.
3. Meanwhile, cut the potatoes into small equal size cubes placing them in a
medium size saucepan.
4. Once cut, wash them thoroughly in cold water, then cover again with water.
5. Boil on a high heat until cooked through, approx. 20 minutes.
6. When cooked, drain and set aside.
7. When the lardons start to brown, add onions, garlic and mixed herbs and
continue cooking for further 10 minutes, stirring continuously.
8. If you have lactose free guests set aside a portion of lardons.
9. Add wine to the lardons and reduce by half.
10. Once reduced add cream and vegetable stock and bring to a boil.
[Take the cake out of the oven, leave to cool]
11. Taste for seasoning, it should only need pepper as the lardons are salty.
12. Whilst simmering thicken the sauce with cornflour mixed with water.
13. When the sauce is ready, take it off the heat.
[Prepare the soup for the starter]
14. Drain the cooked potatoes. Set aside some potatoes for LF/VG/V guests.
15. Add the remainder of the potatoes to the sauce and mix thoroughly.
16. Pour the mixture into oval baking dishes and add reblochon cheese on top by
tearing it into small pieces and scattering over the top of the dish.
17. Leave to cool then cover and set aside ready to bake later.
10am Make the LF/VG/V options at the same time
a. Lactose free- in a small sauce pan add the fried lardons set aside earlier,
onions, wine and reduce on the heat.
b. Repeat steps 9-15, using water instead of cream.
c. Serve in an individual server without the cheese. Warm up in the oven before
a. Vegetarian/Vegan- add a splash of vegetable oil, onions, garlic, mixed herbs
and chopped up vegetables such as peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, and cook
on a medium heat for 5 minutes.
b. Repeat steps 9-15 from the morning preparation, using water instead of cream
for any vegans.
c. Serve in an individual server without the cheese for the vegan. Warm up in the
oven before serving.
[Return to preparing the soup]
Evening preparation
1. Boil the eggs for 4 minutes in salted water, then remove from the heat and
keep in the hot water for a further minute.
2. Cut the vegetables for the salad. The cucumber should be cut lengthways then
slices into chunky semi circles, slice the mixed peppers and cut tomatoes into 8
equal sized wedges.
3. Pour cold water on the eggs to cool then peel them.
[Blitz the soup until smooth]
6.30pm After the soup has been finished an is on a low heat.
4. Wash and roughly chop both of the lettuce heads, place on a platter.
5. Sprinkled the salad evenly with the chopped peppers, cucumber, olives and
6. Slice the boiled eggs in half and lay them around the edge of the platter and
sprinkle chopped parsley over the top.
7. Prepare a separate salad without the egg for vegan guests.
8. Build your charcuterie servers using one slice of each meat per person.
9. Cut the ham in half and tightly roll it into cigars, arrange them at the end of
each platter.
10.Fold the rosette salami in half and place it, and the chorizo, on the other side
moving closer to the centre of the plate.
11.Gently stack slices of jambon cru in the remaining space next to the rolled
12.Finish with some cornichons and mini onions scattered around the platter.
Make a small ramekin of pickles for VG/V guests.
1. Put tartiflette in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees for 25-30 minutes.
[Prepare the canapes]
7 :30pm Once the starters have been served
2. Once cooked the cheese will be melted and browned and the sauce should be
bubbling at the side. Remove from oven and put to one side.
3. Drizzle the salad with French dressing and balsamic reduction.
[Finish making the desserts]
To Serve
Serve all three platters to the table banquet style with a sprinkling of parsley.
Dietary requirement bowls should be served on a plate with a napkin.
Tartiflettes should be presented with serving spoons and the salad with tongs.
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