Coffee Menu
Cafeteria Coffee
Freshly ground filter coffee served in a traditional Cafeteria:
Sumatra Gayo - This Fairtrade and Organic coffee is grown in the Takengon Highlands. The high
altitudes, cool climate and excellent soil produce an exceptionally intense coffee. The spicy and woody
aroma is followed by chocolate and earthy tones that are ideal for after dinner £3.95
Columbian Corsuca - From the mountainous South West of Columbia, these beans are 'shade grown'
alongside fruit trees. Because they are not exposed to the sun the beans grow more slowly and have
lower yields. This results in beans that roast beautifully and make a fantastically balanced medium
body cup of coffee which can be enjoyed at anytime in the day £3.95
Ethiopian Sidamo - The sweet berry and roasted nut flavours of these coffee beans are preserved
through them being slowly roasted. The coffee is grown in fertile highland rainforests of South and
South West Ethiopia and harvested by hand, to Fairtrade and Organic standards. It's light-medium
body makes this coffee ideal for mornings and those wanting a less intense after dinner coffee £3.95
A single shot of espresso topped with smooth steamed milk and frothed milk with a chocolate
sprinkle finish £3.50
Café Latte
A long milky coffee with a single shot of espresso and steamed milk served in a tall glass £3.50
Double Espresso
A short strong coffee made with freshly ground coffee beans £3.00
Hot Chocolate
Rich chocolate powder topped with smooth, frothed milk with a chocolate sprinkle finish £3.50
Selection of Tea
Traditional English £3.95
Earl Grey £3.95
Pure Peppermint £3.95
Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower £3.95
Green Tea £3.95
Camomile £3.95
Lounge Menu
Close House Club Sandwich £9.50
Mini Fillet Steak Sandwiches with Onion Relish & Mustard Mayo £5.95
King Prawn Tempura £5.95
Plate of Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon with Lemon & Buttered Brown Bread £8.50
Vegetable Samosa £5.95
Mediterranean Vegetable Bruschetta, Shaved Pecorino £5.95
Roast Pork Belly, Apple and Ginger £5.95
Satay Chicken Skewers £6.95
Soy and Black Bean Beef Skewers £6.95
Fries £3.20
Sandwiches Available on Request
Food served from 11.00 am until 6.00 pm daily
Please note: There will be a discretionary 10% service charge added to your bill.
Afternoon Tea
Cream Tea
Freshly Baked Raisin & Plain Scones with Clotted Cream & Preserves
Assortment of Afternoon Tea Pastries & Confectionery
Your Choice of Tea or Coffee £8.95
Traditional Afternoon Tea
Selection of Afternoon Tea Sandwiches; Smoked Salmon, Cucumber & Cream Cheese
Freshly Baked Raisin & Plain Scones with Clotted Cream & Preserves
Assortment of Afternoon Tea Pastries & Confectionery
Your Choice of Tea or Coffee £12.95
Champagne Afternoon Tea
Traditional Afternoon Tea with a Chilled Glass of Moet & Chandon Champagne £19.95
Wines by the Glass
Sauvignon Blanc, Panul Estate, Chile
Refreshing gooseberry notes. Lively and fine £4.95
Pinot Grigio 'Grigio Luna', Cecilia Beretta, Italy
Soft, crisp, floral and almond flavours £5.95
Chablis, Domaine Lamblin, France
Minerally and light with a remarkable vivacity £6.95
Merlot, Panul Estate, Chile
Packed with Plum fruit really juicy £4.95
Rioja Joven, Lar de Paula, Spain
Red fruit flavours to the fore. No oak here, delicious £5.95
Shiraz, Gatekeeper Estate, Australia
Chocolate and cassis, an ultra smooth glassful £6.95
Cabernet / Merlot Rose, Nelsons Creek, South Africa
Fat and rich rose with a lush palateand a fine rounded finish £5.95
Champagne Cocktails
'It is an Italian tradition to marinade fresh peach in wine but we are taking this a step further using
Champagne & peach nectar. This drink is a world-renowned Champagne cocktail for a good reason it's delicious' £8.25
'The Mimosa was invented at The Ritz Hotel, Paris, in 1925 and is a continental spin on the classis
'Bucks Fizz' £8.25
Kir Royal
'If there is one thing that the French know how to do right, it's the aperitif! Enjoy a little Parisian flair
to your own cocktail hour with this tasty, classy drink' £8.25
Black Velvet
'Sure, Guinness Stout is one of mankind's most perfectly realized creations, but as good as it is alone,
some claim it is even better in its "Black Velvet" form. - A fusion of Guinness and Champagne' £9.25
Earl Grey Fizz
'Discovered by Henry Besant at Lonsdale House in London in 2002.This is stylish,
elegant and aromatic' £9.25
Kir Imperial
'An elegant and exotic synthesis, of sweet raspberry and dry champagne' £9.25
Close House Champagne Cocktail
'A sugar cube is flavoured with Angostura bitters & dropped in the Champagne flute.
We then add a small amount of Courvoisier & Grand Marnier, and fill the glass with Champagne.
This classic cocktail will never go out of style' £9.25