EnviroWise™ Geothermal Systems

EnviroWise Geothermal Systems
When you think smart, efficient comfort solutions, you think American
Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. In fact, you’ve trusted us to
provide perfectly heated, cooled and cleaned air for over 100 years.
Now, we’re bringing home new thinking about home comfort with
the impressive efficiency of geothermal heating and cooling.
And our systems are every bit as comfortable as you’d expect.
So relax and enjoy a whole new standard of energy awareness
with EnviroWise™ Geothermal Systems from American Standard
Heating & Air Conditioning.
When comparing geothermal units, pay close attention
to the EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio. Similar to miles
per gallon in a car, EER measures the efficiency with
which your system operates. The higher the EER, the
less energy you’ll use to stay comfortable.
Your home should be as quiet as it is comfortable.
So you’ll find American Standard geothermal
systems can offer some of the lowest sound levels
of any system on the market.
An American Standard EnviroWise™ Geothermal System
works on a very simple principle based on renewable
energy from the sun. No matter what the weather or
season, the temperature within the earth remains constant
because almost half of the sun’s energy is absorbed
by the Earth. By tapping into those even, steady
temperatures underground, your American Standard
geothermal system can comfortably heat and cool your
home with great efficiency. Our geothermal systems are
environmentally friendly too; with no carbon dioxide
emissions, they reduce the amount of greenhouse gas
emissions that contribute to climate change.
American Standard geothermal systems include EnviroWise™ earth coupled heat pumps and a
high density polyethylene underground piping system (ground loops) that circulate a fluid between
the heat pump and the earth. This fluid transfers heat between your home and the earth, saving
you money every day, no matter the season. Your local, independent dealer is the best resource
to determine the most effective configuration for your home.
Vertical Loop
Horizontal Loop
When space is limited,
heat transfer tubes are
mounted deep down
into the earth 200 feet
or more.
When plenty of space is
available, heat transfer tubes
are installed about 6 to 15 feet
below the surface rather than
Open Loop
Existing groundwater
pumped from wells
is used as the heat
transfer fluid and is then
returned to the ground.
Pond Loop
A nearby lake or pond is
used, instead of the earth,
to absorb or gather heat as
a heat source or heat sink to
transfer heat. Piping is usually
used to transfer the fluid to
your EnviroWise™ heat pump.
According to the EPA, a geothermal system is one of the most efficient ways
to heat and cool your home. When you consider that your home comfort
system accounts for a significant amount of your overall energy costs, an
American Standard geothermal system can provide substantial savings over
the long run. In fact, an American Standard EnviroWise™ Geothermal System
is so efficient, it can return up to $4 of heat for every $1 spent on electricity.
Special financing available.
Ask your installing dealer for details.
Inside your American Standard EnviroWise™ Geothermal
System, you’ll find tough, dependable components like
vibration-dampened scroll Duration™ compressors and
specially coated air coils. Everything is built to last,
State-of-the-art technology provides world
class efficiency and reliability. Specially
designed vibration damping mounts deliver
near silent operation.
Variable-Speed Blower
Operates quietly and efficiently to deliver just
the right amount of air to keep your home at
the perfect temperature.
All Aluminum Air Coil
A large transfer area enhances operating
efficiency and humidity control. All Aluminum
Air Coils are more durable than conventional
copper coils and resist corrosion that causes
refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere.
Hot Water Option
Uses excess system capacity to help heat the
water you need for bathing and laundry.
Drain Pan
Made of tough, durable polymer to ward off
corrosion and bacterial growth. Integrated
electronic overflow protection keeps system
components safe.
Packaged System
Micro-processor technology combined with
on-board diagnostics ensures reliability and
long-lasting comfort.
Duration™ Compressor
Features and components may vary by model
and are shown for illustration purposes only.
because comfort is nothing without peace of mind.
Fully insulated to reduce noise levels.
Foil-backed insulation is easy to clean, while
the durable powder painted surface stays
attractive for years.
For those who want an even higher level
of comfort and efficiency.
The EnviroWise™ Platinum Variable Speed Geothermal
Heat Pump offers the ultimate in comfort and
performance and the highest available efficiency on
the market. With an EER of up to 40 and a COP of up
to 5, this system is close to 30% more efficient than
two‑stage geothermal heat pumps.
Incorporating the latest technologies in variable-speed
compressors, motors, and loop pumps, the Platinum
also features an advanced control system that
includes energy monitoring, full diagnostic capability,
and a dedicated communicating color touchscreen
control. Our independent dealers are your best
resource for deciding which geothermal system is
right for your home.
An American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
geothermal system is a smart investment in both
the long and short term. Not only will you enjoy
consistent energy savings every day of the year, you
may also qualify for an energy credit or rebate from
your utility, or individual locality or state program.
Platinum Variable Speed
Utilizing a true variable-capacity
compressor and a variable-speed
blower with a fully-communicating
control package, this system
provides our highest level of
comfort, efficiency and ultimate
performance with an EER of up to
40 and a COP of up to 5.
Packaged Systems.
These systems circulate fluid through the
earth and through a coil that absorbs or
dissipates heat depending on the season.
Gold Water to Air
Platinum 2-Stage
Platinum Hybrid
This packaged geothermal
solution from American
Standard offers up to 32.1
EER efficiency and is
available in single and twostage. A variable-speed
blower motor provides up to
12 airflow selections for even,
efficient comfort. Optional hot
water heating is available.
With up to 27.3 EER and singlestage heating and cooling, you’ll
enjoy constant comfort and
efficiency from a combination
of forced air heating, forced
air cooling, radiant heat and
a dedicated hot water heater.
Variable speed airflow offers 12
different settings, and optional
hot water heating is available.
Energy savings (up to 22 EER)
and environmentally friendly
comfort meet Energy Star™
performance requirements. This
mid-efficiency two-stage utilizes
a new cabinet design, all aluminum
air coil, and 5-speed ECM motor,
and is our most affordable and
compact package system. Features
like a Duration™ compressor, optional
hot water heating, and on-board
diagnostics make this a sound
Split Systems.
These systems use a ground loop connected to a loop of refrigerant
to transfer heat, using an air handler or furnace to circulate air.
Platinum Indoor
Platinum Outdoor
Platinum Indoor Air Handler
This two-stage system offers
up to 33.1 EER, and works in
conjunction with an air handler
or furnace for enhanced indoor
comfort. The small footprint
saves space, and the indoor
product can be located up to
60 feet from the air handler.
Optional hot water heating is
Similar to the Platinum Indoor,
this system offers the comfort of
two‑stage heating and cooling and
works in conjunction with an indoor
air handler or furnace to provide
comfortable temperatures from two
different sources. In this application
all geothermal components of the
system reside in a weatherized
cabinet outside your home, minimizing
the space requirements inside.
The unique cabinet design of our
Platinum Air Handler allows less
moisture and fewer dust particles to
be drawn in from garages, attics or
crawl spaces. This double-wall cabinet
design also helps prevent energy loss
and virtually eliminates condensation.
Select models have been specifically
engineered to match with our
EnviroWise geothermal heat pumps.
Water Heating and Cooling Systems.
These systems circulate fluid through the earth, transferring heat to and from another fluid loop
built into your home. That means radiant heating and cooling without fans or duct work. They are
ideal for radiant floor heating applications and can be used with select models of our Platinum
Air Handler with water coil to deliver heated and cooled air through a ducted air system.
Platinum Water to Water
Platinum Water to Water
Offers up to 24.5 EER and single‑stage
heating and cooling. Radiant heating and
cooling maintain comfortable temperatures
throughout your home, while providing hot
water for daily use.
Offers up to 23.4 EER and up to 15 tons
of capacity with the flexibility of twostage radiant heating and cooling.
Trust your EnviroWise™ Geothermal System to an attractive
and dependable American Standard control.*
Platinum Series Comfort Controls
American Standard’s top of the line comfort
control, the AccuLink™ Platinum 1050, gives
you a home management tool for remotely
controlling the comfort of your home. It’s
easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or
computer, and the built-in Nexia Bridge offers
a home automation hub. All of which makes
adjusting the temperature for your home and
family’s comfort a breeze.***
Gold Series Comfort Controls
With a bright, backlit display and interactive
touchscreen, controlling your comfort is
simple and intuitive. The Gold 824 Control
automatically switches between heating and
cooling, and provides 7-day programmable
schedules to manage your energy use.
Humidity control enhances comfort.
Silver Series Comfort Controls
A non-programmable option that features
an illuminated digital display and soft keys,
outdoor temperature sensor, automatic
changeover between heating and cooling and a
filter change reminder for forced-air systems.
*Not applicable to the Platinum Packaged System which requires
a dedicated control included with the system.
***Requires high speed router and connection to Nexia™ .
Save on hot water costs as well.
Most Platinum systems can be configured to use excess capacity to heat the
water you need for everything from showers to laundry and dishes. So you’ll not
only enjoy more efficient heating and cooling for your home, you’ll also save
energy on the hot water you use every day.
Take comfort in our peace-of-mind warranties.
Your American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Geothermal System
is about comfort and satisfaction. So is the limited warranty supporting it.
American Standard EnviroWise™ Platinum Series Geothermal Heat Pumps
include 10 years of parts protection and 5 years labor allowance.** See your
independent American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer for details.
**Labor subject to fixed rates set by manufacturer.
Designed for comfort. Built to last.
Run your home from wherever life takes you.
For more than a century, families have trusted
Nexia™ allows you to manage your
home remotely using most webenabled mobile devices.* With just
the touch of a button, you can unlock
a door or turn on lights for security,
or monitor and adjust your heating
and cooling from a distance to save
energy. Simply put, Nexia™ gives
you and your family all the promises of home
automation in the most simple and accessible way. All so you
can connect with your home, even when you’re not at home.
Ask your American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
dealer for details.
American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
to keep their homes comfortable. Today, our home
comfort systems continue to push the boundaries
of efficiency and performance, while still delivering
on our proud history of quality, durability and
substantial value. Welcome your family home
to a higher standard of comfort. From American
Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.
*Nexia Remote Climate Access is included with the purchase of a connected control. Adding
accessories to your Nexia system requires a monthly subscription for remote access via most
web-enabled smartphones and computers.
Our dealers will put you in your comfort zone.
Your independent American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer is a highly
trained professional with years of experience who’ll work with you every step of the
way in choosing the system that’s right for you – from walking you through the entire
purchasing process to conducting an in-depth analysis of your home and your comfort
needs. Based on that information, your dealer will recommend a system that works best
for your home. After all, the more ­efficient the system, the more comfortable you’ll be.
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Read important energy cost and efficiency information available from your dealer.
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