Optional Extras
Barista Accessories
An essential addition for any
budding barista. Fracino provide high
quality accessories for use alongside any
Fracino espresso and water boiler
Chocolate Shaker
Milk thermometers
Shot Pot
Milk Fridge
Cleaning Products
Our milk fridge is compressor operated
and keeps your milk at a constant
temperature. This fridge will hold 4.4
litres of milk.
Cleaning Fluid
Keep your Cybercino free of
congealed milk. 1x1 Litre.
A larger stainless steel version is
available. This holds 9 litres of milk.
Cleaning Tablets
To clean the brew block, pistons
and jets. 100 x tablets per tub.
Fracino Milk Steaming
& Frothing Jugs
Fracino offer a variety of different sizes
and types of stainless steel and Teflon
coated milk jugs for frothing and
steaming your milk.
Fracino Latte Glasses
Fracino branded 8oz & 10oz latte glass
sold in boxes of 12.
Fracino Cups & Saucers
Fracino branded espresso and
cappuccino cups and saucers for the
perfect drink. Sold in boxes of 6 of each.
Various sizes available.
“Frankly the finest for cappuccino”
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The Fracino company policy is one of continuous improvement.
We retain the right to change specification without prior notice.
Watch The Fracino Story
1963 - 2013
The future of bean to cup machines
Fracino, the UK’s only manufacturer of espresso and cappuccino
coffee machines, decided to complement its award winning range by
introducing a fully automated bean to cup coffee machine.
Key Features
One group can brew 2 cups of coffee simultaneously.
The result is the Cybercino, which is based on the company's
impressive Romano range and combines retro styling with the latest
technology and ground breaking engineering. The Cybercino has
transformed the bean to cup market and ensured that restaurant,
bar and cafe operators deliver fantastic coffee, without the need for
expensive training.
Produces approx 200 espresso or 120 cappuccino cups
per hour (9oz cup maximum)
7 litre boiler heated by 2.7 kw element /13 amp power supply.
Boiler produces 40 litres of hot water per hour.
Manufactured from highly polished stainless steel and constructed
using the finest quality components, the Cybercino’s paintwork can be
fully customised by Fracino, and its back panel replaced to produce a
unit that suits the branding requirements of any restaurant, bar or café.
Hot water outlet for tea/hot chocolate.
The Cybercino has been designed to simplify servicing. All areas of the
machine are easily accessible and cleaning programmes are quick and
simple to understand.
500g or 1kg shatter resistant bean hopper.
All drinks available as decaffeinated.
Milk pump can be fitted for under counter fridges.
Steam tube allows for traditional frothing of milk.
Thermosyphonic circulation ensures group kept at constant
temperature for perfect coffee making.
Piston tamps the coffee to guarantee optimum extraction.
Coffee funnel and bore is swept after every brew to ensure
surplus coffee grounds are removed.
Easy grinder adjustment located above cup tray.
Easily accessible used coffee grounds drawer with
coffee counter.
User-friendly, quick cleaning systems for group and frother.
Heated cup tray.
Safety cut-outs on all major parts.
Easy clean steam tube.
Auto Control Features
Steam tube can be removed in self service environments.
Group Clearance 130mm.
The Fracino Cybercino offers an array of control and diagnostic features,
allowing the user to adjust and fine tune various features on the machine
to create the perfect espresso time after time. Most of the features are
controlled by a simple and easy to use LCD display mounted on the
front panel.
Selection button allows choice of two different cup sizes. 1x 9oz or
2x 9oz or 1x 12oz.
Innovation at its heart
2 individual buttons for extra steamed or frothed milk.
Air valve on frother is adjustable, but separated from frother to
avoid milk clogging.
Pinch valve on frother ensures consistent levels of drink are
Choice of Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, or Americano.
All features easily programmable.
Cup count available by type.
LCD display shows management information.
Language options for the display are available in English, Italian,
French and German.
Bean to Cup
Clean & Clear
Coffee beans are passed from the grinder
directly into a solid brass, thermosyphonic
brew block heating system, that ensures a
stable temperature without the need for
thermostats. The innovative horizontal drive
mechanism compacts coffee in the group
head, holding the coffee under constant
pressure whilst hot water is infused, giving
the best possible crema – a feature normally
missing from bean to cup coffee machines.
Fracino has also designed solutions to the
problem of blocked coffee grinder chutes
and frother air valves. A brush has been
added to the grinder chute, which sweeps
it after every brew and we have completely
separated the air valve from the frother,
thereby avoiding the problem of flat milk
which occurs when the valve is blocked.
No More Spilt Milk
Technical Specifications
Per/Hour (mm)
inc 500g
7 Litres
Hot Water
Per Hour
The milk tube features a pinch valve so that
milk is immediately available for each new
drink – whilst ensuring the same amount of
frothed or foamed milk is added to each
coffee. This helps avoid the variations in cup
size which are prevalent to many
bean to cup machines.
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