9000 BTU 3in1 Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi
Batch code:
Please read these instructions carefully before use and retain for future reference
Before switching on your appliance,
always check for any damage which may have been caused in transit
Safety Instructions....................................................................3-4
Appliance Overview....................................................................6
Installation Instructions..............................................................7
Positioning the Appliance...........................................................8
Operating Instructions..........................................................9-10
Setting up Wi-Fi Function.................................................. 11-16
Cleaning and Maintenance...................................................... 17
Water Drainage......................................................................... 18
Trouble Shooting Guide........................................................... 19
Fuse Replacement..................................................................... 20
Disposal Information................................................................ 20
Terms and Conditions and Warranty Information....... 22-23
Carefully read the instructions before operating the unit. Please
retain this manual for future reference.
Important: This product is intended for domestic and light office
use ONLY and not for commercial, industrial or outdoor use.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should
always be followed:
1. All electrical repairs must be carried out by a qualified
electrician. Inadequate repairs may result in a major source of
danger for the user and invalidate the warranty.
2. Do not operate the unit if the plug or cord is damaged, after it
malfunctions or has been dropped or damaged in any way, it
must be repaired by a qualified electrician.
3. Make sure the unit is connected to an earthed power supply of
the correct rating. Please refer to the rating label located at the
side of the unit.
4. Leave the unit to stand for 12 hours before connecting to the
mains electricity supply after transport or when it has been
tilted (e.g. cleaning), to allow the coolant gases time to settle.
5. Use of an extension cord is not recommended with this product.
6. This unit should only be used by adults.
7. Keep the unit and its cord out of reach of children.
8. Children shall not play with the appliance.
9. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children.
10. The unit should not be used by persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities.
11. It is not recommended to place this appliance in cupboards,
closets, boats, caravans or similar locations.
12. Do not use the unit in a wet room, such as a bathroom or
laundry room or in areas where the unit is likely to get splashed.
13. An opening in a window or wall is required to accommodate the
exhaust hose to expel the hot air.
14. Always place unit on a dry and stable surface.
15. Do not cover or obstruct the unit’s inlet and outlet grilles.
16. Do not insert fingers, pencils or any other objects into the
opens of the unit.
17. Avoid restarting the appliance unless 3 minutes have passed
since being turned off. This prevents damage to the compressor.
18. Do not let chemical substances come into contact with the
19. It is not recommended to use flammable substances or vapours
such as alcohol, insecticides, petrol, etc. whilst the unit is in use.
20. Do not clean the unit by spraying it or immersing in water.
21. Do not unplug the unit while it is working, this could damage the
electronic circuits. Always use the control panel to start and stop
the unit.
22. Always turn the unit off when not in use by removing the plug
from the wall socket; ensuring to pull the plug top and not
the cord. Always turn off the unit before cleaning, carrying out
maintenance or moving location.
23. Do not pull or place the electrical cable near a source of heat:
always unroll it completely to avoid dangerous overheating.
24. The filter must be used with the product at all times, when
removing it for clearing always turn the unit off and unplug from
the mains wall socket.
Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)/(W)
Dehumidification at 30°C/80%RH (L/day)
Cooling Input Power/Current
Air Flow Volume (m3/h)
Power Supply
Fan Speeds
Operating Temperature
Energy Rated Class
Room Size (m2)
Net Weight (kg)
Product Dimensions (mm)
9000Btu/h / 2600W
27 L/day
950W / 4.3A
220-240V ~ 50Hz
24 Hour
23 kg
H680 x W320 x D348
1. Control Panel
2. Louvers and Air Outlet
3. Remote Control Sensor
4. Remote Control
5. Handle
6. Exhaust Hose assembly
7. Filters and Air Inlets
8. Drain Point
9. Secondary Drain Point
Exhaust Assembly
Exhaust Hose
Warning: Leave the unit to stand for 12 hours before connecting to the mains electricity supply after
transport or when it has been tilted (e.g. cleaning), to allow the coolant gases time to settle.
• Open the box and remove all of the packaging and the exhaust assembly
• Grip the unit by the carry handles located on either side and carefully lift until it slides out
of the foam base
• Install the exhaust hose assembly onto the unit before switching on
Installing Exhaust Hose
Extend the exhaust hose by pulling out the two ends of the hose
Screw the exhaust hose into the exhaust hose connector, turning anti-clockwise
Screw the other end of the exhaust hose onto the exhaust hose adapter
Slide the exhaust hose assembly into the exhaust duct located on the back of the unit. Ensuring the
connector has clicked into place
This unit can easily be moved from one room to another on the rolling castor wheels, however please
note that whilst moving the unit it should be kept in an upright position.
• Whilst in Cooling mode, the exhaust heat must be expelled through a window, door or ventilated
through a wall. For best results it is recommended to vent through a wall duct.
• Ensure the unit is positioned on a flat and even surface, at least 50cm away from any walls, curtains,
draperies, or heat sources to ensure adequate air circulation.
• The exhaust hose can be extended from 30cm to 150cm, however it is recommended to extend the
hose as much as possible to minimise the escape of any expelled air and offer better results.
• The exhaust air must flow freely. Avoid kinks and bends in the hose more than 30 degrees as any
blockages can lead to the unit overheating.
Warning: Do not use the unit in a wet room, such as a bathroom or laundry room or
in areas where the unit is likely to get splashed.
Important: The length of the exhaust hose has been designed according to the
specification of the appliance. Do not extend the exhaust hose with any other
product as this could lead to the unit malfunctioning.
Control Panel
Power Button
Speed Button
Time/Temperature Up Button
Timer Button
Mode Button
Sleep Button
Oscillation Button
Time/Temperature Down Button
Important: The compressor will start approximately 3 minutes after the unit is
turned on (this will help prolong the life of the compressor). After switching the
unit off, please wait at least 3 minutes before turning the unit back on.
Turning On
• Once the appliance has been installed correctly, plug into a wall socket - the appliance will beep once
• Press the “POWER” button to switch on the appliance. The LED Display will illuminate showing the
ambient room temperature, the louvres will open and it will operate in Automatic mode
Select Operating Mode
• The IG9901WIFI features 3 main modes: Cooling, Fan and Dehumidifier as well as an Automatic
• Press the “Mode” button to select the desired mode shown below:
Adjust Temperature
The temperature can be set (Auto and Cooling mode only) between 15°C to 31°C by increments of 1°C
• Press the “ ” or “ ” button once to increase or decrease the temperature by 1°C
• The LED display on the front panel and control panel will show the target temperature for 5 seconds,
and will then revert back to the ambient room temperature until the target temperature is reached.
Adjust Fan Speed
• Press the “Fan” button to select the desired fan speed shown below:
Oscillation Function
• Press the “OSCIL” button to select the horizontal louvres to automatically move up and down
• Press the “OSCIL” button again to switch off this function
Turning Off
• Press the “POWER” button to switch off the appliance
Modes - Explained:
Auto Mode: The appliance will automatically adjust the functions by either selecting the Cooling or
Fan mode, based on the following principles:
• When the room temperature is ≥ 24°C, Cooling mode is selected
• When the room temperature is < 24°C, Fan mode is selected
Dehum. Mode: The fan will operate at low speed (Fan Speed cannot be adjusted in Dehum. Mode)
and then the compressor will be activated. In dehumidifying mode, the appliance will run through a
repeated cycle sequence of:
• 8 minutes both compressor and fan operation
• 6 minutes fan only operation
The appliance adopts a constant temperature, which cannot be manually adjusted.
Note: To turn off the Dehumidifying function you can either select a different mode or press the on/off
Cooling Mode: Self Evaporating Air Conditioning mode activated:
• When the ambient room temperature is higher than the desired room temperature, the compressor
will operate.
• When the ambient room temperature is lower than the desired room temperature, the compressor
will stop and the fan will operate at the selected speed.
Fan Mode:
• The fan will operate at the desired speed.
• (The compressor will not run in this mode)
Note: Temperature cannot be adjusted in Fan Mode
Additional Functions
Timer: The timer can be set between 1 to 24 hours by increments of 1 hour; turning the appliance
either on or off.
• To set Automatic time off (whilst unit is running). Press the “Timer” button and then press
the “ ” or “ ” buttons
• To Set Automatic time on (whilst unit is in standby). Press the “Timer” button and then press
the “ ” or “ ” buttons
Sleep Mode: This operation can only be selected when in Cooling Mode.
• Press the “Sleep” button when in cool mode, the fan will automatically turn down to low fan speed.
The appliance will then operate the following sequence:
• The set temperature will increase by 1°C after 1 hour, then increase by 2°C after 2 hours.
After 6 hours the appliance will automatically switch off.
1. Setting up the Igenix app
• Download the Igenix app from Apple Store for IOS or from Google Play for android and install the
app on your device.
• Register your new Igenix account and sign in to the app.
2. Pair the Air Conditioner with the Igenix app
• Plug your IG9901WIFI into a power socket and leave it in the standby mode.
• Press “ ” button for 5 seconds; you will hear a beep from the appliance, the wi-fi light will start to
flash quickly, entering into configuration mode. If the light starts flashing slowly, repeat this step.
• Choose the “Devices” option in the Igenix app and then click on “Add Device” button.
• Follow the steps on your screen to add the device (fig.1)
• Once the device configuration is successful you then have the option to rename your device.
Note: In order to successfully sync with your Amazon Echo, it is advised that
you rename your device to an easily recognised word or phrase, such as “Air
Conditioner”, as this will have a much greater compatibility with Alexa.
1. Set up Amazon Echo and enable Igenix app
• Search the “Amazon Alexa” app on the Apple Store for IOS, or on Google Play for Android, and install
the app to your device.
1a. Set up Echo with Alexa app
Note: You will need to purchase an Amazon Echo device to utilise this functionality.
If you already have an Echo device that is set up you can skip this step.
• Plug your Echo device (Echo, Echo Tap or Echo Dot) into a power socket and turn it on.
• Make sure your Echo device is energized.
• Open the Alexa app by tapping the app icon on your mobile device.
• Register for an Amazon account, if you don’t have one, or enter your Amazon account and password,
then tap “sign in” (fig.2)
• Select the “Menu” option in the top left corner (fig.3), select “Settings” (fig.4), then tap “SET UP A
NEW DEVICE” (fig.5).
• Select your Echo device (fig.6), choose the appropriate language (fig.7), and then tap “CONNECT TO
WI-FI” (fig.8)
• Hold down the dot button on the top of your Echo device until the orange light shows up (fig.9), and
then tap “CONTINUE”. When your device is connected to Echo, tap “CONTINUE” (fig.10-11)
• Select a Wi-Fi network to let Echo access the internet (fig.12). Type in the Wi-Fi password and then tap
“CONNECT” (fig.13). Echo may take several minutes to connect to the network (fig.14).
• Tap “CONTINUE” when Echo is connected to the network (fig.15). After an introduction video, tap
“NEXT” to finish the setup (fig.16)
1b. Link Igenix app account to Alexa app
• Select the “Menu” option in the top left corner and select “Skills” (fig.17), and then search “Igenix” in
the search bar (fig.18).
• Select “Igenix” and tap “ENABLE” to enable the skill.
• You will be redirected to the account link page.
• Type in your Igenix account and password and then tap “Link Now” to link your Igenix account (fig.19)
Note: The country, the account and the password must match the exact content in
step 2.
2. Control your Air Conditioner through Amazon Echo
2a. Discover your IG9901WIFI device
• Echo needs to discover your smart devices before it controls them.
• You can say “Alexa, discover devices” to Echo. Then Echo will discover devices that have already been
added in the Igenix app.
• Alternatively, you can select in the “Menu” option “Smart Home” (fig.20) and then tap “DISCOVER” to
discover the smart devices (fig.21). Discovered devices will be shown in the list (fig.22).
Note: Every time you change the device’s name in the Igenix app, Echo must
rediscover before you can control them.
2b. Control your Air Conditioner by Voice Commands
• Now you can control your IG9901WIFI device through Echo.You can use the following commands to
control your air conditioner:
• “Alexa, turn on air conditioner”
• “Alexa, set air conditioner to 18°C”
• “Alexa, increase temperature by 2°C in the air conditioner”
• “Alexa, decrease temperature by 4°C in the air conditioner”
• “Alexa, set air conditioner to 23°C”
• “Alexa, turn off air conditioner”
Note: The temperature can only be set between 15-31°C.
Note: Turn off the unit and unplug from the mains socket before cleaning or
performing any maintenance.
Cleaning the Exterior
• Clean the plastic housing with a duster or a soft damp cloth. Do not use chemical or abrasive
cleaners to clean the exterior of the unit to prevent damage to the finish
Cleaning the Filters
• It is recommended that the air filters are cleaned every 2 weeks. If the air filters are blocked with
dust, the unit’s performance will be significantly affected.
• Pull out the filters from the back and side of the unit
• Use a vacuum cleaner or tap the filter lightly to remove loose dust and dirt and then wash the
air filters by immersing them in lukewarm water with a neutral detergent.
Note: Extreme care should be taken when cleaning the filters as they are very
• Gentle rinse and then dry thoroughly before re-installing filters
Important: Do not run the unit without filters
End of Season Maintenance
• Drain away any excess water from the unit, then set the unit to Fan mode for a few hours, this
will allow the inside of the unit to thoroughly dry (to prevent mould developing).
• Clean the filters
• Separate the air-exhaust pipe and store safely
• To protect the unit against dust, cover and store in a dry place, not accessible by children
This appliance is an advanced self-evaporating air conditioner, which reduces the need to empty the
water tank in cooling mode. If the unit is vented correctly most of the water is reused to cool the
condenser coils and any excess is evaporated. Please make sure that the rubber caps are firmly secured
on the water drainage points when the unit is running. In extreme humidity or while the unit is in reverse
heating mode, the internal water tank may fill quicker triggering the tank full alarm. When this occurs, the
display panel will show an Error Code: E4 – this indicates you will need to manually drain the water tank.
Manual Drainage:
• When the internal water tank is full – Error code: E4 will be displayed on the control panel and
the unit will stop working
• Turn off the unit and unplug from the mains socket
• Place the water drainage hose into a suitable container
• Remove the rubber cap from the drain point
• Insert the drainage hose in to the hole
• Water will drain into container
• After the tank has been fully drained, remove the pipe and insert the rubber cap back into the
drain point
Continuous Drainage:
• Turn off the unit and unplug from the mains socket
• Place the water drainage hose into a suitable container or over a drain
• Remove the rubber cap from the secondary drain point
• Insert the drainage hose in to the hole
• Once appliance is switched on, water will continuously drip from drainage hose
Note: Please be mindful that if you are using a container, you will need to manually
empty the container at regular intervals to ensure it doesn’t overfill.
Note: Please do not use continuous drainage if you intend to use the selfevaporating facility, for improved cooling effect.
If you experience difficulties with the appliance, please check the suggestions below before contacting
customer services:
The unit will not switch on.
Runs for a short while and then switches off.
Runs without cooling in Air Conditioning mode.
Water is leaking from unit when moving.
Check Trip Switch / Fuse.
Wait for 3 minutes and start again, protective
device may be preventing unit from working.
Check if the plug is connected to mains socket
Check batteries in the remote control.
If the set temperature is close to room
temperature, the unit will automatically switch
off, you can lower the set temperature to
Check if air outlet is blocked, if so remove
Check if Timer function has been activated.
If the door or window is open
If there is another appliance creating heat in the
same room
Check if the air filter is dirty – if so, clean
Check if air outlets or inlets are blocked
The set temperature is too high
If the door or window is open
If there is another appliance creating heat in the
same room
Check if the air filter is dirty – if so, clean
Check if air outlets or inlets are blocked
The set temperature is too high
Error Code: E4 shown on display panel.
Drain the water tank – refer to Water
Drainage on Page 17.
Error Code: E2 shown on display panel.
Technical Fault – contact Customer Services
and provide error code
Error Code: E3 shown on display panel.
Technical Fault – contact Customer Services
and provide error code
Fuse Replacement (Class I)
This appliance must be earthed. Remove the central screw on the plug and open
the shell. Take out the fuse and replace with a new fuse of the same Amp. Install
the shell again and tighten the screws.
The European Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old household
electrical appliances must not be disposed of in normal unsorted
municipal waste.
Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimise
the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact
on human health and the environment.
The crossed out “wheeled bin” symbol on the product reminds you of your
obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected.
Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information
concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance.
lgenix Warranty Terms & Conditions
This product is guaranteed for a period of 12 months as standard from the date of purchase
against mechanical and electrical defects.You can extend your warranty for a further 12 months by
registering your product.
Upon registration we will cover your product for a period of 24 months from the original purchase
date against any mechanical or electrical defects.
To qualify for the guarantee, the product must be used for domestic household use only and in
accordance with the instructions in the user manual. Any misuse of the product will result in the
warranty being void.
The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse, neglect, tampering or incorrect
adjustment or installation.
The guarantee will be rendered invalid if the product is resold, has had its serial number removed
(or has an invalid serial number), or if an unauthorised person has carried out any repairs or
The warranty does not cover accessories or consumable parts that require replacement under
normal use. This includes shelving, dials, filters, belts and trays etc.
In the unlikely event of a breakdown please refer to the Troubleshooting guide in your user manual
and check all plugs, fuses and the electricity supply.
If you still require assistance please contact our Customer Service department on
01473 271 272 or write to us at the following address:
Customer Service Department
38 Bluestem Road, Ransomes Europark
Ipswich, IP3 9RR
Please quote the Product Code which begins ‘IG’ or ‘DF’ and the Batch Coder beginning ‘5’ and give
details of the exact fault. We will then decide whether to repair or replace the item.
Before we arrange the repair or replacement you will be required to return a copy of your proof
of purchase. Please retain your original.
If an item is replaced within the agreed guarantee period, the guarantee for the replacement item
will be calculated from the purchase date of the original.
In the event that the product is inspected and no fault is found or the product is not within the
guarantee period you will be charged for the repair and any carriage costs.
Thank you for choosing lgenix
As a valued customer we would like to offer you a FREE 2 year warranty to cover your product
against any electrical or mechanical defects.
This means that in the unlikely event you develop a fault or problem with your product we will
happily repair or replace the item free of charge.
To qualify for the 2 year warranty you must register your product within 30 days of purchase. The
full Terms & Conditions of our warranty policy are shown on the opposite page. They are also
available on our website.
To register your product, please complete all sections of the form below and return to us at the
following address: lgenix, 38 Bluestem Road, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich, IP3 9RR.
Alternatively you can visit the lgenix website and complete the form online.
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Disclaimer: Igenix operate a policy of continual improvement and development.
We therefore reserve the right to change/alter the specification and appearance of our appliances without prior notice.
All diagrams and images shown in this manual are for illustration purposes only.
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