MX 1000 E EF MX 1000/2 E EF MX 1200 E EF

Original operating manual
Notice d’utilisation d’origine
Manual de instrucciones original
Istruzioni per l’uso originali
Originele gebruiksaanwijzing
Alkuperäiset käyttöohjeet
Original brugsanvisning
Manual de instruções original
Оригинал Руководства по эксплуатации
Originální návod k použití
Oryginalna instrukcja eksploatacji
MX 1000 E EF
MX 1000/2 E EF
MX 1200 E EF
Original operating manual
Technical Specifications
MX 1000 E EF
MX 1000/2 E EF
MX 1200 E EF
220 – 240 V
220 – 240 V
220 – 240 V
50 / 60 Hz
50 / 60 Hz
50 / 60 Hz
Connected load
1020 W
1020 W
1200 W
1st speed
360 – 630 rpm
360 – 630 rpm
360 – 630 rpm
2nd speed
Idling speed
580 – 1010 rpm
Electronic speed preselection
Temperature-dependent overload
2-speed switch
Tool adapter
Stirrer –
120 mm
120 mm
140 mm
Collar –
57 mm
57 mm
57 mm
4.5 kg
4.9 kg
4.5 kg
Protection rating
II /
II /
II /
M14x2/E R G O F I X
Double insulation
Warning of general danger
Risk of electric shock
Read the operating instructions/notes!
Wear a dust mask!
Wear ear protection!
Wear protective gloves!
Do not throw in the household waste!
Advice or tip
Operating equipment
Intended use
Right handle
Left handle
Switch with switch protection
Locking button
Speed control
E R G O F I X adapter
Speed selection switch (MX 1000/2 E
[1-10] Ventilation opening
Accessories that are illustrated or described here
are not always included in the scope of delivery.
The specified illustrations can be found at the beginning of the operating instructions.
The device is designed for mixing powdered materials, such as mortar, plaster, adhesives and nonsolvent paints, varnishes and similar substances.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for possible
damage or accidents caused by using or operating
the device inappropriately or incorrectly.
Safety instructions
All applicable legal requirements concerning occupational safety must be adhered to, along with
the safety instructions that are cited in the section
“Safety instructions” and all other generally applicable health and working principles. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage that is
caused by unauthorised changes to the machine.
General safety instructions
WARNING! Read all safety warnings and
all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in electric shock,
fire and/or serious injury.
Save all warnings and instructions for future
The term „power tool“ in the warnings refers to
your mains-operated (corded) power tool or battery-operated (cordless) power tool.
5.2 Machine-related safety instructions
- Before starting up any tool, you must check
the flexible power cable and the plug. You must
have any defects fixed by a professional.
- Never touch the machine with wet hands when
it is connected to the power mains.
- The switch must be in the OFF position before
you connect it to the mains.
- The container with the material that is to be
mixed must be stabilised to prevent it from
slipping on the floor.
- Only use the tool until the stirring rod diameter
that is specified in the technical specifications
has been reached.
- Load the machine in such a way that the speed
does not decrease too much or the machine is
forced to stop.
- Always guide the flexible power cable from the
tool to the rear. Never pull hard on the flexible
power cable and never set it on or guide it over
any sharp edges.
- Only work in a safe and stable position.
- Take into account that there will be a reactionary torsional momentum.
- Do not mix any solvents or solventcontaining
substances with a flash point of below 21 °C.
- Start up and run down the maschine un the
mixing container only.
- Do not reach into the mixing container with
your hands or insert any other objects into
while mixing is in progress.
- We recommend that you wear work gloves
and protective goggles when using the mixer.
Regulation require that you wear close-fitting
- Only for AS/NZS: The tool shall always be supplied via residual current device with a rated
residual current of 30 mA or less.
5.3 Other safety risks
Even in cases where the machine is used correctly
and all relevant safety instructions have been adhered to, the design engineering of the machine
and its operation mean that there may also be the
following safety risks:
- Danger that may be caused by the flexible power cable.
- A concentration of dust which is harmful to
health when working in an area that is not sufficiently ventilated.
- Injuries caused by touching electrified parts
when removing the machine or its parts if the
plugs on the flexible power cable have not been
removed from the socket.
- You must only use original Festool spare parts.
5.4 Emission levels
Levels determined in accordance with EN 60 745
are typically:
Sound pressure level
LPA = 86 dB (A)
Noise level
LWA = 97 dB (A)
K = 1.5 dB
The noise produced during work can damage
your hearing.
 Always use ear protection.
Vibration emission value ah (vector sum for three
directions) and uncertainty K measured in accordance with EN 60 745:
ah < 2.5 m/s2
K = 1.5 m/s2
The specified emissions values (vibration, noise)
– are used to compare machines.
– They are also used for making preliminary estimates regarding vibration and noise loads
during operation.
– They represent the primary applications of the
power tool.
Increase possible for other applications, with other insertion tools or if not maintained adequately.
Take note of idling and downtimes of machine!
Starting up and using the machine
Risk of accident if the machine is operated using unauthorised voltages or frequencies.
 The mains voltage and the frequency of the
power source must correspond with the
specifications on the machine’s name plate.
 In North America, only Festool machines with
the voltage specifications 120 V/60 Hz may
be used.
Risk of accident, electric shock
 Always pull the plug out of the socket before
performing any type of work on the machine.
Inhaling the dust may damage the respiratory
 When working with dust, you must wear respiratory protection.
6.1 Tightening the stirrer (see Fig. [2])
 Screw in the stirrer [2-3] with endpiece M14x2
(wrench size 22) by turning it to the right in the
adapter E R G O F I X [2-1] (wrench size 19) and
use the wrench to tighten it.
 Fasten the E R G O F I X adapter to the stirrer
bar, then insert the assembled stirrer into the
slot of the spindle.
To set-up the working height see chapter 6.5.
Switching the machine on and off
Always hold the machine with both hands.
Pressing the switch [1-3] puts the machine into
operation and taking your hand away from the
switch stops the machine from working.
Using the switch button to control the speed (acceleration function switch)
You can use the switch [1-3] to change the level
of the speed until it reaches the speed range that
is set by the speed controller.
Continuous operation
By pressing the switch [1-3] as far as it goes and
pressing the locking switch button [1-4] at the
same time, you can activate continuous operation.
Press and release the switch button [1-3] again
to switch off continuous operation.
6.3 Control electronics
Limiting the starting current
The electronically-controlled soft start ensures
that the machine starts up smoothly.
At the same time, this also prevents the materials to be stirred from spurting out of the mixing
container. Thanks to the low starting current of
the machine, a 10 A fuse is sufficient.
Electronic speed preselection
You can use the speed controller [1-5] to set the
MX 1000 E EF, MX 1200 E EF
Level 1
360 Level 4
Level 2
410 Level 5
Level 3
470 Level 6
MX 1000/2 E EF
1st speed
2nd speed
Level 1
360 Level 1
Level 2
410 Level 2
Level 3
470 Level 3
Level 4
520 Level 4
Level 5
580 Level 5
Level 6
630 Level 6
The speed depends on the stirrer rod that is used
and on the material that you want to process.
Overload protection
An electronic overload protection protects the motor from damage if there is an extreme overload.
In this case, the motor remains at a standstill and
only starts up again once the load has been removed. To restart the machine, you must switch
it on again.
Constant Electronic function
The Constant Electronic function maintains an
almost constant speed and load; this ensures that
the material is stirred evenly.
Temperature-dependent overload protection
(VALID for the type MX 1000/2 E EF and
MX 1200 E EF)
To protect the machine against overheating if you
are using it for an extremely prolonged period,
switch the safety electronics to the cooling mode
as soon as the critical temperature is reached.
You cannot load the machine and it runs at a reduced speed. Approx. 2 minutes after cooling, the
machine is again ready for use and fully able to
take loads.
Protection against re-starting
Prevents the uncontrolled starting of the device after current supply cut off. For re-starting,
the device must be first switched off and again
switched on.
6.4 Speed selection switch
(VALID for the type MX 1000/2 E EF)
You can use the speed selection switch [1-9] to
preselect two speed ranges:
1st speed
360 – 630 rpm
2nd speed
580 – 1010 rpm
The gears can be switched when the machine is
running down, however not under full load.
6.5 E R G O F I X interface
Height setting
The working height of the machine can be individually adjusted to achieve an upright working
 Push the casing of the E R G O F I X adapter
[1-7] in the direction of the machine to move
it as far as it goes [1-7] and hold it tight.
 By pulling on the stirrer rod, you can pull the
E R G O F I X adaptor [1-8] out of the machine
spindle. In this way, you can adjust five different
working heights. One step is 2 cm. The maximum adjustment movement is 8 cm.
 Then release the clamping ring of the
E R G O F I X adapter [1-7] and check that the
adapter [1-8] is seated securely in the machine
Quick change function
 Ensure that the adapter [1-8] remains clean.
 Do not lubricate the adaptor [1-8].
 Only press the E R G O F I X casing [1-7]
when the machine is not in operation.
The E R G O F I X interface enables you to easily and quickly remove the stirrer rod from the
 Push the clamping ring of the E R G O F I X
adapter [1-7] in the direction of the machine
to move it as far as it goes and hold it tight.
 By pulling on the stirrer rod, you can pull the
E R G O F I X adaptor [1-8] completely out of
the machine spindle.
Changing the stirrer
Adapter E R G O F I X [2-1] after worn-out of
stirrer rod can be reused.
 Set the wrench [2-2] on the hexagon of the
stirrer endpiece [2-3] and turn to the left to
screw the stirrer rod out of the E R G O F I X
adapter [2-1].
6.6 Stirrer
To mix different material mixtures together, use
different Festool stirrers: see the catalogue
PJ Uni
For wall paints,
emulsion paints,
ready-made filler,
ready-mix plaster,
For wall paints,
emulsion paints,
pastes, varnishes
casting compounds,
bitumen, sludges
For tile adhesives,
joint sealant, adhesive
mortar, ready-mix
plaster, screed, fillers,
levelling compounds
For mortar, concrete,
cement and lime
plaster adhesive filler,
screed, quartz-filled
epoxy resin, thick
bitumen coating
For gypsum plaster,
emulsion paints,
varnishes wall paints,
casting compounds
For paints, varnishes,
wall paints, emulsion paints, plasters,
glues, tile adhesives
For balancing weights,
fillers, sealants,
Mains connection
There is a risk of accidents occurring if you do
not use the correct power supply.
The stirrer must only be operated with a singlephase alternating current with a nominal voltage of
220–240 V/ 50/60 Hz. In the 2nd level, the machine
is protected against accidents caused by electrical
current in accordance with the standard EN 60 745-1
and it has built-in radio interference suppression
in accordance with the standard EN 55 014.
Before starting up the machine, check that the
specifications on the type plate correspond to the
actual voltage of the power supply.
If required, you can extend the flexible power cable as follows:
- Length 20 m, conductor cross-section
3×1.5 mm2
- Length 50 m, conductor cross-section
3×2.5 mm2
Only use extension cables that are suitable for
outside use and that are marked accordingly.
Operating with electric generator (EG) with combustion motor drive
The manufacturer of the stirrer does not provide any guarantee for incorrect operation of
the stirrer with any EG.
The stirrer can be operated with an EG if the following conditions are met:
- The output voltage of the EG must always be
within the range of 230 VAC ±10%, the EG must
be equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). The stirrer must not work correctly
without this regulation and may also become
- The power of the EG must be at least 2.5 times
greater than the connected load of the stirrer (i.e. 2.5 kW for MX 1000/ 1000/2, 3 kW for
MX 1200)
- If you operate using an EG that does not have
sufficient power, the speed may fluctuate and
the power of the machine may decrease
6.8 Stationary use
The stirrer can be clamped into the MS 57 Festool
stirrer stands at the 57 mm collar [1-6].
Service and maintenance
Never use a machine that is damaged in any
way! (Damage also includes a ripped or worn
flexible switch protection or clamping ring
protection on the E R G O F I X adapter).
 Have a damaged machine repaired in an authorised Festool workshop.
Risk of accident, electric shock
 Always pull the plug out of the socket before
performing any type of work on the machine.
 All maintenance and repair work which requires the motor housing to be opened, must
only be carried out by an authorised service
Customer service and repair. Only through
manufacturer or service workshops:
Please find the nearest address at: www.
Use only original Festool spare parts! Order No. at:
- The ventilation holes on the motor hood must
not be blocked.
- The machine automatically switches off if the
carbon brushes are worn. The machine must
be sent to the workshop for maintenance work.
- We recommend that you clean the machine
regularly. Remove any dust, residual mixing
material and any other dirt. If you use solventbased cleaning agents, these may damage the
painted surfaces or the plastic parts. If you use
these cleaning agents, we recommend that you
test the effect of these agents on a small, concealed area. The ventilation holes on the motor
hood must not be blocked.
- Commission an authorised workshop to
change brushes, the power cable etc.. If the
machine is knocked in any way, it is also necessary to entrust an authorised workshop in
order to prevent any mechanical or electrical
danger arising.
- The packaged machine can be stored in a dry
place without heating as long as the inside
temperature does not fall below −5 °C. The
unpackaged machine must only be stored in
a dry, enclosed space where the temperature
does not fall below +5 °C and where no extreme
temperature fluctuations occur.
We declare under sole responsibility that this
product complies with the following norms or
normative documents:
2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2011/65/EU,
EN 55 014-1, EN 55 014-2, EN 60 745-1, EN
61 000-3-2, EN 61 000-3-3.
Do not throw the power tool in your household
waste! Dispose of the machine, accessories and
packaging at an environmentally-responsible recycling centre! Observe the valid national regulations.
EU only: European Directive 2002/96/EC stipulate
that used electric power tools must be collected
separately and disposed of at an environmentally
responsible recycling centre.
EU Declaration of Conformity
MX 1000 E EF
MX 1000/2 E EF
MX 1200 E EF
Year of CE mark: 2013
Serial no.
768868, 769228
768592, 769230
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Wertstr. 20, D-73240 Wendlingen, Germany
Information on REACh:
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