Hot Water
Electric Storage Water Heater
CascadeTherm Plus
Installation and maintenance instructions
Please read the installation instructions before installing the appliance!
Please read the operating instructions before commissioning the appliance!
Please observe the safety instructions in the operating instructions!
The installation location must meet the manufacturer’s requirements!
Installation must only be carried out by an authorised person!
2 I Contents
Key to symbols and safety instructions..................... 3
Key to symbols............................................ 3
1.2 Safety information....................................... 3
Standard delivery................................................... 5
2.1 Standard delivery.........................................5
Product description......................................6
2.2.1 System Components.....................................6
2.2.2 Description of Operation...............................6
Correct use.................................................6
2.4 Dimensions.................................................7
2.5 Specifications..............................................7
Installation............................................................. 8
4.1 Location.....................................................8
4.1.1 Requirements for installation location.............9
4.1.2 Positioning the CascadeTherm Plus................9
4.2 Water connections.......................................9
4.2.1 PTR valves (supplied with appliance)..............9
4.2.2 Temperature mixing device .........................10
4.2.3 Pressure limiting valve................................10
4.2.4 Expansion control valve...............................10
4.3 Gas connections........................................11
4.4 Electrical connections.................................11
4.4.1 Electrical Wiring.........................................11
Fluing Requirements...................................11
5Commissioning .....................................................14
5.1 Before commissioning................................14
Commissioning process..............................14
5.2.1 Commissioning Process - Alphastat...............14
5.2.2 Commissioning - Gas..................................15
Water quality.........................................................15
Environmental protection/Recycling.......................16
Warranty details....................................................16
Key to symbols and safety instructions I 3
Key to symbols and safety instructions
1.1 Explanation of symbols
1.2 Safety Instructions
Warnings in this document are identified
by a warning triangle printed against a
grey background.
If there is danger due to electricity, the
exclamation mark in the warning triangle
is replaced by a lightning symbol
Signal words at the start of a warning indicate the type and
seriousness of the ensuing risk if measures to prevent the risk
are not taken.
• NOTICE indicates that material losses may occur.
• CAUTION indicates that minor to medium injury may occur.
• WARNING indicates possible severe personal injury.
Water temperatures over 50oC can
cause severe burns instantly or
death from scalds.
• DANGER indicates a risk to life.
Children, disabled and elderly are
at highest risk of being scalded.
Important information
Feel water temperature before
bathing or showering.
Important information where there is no risk
to people or property is indicated with the
adjacent symbol. It is bordered by lines
above and below the text.
Additional symbols
Action step
Cross-reference to other parts of this
document or to other documents
List/list entry
To prevent serious injury, unit damage, or damage to other
property, please use the unit properly. Read this manual and
understand the following information correctly.
This water heater is not suitable for pool
4 I Key to symbols and safety instructions
Do not operate this system before reading the
operating manuals.
This appliance must be installed,
commissioned, and serviced by an authorised
person in accordance with all applicable local
rules and regulations.
Keep appliance area clear and free from
combustible materials, gasoline, and other
flammable vapors and liquids.
This appliance is not intended for use by
persons, including children, with reduced
physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they
have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Water temperatures over 50oC can cause
severe scalds. Local regulations and/or
the requirements of AS/NZ 3500.4 must
be considered regarding the temperature
limitations of hot water used primarily for
personal hygiene.
Notice to Victorian Customers from the Victorian Plumbing
Industry Commission
This water heater must be installed by a licensed person as
required by the Victorian Building Act 1993. Only a licensed
professional will give you a Compliance Certificate, showing
that the work complies with all the relevant standards.
Only a licensed person will have insurance protecting their
Make sure you use a licensed person to install this water heater
and ask for your Compliance Certificate.
Every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in preparing this
No liability can be accepted for any consequences, which may
arise as a result of its application.
Product Information I 5
Product Information
2.1 Standard delivery
The CascadeTherm Plus is delivered fully assembled with the primary circuit and AlphastatPlus controller attached.
The following parts of the standard delivery are packed separately:
• Pressure-temperature relief (PTR) valve x 2
• Technical documentation
Hot Water
Fig. 1
[1] Bosch CascadeTherm Plus
[2] Installation instructions (including operating instructions for the pump, gas burner and thermostat)
[3] PTR valve x2
6 I Product Information
2.2 Product description
2.2.2Description of Operation
The Bosch CascadeTherm Plus is a domestic hot water, stainless
steel 315L cylinder, equipped with a Bosch KM3211WHNG
water heater as the heating source. Included is a primary
heating circuit pump which is operated by an AlphastatPlus
temperature controller, with a temperature sensor located in the
sensor pocket of the tank.
The Grundfos UPS 25-80N pump is used to circulate water from
the tank through the water heater. When the Senztek thermostat
activates the pump, the movement of water through the flow
sensor of the water heater sends a signal to the electronic
control unit. This signal triggers the following actions:
The fan starts to purge exhaust gases.
The ignition sequence begins and the gas valve opens to deliver
gas to the burner.
Outlet 32mm BSP
Gas Heater
Bosch KM3211WH
Commercial Hot Water
Commercial Hot Water
2 x PTR Socket 20mm
The burner ignites. Initially only one section of the burner is
lit, with the remaining sections igniting depending on the heat
The flame sensor rod detects the presence of the flame.
Ball Valve 20mm
Union Valve
Grundfos 00519806
Return 32mm BSP
Controller Senztek
Alphastat Plus
Sensor Pocket
Cable Sealed with
Silicone Sealant
Inlet 32mm BSP
The temperature of the water is automatically adjusted by the
fan speed, gas, and water valves.
The Alphastat will control the pump until the tank reaches the
set point off temperature selected (normally 65°C). When the
set point is reached the water heater stops heating the water.
When the Alphastat measures the tank temperature at below
the set point on temperature, (normally 60°C), the pump will
Pump Flow 20mm BSP Socket
Fig. 2
2.3 Correct use
2.2.1System Components
The Bosch CascadeTherm Plus is designed for heating and
storing domestic hot water. Please observe all DHW regulations,
guidelines and standards for your country.
The main components of the Bosch CascadeTherm Plus are:
• 315L stainless steel storage cylinder
• Bosch KM3211WHNG/LP water heater
• Thermal insulation, polyurethane foam insulation
• Sensor well with the domestic hot water (DHW) temperature
sensor. The DHW temperature sensor supplies temperature
information to the AlphastatPlus controller.
• AlphastatPlus controller. The AlphastatPlus controller
has a microprocessor at its core that intelligently and
automatically controls your hot water system at greater
• Primary circuit pump. The Grundfos UPS 25-80N pump is
included as the primary circuit pump.
Any other application will be considered incorrect use. No
liability for any losses resulting from such use is accepted.
Product Information I 7
2.4 Dimensions
18 o
Fig. 3
2.5 Specifications
Weight (empty)
Cold inlet
Primary pump
Grundfos UPS 25-80 N
Return Inlet
Digital thermostat
Hot Outlet
Sensor Pocket
Stainless steel
Heater Flow
Hot water storage
Heater Return
Relief valve setting
850 kPa
Maximum supply pressure
950 kPa
Maximum power input
92 kW
Approximate mass full
420 kg
Approximate mass empty
100 kg
Sensor Tank Cable
10 metres
Maximum temperature
Set On
Water Heater
Set Off
Minimum water pressure
for maximum flow
Minimum flow rate
Gas consumption
NG: 250MJ/h, LP: 250MJ/h
Power supply
240V, 50Hz
Connections Water
Electrical Connection
240V / 50Hz
8 I Shipping & Installation
Risk of injury from carrying heavy loads and
inadequately securing loads for transport.
The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover
any damage or defect caused by improper
installation, attachment, or use of any type of
accessories (other than those mentioned in
this user manual) with this water heater. The
use of unauthorised energy-saving devices may
shorten the life of the water heater, and may
endanger life and / or cause property damage.
3Use suitable means of transportation
e.g. a hand trolley with strap.
3Secure the DHW cylinder against slipping
Where possible, transport the DHW cylinder
fully packed to the installation location. This
ensures protection during handling. If you are
transporting the DHW cylinder unpacked, use a
transport net. Protect the connections against
• Position the hand trolley at the back of the packed
CascadeTherm Plus.
• Secure the CascadeTherm Plus to the means of
transportation with a strap as the unit is top heavy.
The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility
for such loss and / or injury resulting from the
use of such unauthorised devices.
The Bosch KM3211WHNG/LP is an internal
(with fluing) or external appliance, electronically
controlled gas boosted water heater. It comes
supplied and preset to deliver water at a
temperature at 83°C.
Before installing this appliance, carefully check
that all packing materials have been removed
and that the appliance is correct for the gas
supply to which it is to be connected.
4.1 Location
System damage through inadequate loadbearing capacity of the supporting surface or
unsuitable substrate.
3Ensure that the installation area offers
sufficient load-bearing capacity.
The water heater should not be located in an
area where leakage of the tank or connection
will result in damage to the area adjacent to
it or to lower floors of the structure. In places
where installation in such areas cannot be
avoided, it is recommended that a suitable
catch pan, adequately drained, be installed
under the water heater (Fig. 5).
Fig. 4
Installation I 9
At least 1m clearance in front of the
CascadeTherm Plus is required for the
maintenance of the hot water heater and
auxillary components located behind the
3Maintain the minimum height and minimum
wall clearances in the installation room.
If the CascadeTherm Plus is connected on
the left hand side, maintain a minimum wall
clearance of 500mm.
4.1.2Positioning the CascadeTherm Plus
The Bosch CascadeTherm Plus is delivered as a fully assembled
• Check that the delivered package is complete and in perfect
• Dispose of packaging in an environmentally responsible
• Lift the CascadeTherm Plus from the pallet and position it on
a level floor that has adequate load bearing capacity.
4.2 Water connections
4.1.1Requirements for installation location
The CascadeTherm Plus is designed for both outdoor and
indoor installations. Proper clearances must be observed.
All plumbing work must be carried out by a
qualified professional and in accordance with
the Plumbing Standard AS/NZS 3500.4 and
local authority requirements.
Local installation regulations
The installation must comply with the requirements of AS/
NZS 3500.4, AS5601 and AS/NZS 3000 standards, and all
additional local codes and regulatory authority requirements.
In New Zealand, the installation must comply with Clause G12
of the New Zealand Building Code.
Installation of the water inlet or outlet pipes: The water inlet and
outlet thread are 32mm BSP (internal thread). All other fittings
must be in accordance of the provisions of AS/NZS3500 and
local regulatory requirements.
A heat trap must be installed in the hot water line as per AS/
NZS3500 and the hot water lines after the heat trap must be
A non return valve and isolation valve should be installed on the
cold water line of the water heater. Refer to Fig. 6
A=Ø of appliance
plus 50mm min
B = Maximum 50mm
Route to open drain.
Line should be at least
DN50 and pitched for
proper drainage.
It is recommended that a union be fitted to the cold and hot
water connections to allow easy disconnection of the appliance.
All pipe work should be insulated with proper insulating
material (weatherproof and UV resistant if exposed) to optimise
energy efficiency. Water piping sizing should be performed in
accordance with AS/NZS 3500.4.
4.2.1 PTR valves (supplied with appliance)
Fig. 5
Water heater support needs to be as specified in AS3500.4
NOTE: Auxiliary catch pan MUST confirm to local codes. Catch
pan kits are available from the store where the water heater was
purchased, a builder store, or any water heater distributor.
To reduce the risk of excessive pressures
and temperatures in this water heater,
install temperature and pressure protective
equipment required by local codes, and no less
than a combination temperature and pressure
relief valve certified by a nationally recognised
resting laboratory that maintains periodic
inspection of production of listed equipment
or materials, as meeting the requirements of
AS/NZS 3500.4, AS/NZS 3000 and all locally
codes and regulatory authority requirements.
10 I Installation
Two temperature and pressure relief valves are supplied and
must be installed in the tank ports marked for this purpose.
No valve or accessory of any type should be installed between
the relief valve and the tank. Please observe local codes for the
correct installation of relief valves.
The pressure rating of the relief valve must
not exceed 850 kPa, the maximum working
pressure of the water heater as marked on the
rating plate.
Relief valve easing gear should be operated
does not discharge freely when the lever is
operated, the valve should be checked by an
authorised agent.
The relief valve and relief drain pipe must not
be sealed or blocked. Small amounts of water
may leak from relief valve during heating cycles.
Relief valves should be checked every six
months, or replaced at intervals not exceeding
3 years or more frequently in areas where there
is a high incidence of water deposits.
The function of the temperature and pressure
relief valve installed on this water heater is
to discharge high temperature water under
certain conditions. Therefore it is strongly
recommended that the pipe work connected
to the relief valve is able to withstand water
temperatures exceeding 99oC. Failure to follow
this recommendation may result in a dangerous
The combined kW rating of the relief valves must be 92 kW to
ensure that they are always above the maximum output power
of the water heater when operating. The supplied PTR valves
comply with this.
Never block or seal the outlet of the PTR valve
or its drain for any reason. The warranty will be
void if the relief valves or other safety devices
are tampered with, or if the installation is not in
accordance with this manual.
Connect the outlet of the relief valve to a suitable open drain so
that the discharge water cannot contact any electrical parts,
persons, or animals, and to eliminate any other possible risks.
A drain line from a relief valve must comply with the
requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4.
Always use a valve of the same rated pressure and temperature
as the PTR valves supplied with the unit.
4.2.2 Temperature mixing device (not supplied with the
This water heater can heat water to
temperatures which can cause scalding.
Bosch recommends the installation of a temperature limiting
device between the water heater and the hot water outlets in a
bathroom or similar usage point, in order to reduce the risk of
Additionally, a certified plumber may have the legal obligation
to ensure the water heater installation meets the hot water
delivery requirements listed in AS/NZS 3500.4.
4.2.3Pressure limiting valve
(not supplied with the appliance)
In installations where the mains water supply pressure exceeds
that specified for this product, an approved pressure limiting
valve is required and must be fitted.
4.2.4Expansion control valve
(not supplied with the appliance)
For local regulations, a saturation index greater than +0.4, or
in corrosive water areas where there are sufficient quantities
of silica dissolved in the water the installation of an expansion
control valve (ECV) in the cold water line may be required, being
the last valve installed prior to the water heater.
Installation I 11
4.3 Gas connections
4.4.1 Electrical Wiring
Employ a qualified electrician for the electrical work.
Non-compliance with applicable legal
standards may cause material damage,
personal injury, or even death.
The gas connection to the water heater must comply with AS/
• First ensure that the water heater corresponds to the gas
type available.
• Fit a gas isolation valve on the gas supply line as close as
possible to the appliance.
• After installation of the gas supply line, thorough purging
and a tightness test must be carried out.
Size gas supply as per AS/NZS5601. Incorrect
gas pipe sizing will not be covered by the
• The electrical supply required by both the water heater and
the thermostat is 240V AC at 50 Hz. the power consumption
may be up to 135W. Use an appropiate circuit.
• Do not disconnect the power supply when not in use. When
the power is off, the freeze prevention in the water heater
will not activate, resulting in possible freezing damage.
• Do not let the power cord contact the gas piping.
• Tie the redundant power cord outside the water heater.
Putting the redundant length of cord inside the water heater
may cause electrical interference and faulty operation.
• To prevent an electric shock, always plug power lead into an
earthed powerpoint.
• Power source to be within 500mm of the bottom of the
water heater and thermostat.
Gas Pressure
• Size the gas line according to total MJ/h demand of the
building and distance from the gas meter or regulator, so
that the following supply pressures are available at the
heater even at maximum demand (Refer AS5601).
Natural Gas Pressure Inlet
LP Gas Pressure Inlet
4.5 Fluing Requirements
When installing the unit internally, the water heater needs to
have appropriate fluing using the Bosch flue kits which are
Vertical Flue Kit
The vertical flue kit contains the following components
Gas Meter
• 100mm gas cowl
• Select a gas meter capable of supplying the entire MJ/h
demand of all gas appliances in the building
• 1.5m x 100mm diameter gas flex (3 piece)
Gas Connection
• Support struts (2 pieces)
• Do not use piping with a diameter smaller than the inlet
diameter of the water heater.
• 3m x 6mm condensation hose
• Gas flex lines are not recommended unless they are rated for
• Install a gas shut-off valve on the supply line.
• Use only approved gas piping materials
4.4 Electrical connections
This appliance requires two 240V general purpose power
outlets, one for the water heater and one for the thermostat.
• Flue pipe adaptor (3 pieces)
Horizontal Flue Kit
The horizontal flue kit contains the following components
• 100mm diameter flexible flue, 5m long
• Flue sleeve
• Adjustable wall penetration sleeve (2 pieces)
• Clamp
12 I Installation
The following considerations should be made when planning the
• Vertical sections of flue must be as short as possible
• Ensure the joins are gas tight and will not leak. Use heat
resistant silicon sealant wherever necessary.
• Use a maximum of 1m straight pipe before the first elbow
Available flue components
Part No.
Vent Cap
Vertical Flue Kit
Standard vertical flue kit
Part No 100mm
SS flue elbow, 90°, 100m
Maximum length (mm) & no. of components required
1 kit
Outdoor installation
Part Numbers
Maximum length (mm) & no. of components required
Standard horizontal flue kit
Part No 100mm
Maximum length (mm) & no. of components required
1 kit
Commissioning I 13
Typical layout for single CascadeTherm Plus
Commercial Hot Water
Isolation valve
Pressure relief valve
Non-return valve
Pressure limiting valve
Filter (in-line)
Gas Meter
Fig 6
Typical layout for manifolded CascadeTherm Plus
Commercial Hot Water
Fig 7
Commercial Hot Water
14 I Commissioning & Warranty details
5.1 Before commissioning
Do not start the appliance without water!
3Only operate the appliance once it has been
filled with potable water.
• Ensure the cylinder is filled with water.
• Check all connections for water tightness.
• Check the electrical connections.
5.2 Commissioning process
• Bleed pump according to the process in the pump manual.
• Ensure all isolation valves are open.
• Open the hot tap at the furthest point and allow air to bleed
out until a consistent flow of water is achieved.
• If a thermostatic mixing valve or a tempering valve is
attached, set it to the correct temperature.
5.2.1 Commissioning Process - Alphastat Plus
Your AlphaStatPlus has a microprocessor at its core that
intelligently and automatically controls your hot water system
at greater efficiency. The AlphaStatPlus measures the cylinder
water temperature and turns on the pump at the optimum time.
Principle of operation.
The hot water tank sensor is called: ‘TANK’
The upper temperature threshold is called:
‘SET OFF’ (typically 65° C)
The lower temperature threshold is called:
‘SET ON’ (typically 60° C)
AlphaStatPlus Display Panel Description.
• The ‘HWC’ light will be on when the hot water circuit (HWC)
pump is on.
• The ‘AWAY’ light flashes to indicate that the user has placed
the controller in a suspended state. No power will be applied
to the HWC until the ‘AWAY’ button is pressed again to cancel
it. The AlphaStat will remember the ‘AWAY’ mode even if the
power goes off and comes on again.
• The ‘NEXT’ button will step from Tank to Set Off to Set On
and the display will show the relevant temperature in oC.
If the Tank sensor is below -20oC the display reads ‘Lo’. If
the Tank sensor is above 140oC the display reads ‘Hi’. If the
sensor is outside the specified temperature range of -40oC
to 150oC then the Display will read ‘SSd’ and the ‘NEXT’
button is disabled.
• ‘SET OFF’ and ‘SET ON’ temperatures may be changed
while they are displayed, by pressing the buttons marked
with ‘+’ and ‘-’ in yellow (‘HWC’ and ‘AWAY’). The limits are
20oC and 75oC, but note that the ‘SET OFF’ temperature
will always be higher than the ‘SET ON’ temperature. If
sixty seconds pass and no buttons have been pressed, the
display reverts to ‘TANK’.
AlphaStatPlus System Adjustable Values.
Installer to fill in at installation time or after any change in
program Adjustable Values.
System Adjustable Values
Factory Value
Installation Values
Set Off
Set On
35 C
60 C
60 C
AlphaStatPlus Programming
If the adjustable values from the factory are inappropriate for
the installation (see included document stating programmed
values) then the unit needs to be reprogrammed.
Once new values are ‘stored’ they are permanently written into
memory and will be retained even when power is removed.
• The ‘PWR’ light on indicates that power is being applied to
the AlphastatPlus.
• ‘TANK’, ‘SET OFF’ and ‘SET ON’ lights will be on to indicate
which temperature is being displayed. Only 1 of the 3 can
be on at a time.
Warranty details I 15
Note: Immediately after reprogramming please fill out the
‘System Adjustable Values’ in the ‘System Adjustable Values’
table above.
AlphaStatPlus Programming Table for Adjustable Values.
Manifold Pressure
Increase Button
Manifold Pressure
Decrease Button
Programming Table for Adjustable Values
Disable /
60oC 100oC
Minimum Pressure
Set Button
Maximum Pressure
Set Button
Notes on AlphaStat-Plus Programming. Also refer principle
of operation.
1. SET OFF must always be higher than SET ON.
2. Demand should generally be higher than SET OFF.
3. A disabled value is indicated by ‘OFF‘
4. Fill out programming record in User Guide.
5.2.2 Commissioning - Gas
Measuring Gas Pressure
Circuit Board
Figure 8
• Check table for correct inlet gas pressure
In order to check the gas supply
pressure to the unit, a tap is provided
on the gas inlet. Remove the hex
head philips screw from the tap, and
connect a manometer using a silicon
tube. Operate the unit and check gas
pressure, in order to check the gas
valve inside the unit. The pressure
can be checked either by removing the hex head philips screw
and connecting a manometer with a silicon tube, or by removing
the 3mm NPT screw with an allen wrench and connecting the
appropriate pressure gauge.
• The appliance must be disconnected from the gas supply
piping during any pressure testing of that piping at test
pressures in excess of 3.5kPa.
Once the appliance is ready to use, test the inlet gas pressure:
6 Water quality
• Isolate gas supply
All Bosch water heating appliances are constructed from high
quality materials and components, and all are certified for
compliance with relevant parts of Australian and New Zealand
gas, electrical and water standards.
• Attach manometer to inlet gas test point.
• Open gas supply
• O
perate appliance at full power by creating a demand on the
AlphaStat and forcing the burner to high by pressing Max
Pressure Set Button. (Refer to Fig 8.)
• The appliance and its gas connections must be leak tested
before operation
• The inlet gas pressure must be as specified. This is for the
purpose of input adjustment.
• In order to choose the proper size for the gas line, consult
local codes and / or the AS5601.
This water heater has been designed and constructed to be
suitable for connection to most water supplies in Australia and
New Zealand. However, in areas where Total Dissolved Solids
(TDS) exceeds 2500mg/L, detrimental effects on water heater
performance and longevity will result.
While Bosch water heaters are warranted against manufacturing
defects, the warranty is conditional upon correct installation
and use, in accordance with detailed instructions provided with
the heater. In the case of the water supplied to the heater, it is
important that the water quality be of acceptable standard.
16 I Warranty details
The water quality limits/parameters listed in the water quality
table (table 7, page 16) are considered acceptable, and
generally Australian and New Zealand suburban water supplies
fall within these limits/parameters.
8 Warranty details
Where uncertainty exists concerning water quality, intending
appliance users should seek a water analysis from the water
supplying authority. In cases where it is established that the
water supply does not meet the quality requirements of the
water quality table, the Bosch warranty would not apply.
Voluntary Repair or Replacement Warranty
3When fitted, gently operate the easing lever
on the ECV every six months and replace
at intervals not exceeding 5 years or more
frequently where there is poor quality
Water quality table
Maximum levels:
Chlorides Sodium
+0.4 to
-1.0 at
65 °C
200 mg/l 250 mg/l
Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd
Thermotechnology Division
All Bosch products are carefully checked, tested and certified to
Australian and New Zealand standards.
Important Note: Mandatory Australian Consumer Law
If you have purchased your product in Australia, you should be
aware that:
This warranty is provided in addition to other rights and
remedies held by a consumer at law. Our goods come with
guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for
a major failure, and for compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the
goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
Important Note: New Zealand law
1 mg/l
Table 7
If you have purchased your product in New Zealand, you should
be aware that:
This warranty is supplemental to any other rights and remedies
you have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 NZ, unless
your purchase is made for commercial purposes, in which
case Bosch excludes all consumer guarantees implied in the
Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 NZ in respect of your product.
7 Environmental protection/Recycling
Environmental protection is one of the fundamental company
policies of the Bosch Group.
Product quality, efficiency, and environmental protection
are equally important objectives for us. We comply with all
environmental protection laws and regulations. In order to
protect the environment, we use the latest technologies
and the best materials whilst bearing in mind the economic
Where packaging is concerned, we participate in the relevant
local recycling systems in order to ensure optimum recycling. All
of our packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can
be reused.
Bosch warrants, at its option, to repair or replace your water
heater or relevant part thereof (Product) if such Products
are faulty or defective in manufacture or materials during the
warranty period specified below.
The warranty period commences on the date of purchase. If
the date of original purchase cannot be determined, then the
warranty period will commence six (6) months after the date of
manufacture stamped on the Product.
Bosch may require evidence to verify the date of purchase.
This warranty only covers repair or replacement of defective
Product (including labour costs where indicated). It does not
• any costs incurred by the end user in normal or scheduled
maintenance of the Product; or
• subject to any law to the contrary, any damage to property,
personal injury, direct or indirect loss, consequential losses
or other expenses arising from breach of this warranty. Any
end user concerned with this exclusion should consider
the “Important Note: Mandatory Australian Consumer Law
statement” above.
Warranty details I 17
Warranty Period and Coverage
Bosch will provide warranty service for Product purchased and installed in Australia and New Zealand as follows.
The period after purchase
within which the fault must appear
What Bosch will do
(see below for definitions)
All components
Year [1 to 2]
Parts & Labour
Year [2 to 5]
Parts only
Year [1 to 1]
Parts & Labour
Domestic Use (see below for definition)
Commercial Use (see below for definition)
All components
Table 8
“Parts & Labour” means free of charge repair and/or replacement, including labour.
“Parts only” means a replacement tank, free of charge. All installation and repair labour costs are the responsibility of the
“Domestic use” warranty period applies to Product installed to supply hot water for use by individuals in domestic dwellings. For
Product used for all other uses, the commercial use warranty period will apply. This includes, without limitation,
installations such as centralised or bulk hot systems, hotels, sporting complexes, caravan parks, laundry facilities, restaurants and cafes.
For “Parts only” warranty, the end user will be charged for service call costs and service technician fees in effecting the replacement.
For valid claims within “Parts & Labour” warranty periods, the end user will not be charged for costs associated with making a warranty
claim, including service call costs, any service technician fees or the cost of replacement parts and freight, provided that:
• the Product is located within the usual operating area of an authorised service technician;
• the Product has been installed according to the installation instructions so as to provide adequate service access.
18 I Notes
If the Product is not located within the usual operating area of
an authorised service technician, the end user will be required
to pay the service call costs associated with a service call under
this voluntary warranty.
Warranty Exclusions
Notwithstanding the above, if the Product has not been installed
in accordance with the installation instructions in regards
to access, or has been otherwise installed in location where
service access is difficult, the end user will be required to pay
charges associated with the difficult access. This includes, but
is not limited to, the removal of walls or doors to gain access
and the use of specialised equipment to move the Product or
components to safe working levels. Where the Product cannot
be safely accessed, Bosch may refuse to service the Product
under this voluntary warranty.
• due to storage, handling or installation of the Product
otherwise than in accordance with instructions provided for
the Product by Bosch or without reasonable care, including
installation of a Product which is of inappropriate size or
type for the intended purpose;
For invalid claims under this voluntary warranty, the end
user will be liable for the costs of making the warranty claim
including any service call costs.
• due to accidental damage or use of the Product for a
purpose or in environmental conditions for which the
Product were not designed or sold, or use of the products
outside the specified or normal operating ranges for such
Warranty Conditions
This voluntary warranty is subject to the following conditions:
• The Product must have been installed and correctly
commissioned by an authorised and licensed installer in
compliance with applicable Australian Plumbing and Gas
Standards. Proof may be required of correct commissioning
of the Product (such as certificate of compliance). Claims
for failures due to incorrect installation or commissioning
are not covered under this voluntary warranty and may be
rejected by Bosch.
• Where a Product or part thereof is replaced or repaired
under this voluntary warranty, the balance of the original
voluntary warranty will apply. The replacement Product or
part does not carry a new voluntary warranty.
• The Product must have its original serial numbers and rating
labels intact.
• The warranty does not extend to any Product that has been
completely or partially disassembled.
• These warranty terms cannot be amended except in writing
by an authorised officer of Bosch.
• The warranty only applies to Product installed for an end
user in Australia or New Zealand and purchased from Bosch
or from a reseller where the Product has been originally sold
by Bosch.
• Any claim made under this voluntary warranty meets the
requirements set out below in the “How to Make a Warranty
Claim” section.
This warranty will not apply to a defect or fault to the extent to
which it arises:
• due to operation, use or maintenance of the Product
otherwise than in accordance with instructions provided for
the Product by Bosch or without reasonable care, including
use of the Product with faulty or unsuitable plumbing, water
pressure, power or gas supply;
• as a result of changes which occur in the condition or
operational qualities of the Product due to climate or other
environmental influence, foreign material contamination
or water entry or as a result of exposure to excessive heat
or solvents or because of use of non-potable water or
bore water in the Product or damage as result of an Act of
Nature including but not limited to storms, fires, floods and
lightning strikes;
• from normal wear and tear or when replacement or repair
of parts would be part of normal maintenance or service of
the Product or where the damage is only to surface coating,
varnish or enamel;
• as a result of repairs, alterations or modifications to the
Product which have been performed by a person who is not
suitably qualified and experienced to perform works on the
Product; or
• from the use of any spare parts not manufactured, sold
or approved by Bosch in connection with the repair or
replacement of Product. This voluntary warranty does not
apply to damage that has been caused by continued use of
a Product after it is known, or would have been known with
regular servicing, it is defective.
This voluntary warranty does not apply to damage that has been
caused by continued use of a Product after it is known, or would
have been known with regular servicing, it is defective.
Failure to service Product in accordance with recommendations in instruction manuals for Product may result in a warranty claim
under this voluntary warranty being rejected by Bosch. Bosch alerts end users that instruction manuals for Product contain specific
recommendations for servicing and safety checks to be carried out on Product.
Table 9
Notes I 19
Wrong Deliveries and Transit Damage
Wrong deliveries, incorrect or damaged packing and transit
damage claims are not warranty claims. Such cases should be
directed to Bosch’s Customer Service line in Australia on ph:
1300 307 037 or in New Zealand on ph: 0800 543 352.
Bosch is required to seek personal information from an end user
who seeks to make a claim under this warranty. Such personal
information may be used by Bosch and/or any authorised
service technician (who is authorised to process warranty
claims and/or carry out warranty repairs on behalf of Bosch) for
the purpose of processing such warranty claim and also for the
provision of customer support and further information about
Bosch’s products and services (Purpose).
How to Make a Warranty Claim
If a Product fails within the warranty period, the end user must
stop using the Product and make a claim as soon as possible, in
any event before the end of the Warranty Period (see Deadlines
for Submitting Warranty Claims below).
To make a warranty claim under this voluntary warranty,
call the Bosch Customer Contact Centre (in Australia on
ph: 1300 307 037 or in New Zealand on ph: 0800 543 352).
Please be ready to provide the model and serial number, date
of installation, purchase details and a full description of the
problem. Alternatively, for claims in Australia, you can post
details of your claim to Robert Bosch (Aust) Pty Ltd, Attn TT
Warranty Department, Locked Bag 66, Clayton Sth, Victoria,
3169. Claims received by post will take longer to process and
we encourage you to call. Bosch may refer you to one of its
Bosch Warranty Authorised Service Dealers.
Proof of purchase and purchase date, as well as proof of
installation and proper commissioning by a licensed installer,
may be required by Bosch or an authorised service technician.
All warranty service calls will be conducted by an authorised
service technician during normal business hours. Bosch will not
accept claims under this voluntary warranty for attendance and
repair of the Product by third parties not authorised by Bosch.
Deadlines for Submitting Warranty Claims
Bosch aims to rectify genuine quality problems as a priority.
This is generally achieved by investigating why defective
products have failed and by introducing immediate corrective
action measures to prevent re-occurring warranty failures.
It is therefore critical that all warranty claims are promptly
submitted to Bosch as soon as the product fails, and in any
event before the end of the warranty period.
Product Liability and Product Safety
Bosch should be informed immediately about any potential
product safety concerns within and outside the warranty
period. Bosch is well aware of its product liability and product
safety obligations and responsibilities. It is our aim to ensure
appropriate product safety standards are met in order to avoid
injury, loss and damage caused by defects in any Product.
If an end user does not wish to provide Bosch and/or its
authorised service technician with personal information, Bosch
may be unable to process the end user’s warranty claim or to
provide the end user with additional customer support, services
and information.
Bosch is committed to protecting the privacy of personal
information and will act in compliance with applicable privacy
laws, including the National Privacy Principles under the
Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (as amended) and New
Zealand’s Information Privacy Principles described in the
Privacy Act 1993 (NZ).
Bosch takes security measures in order to protect any personal
information collected in the warranty claim process against
manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorised
persons or unauthorised disclosure.
Bosch will not disclose any personal information to third parties
other than for the Purpose or except as required by law.
An end user has the right to access the personal information
Bosch or its authorised service technician hold about them.
The end user can request to see, change or modify the personal
information held about them, or withdraw consent for its usage,
by contacting Bosch at the Bosch Contact Details below.
Bosch Contact Details
This warranty is offered by Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd
(ACN 004 315 628) of 1555 Centre Road, Clayton, Victoria
3168. Please call the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 30 70
37 in Australia or 0800 543 352 in New Zealand if you have any
queries in relation to this warranty or contact us using the online
form at or
Robert Bosch Australia Pty. Ltd.
1555 Centre Rd
Clayton Victoria 3168
Sales Hotline: 1300 30 70 37
Sales Fax: 1300 30 70 38
New Zealand
Sales Hotline: 0800 54 33 52
Sales Fax: 0800 54 33 55
Technical data subject to modification without notice.
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