 Rada 32E series has been designed specifically to provide temperature controlled water to emergency fixtures.
61 mm
59 mm 49 mm
Ø83.5 mm
49 mm
256 mm
314.5 mm
185 mm
Specify as: Rada 32E (1.1812.001)
Rada 32E BSP
49 mm
49 mm
185 mm
137 mm
Specify as: Rada 32E BSP (1.1812.016)
Rada 32E F
49 mm
49 mm
185 mm
Specify as: Rada 32E F (1.1812.017)
118.5 mm
108 mm
Ø83.5 mm
117 mm
Ø83.5 mm
127.5 mm
Dimensions (mm)
41.5 mm
Rada 32E
Tepid flushing fluid is considered necessary in all types of emergency
equipment applications. Tepid is defined in the standard (DIN CN 151542), as "A flushing fluid temperature conducive to promoting a minimum
15-minute irrigation period. A suitable range is 16-37°C. Generally,
temperatures higher than 37°C may cause chemical interactions with
the skin and result in further damage. At 16°C and below hypothermia
becomes a concern. Consulting a safety/health advisor will be a helpful
aid in the determination of the best temperature parameters. No two
hazards are exactly the same and each should be evaluated on a
case-by-case basis".
Point of Use
Rada 32E Thermostatic Mixing Valves are suitable for installation at or
near a point of use for direct tepid water supply to an emergency fixture
or grouping of fixtures. Groups of fixtures must meet the valve’s flow
capacity requirements if there is a potential for simultaneous operation.
Product Range
32EC - For surface mounting. Angle inlet elbows incorporate isolating
ball valves, check-valves and strainers. Inlets & outlet connections:
28mm compression.
32E BSP - For surface, duct or panel mounting. 3/4” BSP male
threaded Inlet and outlet adaptors (check-valves incorporated in
Standard connections are hot-left, cold-right, outlet-top when facing
the control.
Note! The outlet can be altered to bottom outlet if required by
repositioning the drain plug.
WRAS approved (UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).
Designed, manufactured and supported in accordance with accredited
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and
Caution! High water pressures may deliver a volume and spray force
which is injurious to the user. Check with fixture manufacturer or
regulate water pressures within acceptable range.
Warning! Correct on site commissioning of Rada 32E is critical.
Warning! The constant cold water flow design ensures that in the
event of a hot water supply failure the Rada 32E will allow cold water
to flow to the fixture.
In addition, Rada 32E is designed to shut down the hot water supply in
the event of a cold water supply failure.
These features will only function if:
1. There is a minimum of 20°C differential between the Hot Supply and
the Blend set point 25°C.
2. The Rada 32E has been factory set to deliver a maximum
temperature at 25°C. It is critical to note that under certain inlet
temperature supply conditions, the constant cold water supply feature
may give the false impression that a blend set point has been correctly
established. However, the blend temperature may just be a function of
the combination of inlet hot water temperature and the constant cold
water flow.
The eye shower and/or safety shower system must be inspected
for externally visible damage and defects after installation, prior to
initial start-up and subsequently at the time periods stated below and
following any modifications or repairs.
Eye Showers must have their functionality checked at least once a
The shower must be activated for approx. 10 seconds for this purpose.
In this way the function is tested and the standing water in the shower
is also replaced by fresh water (protection against contamination). To
further reduce microbiological contamination it is recommended that
the shower is activated at shorter intervals (e.g. weekly).
BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.
Flow Control
Separate flow control required.
Body: European 4MS Scheme Compliant Brass meeting DZR and
Low Lead requirements.
In order to guarantee permanent readiness for operation of the safety
eye showers it is recommended that the showers serviced at least
once a year by a qualified maintenance engineer. Service records
are recommended confirming the showers acceptable operation
chracteristics such as flow and temperature, turning off and water
drainage. Checks for leaks, cleaning filters scale build up and the hose
of the hand-held eye showers must be examined for possible twists,
kinks or other forms of damage.
Rada 32E Operating Specifications
Maximum Hot Water Supply Temperature - 70°C
Minimum Cold Water Supply Temperature - 1°C
Damaged or defective parts must be renewed immediately to ensure
continued immediate operation in an emergency.
Minimum Flow Rate at mid blend with nominally equal supply
pressures. - 8 l/min
The check valve which is installed in the connection piece must be
renewed every two years.
Maximum Flow Rate - 120 l/min
Maximum Dynamic Inlet Supply Pressure (supplies must be nominally
equal) - 6.9 bar
Maximum Static Pressure - 10 bar
Minimum Inlet Supply Pressures - 2.7 bar – Drench shower, 1.4 bar
The Rada Service team can provide a regular servicing contract for
your safety showers to ensure they are always in full working order.
Please contact 0844 571 1777 for details
Installation Schematic
Rada 32E
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