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Stationary climacell upgrade ACT/BTU
7’ wide by 12’ high” 12” media w/48” Fan - Evaporative
humidifier unit 2017
Quotation: Stationary Evaporative Cooler unit for humidification approx. 40-60k Bu humidifying capacity
1- 12’h by 7’w 12” media Evaporative cooler/humidifier unit with blow thru 5 hp fan
1/8hp external high-performance recirculation pump 35 GPM, 2.5A at 120 VAC, pump cover.
HDPE construction, SS bolts, two level spray chambers for max saturation, schedule 40 piping.
48” galvanized direct drive fan 5hp with Nema 4 VFD, 29,000 CFM at 0.5 static pressure.
3 hp 48” 21,150 fans available for smaller systems or if only single-phase power is available.
Heavy-duty, maintenance free TEFC Toshiba fan motor.
Built for continuous use, in line filter installed, diamond edge evaporative media for long life.
Chemically treated cellulose evaporative pads for long pad life with custom distribution head.
Up to 95 GPH of evaporation rate at low building RH, average evaporation of 10-15 gal/hr.
Two-year limited unit warranty. 2-year warranty. Made in USA.
Construction/assembly/electrical cost estimated at $5000-6000 per room (not included).
Can reduce air temperature as air passes thru it up to 25 deg F at low ambient RH and high
ambient temperature, can raise air passing thru it from 20% to 90% RH.
It will saturate air in volume of 60,000 Bu storage in 7 minutes to 90% RH.
Approximate sweet potato shrink reduction 1-1.5% per month at 85-90% RH maintained in
storage for payback of 3-6 months in 50-60k Bu storage compared to non-humidification
Cost per unit: $12,000.00 with shipping plus applicable taxes unless tax exempt.
Notes: 12 hrs. supervisory labor included. General assembly, electrical, plumbing and construction is not
included. Room can be attached to the existing building opposite to main fan room/area or it can be
installed inside the room. Minimum ½” water line required. Unit can be run manually, or it can be
incorporated into existing control system for automatic control. CAD drawing for construction will be
provided. Water drain off will be required to outside the building, pump contactor required.
Water softener maybe required if water has very high mineral content (not included).
Evaporative humidification produces water vapor without free water – minimizing storage corrosion.
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