Model: SPRF-10
Fits 20"L Filter
Water Filtration System Sediment Pre-Filters
Water Filtration
Supera® Water Filtration
System Sediment Pre-Filters
When you bathe, you use water. When you do laundry, you
use water. Water, while popular for its wetness, does a
wonderful job of purifying things. But water isn’t always
clean. If you live in an area known for its less than pure
water and you have an ice machine or beverage system,
you need a Supera® Water Filtration System Sediment
Pre-Filter. When you pair this with a Supera® Water Filtration System, your water is comprehensively cleaned for
exceptional taste in both your beverages and your ice.
Easy to Replace
Supera® Ice Machine Water Filtration System Replacement
Cartridges are so easy to install and remove. All you have
to do is remove the top of the reusable sump, take out the
old cartridge and pop in a new one.
One-Two Punch
An ordinary Supera® Water Filter cartridge can eliminate
debris as small as ½ micron. When paired with a sediment
pre-filter, you have the best protection money can buy
against costly build-up that impair both beverage and ice
Sump/Filter/System not included
Since you don’t have to replace the plastic housing of
Supera Water Filtration Systems, there’s no need to casually toss them into the trash when you’re done. By keeping
your filter sump around, you also save a little coin because
all you need are the replacement cartridges.
It is recommended that filters be changed every six months, when capacity is reached or
when effluent pressure or flow becomes inadequate.
This product is for commercial use only and must be installed and maintained according to
manufacturers guidelines.
Do not use on water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate
disinfection before or after the system.
Compatible with: IFP-C15F20,
IFP-C24F40, BFP-100 & BFP-100XF
Features at a Glance:
• The drop-in filter cartridge swaps out quickly
• Supera® Water Filter Cartridges and Sediment
Pre-Filters are more cost-effective compared
to quick-change filters
• Filters out debris as small as ½ micron
• Improves water quality in both beverage and ice
machines and reduces scaling that can negatively
impact ice machine performance
• Extends life of beverage and ice machines
• NSF Certified and made in the United States
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