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Econ-O-Mist ® Forte
Product Code No. AE 650-040
Congratulations on purchasing your Allersearch nebuliser system.
The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte is the latest model in the Allersearch range of nebuliser therapy systems.
The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte comes complete with mask set suitable for child or adult.
The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte is a medical device for home use and is only to be used with medication
prescribed or recommended by a doctor and in accordance with the following operating instructions.
It is important that the patient reads and understands the information provided for use and care of the
unit. Please contact your pharmacy or Allersearch if further information is required.
The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte is manufactured to the highest quality and to comply with safety standards.
However as with any electrical product, the following basic precautions should be observed when using
the Econ-O-Mist ® Forte in order to avoid risk of personal injury or damage to the product. Before using
the Econ-O-Mist ® Forte for the first time and periodically there after check the power cable for possible
damage. Any sign of damage or wear and tear immediately disconnect from power point and return
the unit at were initially purchased.
• Children and the disabled should use the unit under the strict supervision of a person who has read
this manual.
• The unit must not be used in the presence of inflammable gases such as oxygen nitrous oxide or
anaesthetic substances.
• Never use adaptors where power supply is different to the one stated on the identification plate. Keep
the cable away from heated surfaces.
Do not handle the electrical plug with wet hands. Never use the unit while having bath or shower.
Do not submerge the unit in water, should this accidentally occur immediately switch off the power
and unplug cable from the electric socket. DO NOT REACH FOR THE SUBMERGED UNIT until the power
cable is unplugged from the electric socket. Do not use unit until it has been serviced by an Allersearch
authorised service agent.
• The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte case is not protected against the ingress of liquid.
• Unplug the unit after each use.
• The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte is fitted with a thermal fuse which cannot be checked and is not replaceable
• Keep a spare jet nebuliser bowl handy in case the other one is lost or damaged.
• Do not block air vents or place on soft surfaces such as beds or carpet as the air vents may become
blocked and reduce the cooling effect on the motor.
After each therapy session, the jet nebuliser bowl and accessories should be cleaned according to the
instructions in the “CLEANING and DISINFECTION” section.
Connect the power cord (6) into the socket (5) and plug the power cord to the electrical socket.
Wash hands before preparing the medication.
Insert the elastic into both sides of the face mask.
Unscrew jet nebuliser bowl (8) and pour the prescribed medication into the bottom section (8a).
Re-assemble the top section (8c) to the bottom section (8a), connect air supply tube (7) to the bottom
of jet nebuliser bowl (8a) and the air outlet port (4).
6. Fit the appropriate size mask to the jet nebuliser bowl (8) and place on face. If mouthpiece (11) is to
be used fit this in place of mask.
7. Sit in comfortable position, press switch (2) and breathe normally through the mouth. To obtain maximum
medication, occasionally tap the jet nebuliser bowl.
8. When mist stops, switch off unit and unplug from electrical socket. Allow to cool down before storing
CLEANING and DISINFECTION: Wash hands before cleaning or disinfecting the accessories. All components
should be rinsed under tap water after each use. Clean the centre jet (8b) after detaching it from the
top section (8c) of the jet nebuliser bowl and disassembling as shown in fig. A. All components, except
air tube and mask, can be disinfected by boiling for 5-10 minutes. Alternatively all components, except
the air tube, can be chemically disinfected by using a mild cleansing solution such as Allersearch
Nebuclean available from pharmacy – follow the disinfecting instruction and then rinse components
under tap water. Place components on paper towel and let air dry. Do not wipe components with towel
or tissue as their particles may block the jet nebuliser bowl causing poor misting. Reassemble the centre
jet (8b) and fit it back in place on the jet nebuliser bowl as shown in fig. A.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, immerse or run water over the Econ-O-Mist ® Forte case. Regularly wipe
case with damp cloth and mild detergent.
NOTE: Replace your jet nebuliser bowl every 6 months if it is used regularly. This will ensure that your
medication is always delivered at the correct particle size.
Jet nebuliser bowl
Maximum fill:
8 ml
Aerosol output:
0.30 ml/min Approx.
Particle size (MMAD)*: 1.52 microns
Manufactured from non toxic material
* The value shown is conservative and in certain conditions may be surpassed
Microbial Contamination
The jet nebuliser bowl and its accessories are for single person use only. If used by other persons cross
infection may occur.
The materials used that come into contact with medications have been tested with a wide range of
medications in common use such as ambroxol hydrochloride, ipratropium bromide, bromhexine
hydrochloride, beclomethasone diproprionate, acetylcysteine and salbutamol. However, due to the
variety and continuous evolution of the medications, the possibility of a chemical interaction cannot be
excluded. Once opened, the medication should be used as soon as possible and prolonged contact
between medication and nebuliser should be avoided.
To safeguard the environment, when the appliance has reached the end of its useful life take it
to an authorised electric appliance disposal centre where the raw materials can be recycled.
Please check to see if this is applicable in your area.
If the Econ-O-Mist ® Forte fails to operate on 230 volt power:
• Check the electric socket with another appliance or try another electric socket
• Check power cable for damage
• The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte is fitted with a non-replaceable thermal fuse to protect the user if motor over
heating should occur
• If still not operational return for service
If the jet nebuliser bowl is misting poorly or is taking too long to nebulise your medication:
• Replace your jet nebuliser bowl every 6 months if it is used regularly.
• Check that the centre jet (8b) is in place.
• Check that the hole in the jet (8b) is not blocked with dry medication. Soak the jet nebuliser bowl (8)
in water and try again. Do not tamper with the holes, as this will alter the particle size of your medication.
• Switch pump on and off to ensure air is flowing from the air outlet port (4)
• Check inlet filter (3) for blockage and change if the filter is discoloured
• Check the tubing for leaks, cracks or kinking
• If moisture collects inside air tubing when nebulising medication, disconnect jet nebuliser bowl on
completion, operate pump to pass air through the tube until dry
• Once a year take your nebuliser system to your pharmacy to be checked
CAUTION: Do not dismantle the Econ-O-Mist ® Forte under any circumstances as this may void your
warranty. Refer servicing to authorised service centre. The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte has an oil free compressor
and requires no servicing. Do not oil.
Mod. Econ-O-Mist ® Forte
Air flow
Dynamic air flow:
230V~ 50Hz 130VA
T 2.5A – 250V
9 l/min
5.1 l/min
160(L) x 200(D) x 120(H) mm
1.5 Kg
Manufactured to comply with Dir. 93/42/EEC (EN 60 601-1)
Operating requirements:
Temperature min. 10°C; max 40°C
Air humidity min. 10%; max 95% RH
Storage requirements:
Temperature min. -25°C; max 70°C
Air humidity min. 10%; max 95% RH
Operating/storage atmospheric pressure: min. 690 hPa; max. 1060 hPa P
Class II unit
Switch OFF
Type B unit
Switch ON
Warning: follow the “Instructions for use”
Never use the unit while having a
bath or shower
Alternating current
Latex Free
Electromagnetic compatibility
The Econ-O-Mist ® Forte is designed to meet the requirements for electro-magnetic compatibility. However
if you suspect that the unit may be interfering with the reception of your TV, radio or other electrical
appliance try another electric socket or relocate the unit away from the other appliances.
Warranty against defects
12 months from date of purchase. Does not include accessories, air filters or damage due to misuse or
To make a warranty claim please contact the Allersearch Service Agent in your State (contact details
of all Service Agents are inside the product box, or contact our Customer Service Centre at 1300 300
330 if you can no longer find these contacts details).
The faulty item will need to be sent to the Service Agent (please ask Agent for reply paid information).
Faulty items will either be repaired or replaced after inspection and returned to you. Refurbished parts
may be used to repair the goods.
Ebos Group P/L reserves the right to make technical changes to this product with out prior notice.
Your rights under this warranty against defects sit alongside the consumer guarantees, which cannot be
excluded. Even after expiry of this warranty you may still be entitled to a remedy under the consumer
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are
entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods
fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
Manufactured by Flaem Nuova S.p.A
Via Colli Storici, 221, 223, 225
25015 S.Martino della Battaglia (Brescia) - ITALY
Please contact EBOS Group Pty Ltd
Unit 2, 109 Vanessa Street
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Consumer Support centre 1300 300 330
Distributed by Ebos Group Pty Ltd
Unit 2, 109 Vanessa Street
Kingsgrove NSW 2208
1 Compressor unit
2 On-Off switch
3 Air inlet filter
4 Air outlet port
5 Socket for power cord
6 Power cord
7 Air tube
9 Child face mask
10 Adult face mask
11 Mouthpiece
11545B0-0 Rev. 11/2011
8 Jet nebuliser bowl
8a Bottom section
8b Centre jet
8c Top section
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