7-Port USB Charging Station with Apple Watch - AVLT

7-Port USB Charging Station
with Apple Watch Stand
User Reference Guide
Key Features & Benefits
Power and charge up to 7 USB ports powered devices
 USB charging port integrated with auto detection
smart IC for maximum charging efficiency
 2.4A (max) power output supplied USB port for rapid
charging of iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets
and other compatible USB powered devices
 6 individual open slots fit and hold most tablets or
smartphones, ideal as a space-saving charging
 Apple Watch Stand - The watch stand is designed to
seamlessly accommodate the Apple Watch charging
 Includes 65W high performance power adapter with
Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Over-Charge, ShortCircuit safety protections to safeguard all of your
connected devices
AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
DC 19V/3.42A, 64.98W
Total Charging Output
DC 5V/13A (Max.)
USB Port Output
DC 5V/2.4A (Max.)
8.66" (W) x 5.43" (H) x 4.33" (D)
Operating Temperature
32 to 104 degrees F
Storage Temperature
14 to 122 degrees F
Package Contents
7-Port USB Charging Station with Apple Watch Stand
Apple Watch Stand
AC Power Adapter
User Reference Guide
Product Layout
Apple Watch Stand
Power Switch
Figure 1: 7-Port USB Charging Station with Apple Watch Stand
 Apple Watch Stand (removable): Holds your Apple
Watch and it's charger while charging (optional)
 Power Switch: Turns on / off the charging station
Power Jack
USB Charging Ports (x7)
Figure 2: Rear side
 Power Jack: Plug the included power supply here
 USB Charging Ports (x7): Connect to charge your
smartphones, tablets and other USB-powered devices
Power Jack
Refer to below table for the specifications of the power
Table 1: Power Jack Specifications
Figure 2: Power Supply & AC Power Cord
Insert the AC power cord into the power supply.
Insert the power supply's plug into the charging
station's power jack.
Plug the power supply into a reliable 100V-240V wall
Press the Power Switch to power on the charging
station and verify the blue LED is lit.
Plug in your devices with their USB charging cables.
Note: USB charging cables are not included.
FAQ & Solutions
If the charging station isn't functioning properly:
 Make sure the charging station is plugged into a
functioning wall outlet
 Make sure the power supply's green LED is lit to
ensure it's receiving power
 Firmly insert the USB charging cable into both the
charging station and your USB device
 Keep the total wattage for all connected USB devices
under 65W
 Check the power switch LED to make sure it's lit
Safety Notice
 Check that the wall outlet you are using is within
the AC 100V - 240V range
 Do not place the charging station on heated seats or
against other heated sources
 Do not attempt to replace any part of the charging
station on your own
 Do not expose the charging station to liquids or
excessive heat
 Do not use any corrosive cleaning substances with
the charging station
 Keep out of reach of children
Warranty Statement
This warranty covers the original purchaser and
guarantees that the product be free of any defects in
materials or workmanship for one (1) year from the date
of product purchase.
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trademark of AVLT-Power Inc. All other trademarks are
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