Pක඗ඞඑඌඍඛ ඎකඍඛඐ ගඉඛගඑඖඏ උ඗ඎඎඍඍ ඉග ඉඔඔ

Pක඗ඞඑඌඍඛ ඎකඍඛඐ ගඉඛගඑඖඏ උ඗ඎඎඍඍ ඉග ඉඔඔ ගඑඕඍඛ
Claris coffee machine filter
Krup coffee machine filter
These filters are designed to assist in the reduction of limescale, sediment,
chlorine, taste and odour and impurities present in water.
Reduction of limescale build-up in coffee machines results in an extended
machine life and an optimal performance of espresso machine in terms of
brewing pressure and temperature.
These filters reduce the undesirable taste and odour in water improving the
taste of your coffee. So relax and enjoy your cup of coffee.
Sunbeam coffee machine filter
Month indicator (except Aqua-S) provides for easy cartridge replacement
Before Installation
1. Soak for 5 minutes in water.
2. Rinse for 30 seconds.
Seaco coffee machine filter
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