Espresso podholder
• for SENSEO® coffee machines
Sensational freshly brewed espresso coffee!
Espresso pod holder for SENSEO® coffee machines
More variety from SENSEO®: Enjoy a delicious small cup of high-quality strong and
intense SENSEO® Espresso coffee — freshly brewed by your SENSEO® coffee machine.
Coffee your way
• Specially developed by Philips and Douwe Egberts
• To deliver a short and strong high quality coffee with a fine crema layer
Sensational coffee
• Delicious coffee foam layer for your special coffee moment
Espresso podholder
for SENSEO® coffee machines
Country of origin
• Made in: Poland
49 mm
• Weight of product: 0.102 kg
Weight and dimensions
General specifications
• Dimensions of product (W x D x H): 157 x 85 x
• Suitable for: HD780X, HD781X, HD655X
Douwe Egberts coffee expertise
More than 250 years Douwe Egberts coffee
expertise in roasting and grinding specially selected
coffee beans.
SENSEO®, the coffee specialist
A favourite Douwe Egberts SENSEO® coffee pod
variant for everyone. Use specially developed
SENSEO® coffee pods for the only real SENSEO®
Delicious coffee foam layer
The fine Douwe Egberts SENSEO® coffee selection
and the unique SENSEO® brewing system make sure
that your perfect cup of coffee always comes with a
rich and delicious coffee foam layer - proof of
premium taste and quality.
Issue date 2017-11-15
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