Starbucks - Community Service Programs
Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company. I just finished reading your email and
appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us.
We appreciate you contacting us about Starbucks Community Service efforts. We agree that
homelessness is a serious problem nationwide. We pride ourselves on being good citizens
locally and worldwide, and encourage our customers to take part in the solution as well. While
we do not condone panhandling, we do advocate pro-active organizations involved with support
and job training for homeless individuals. Starbucks donates all past-date coffee and pastries to
local homeless shelters, and many of our partners (employees) volunteer at their local facilities.
For example, Starbucks also sponsors The Bell Family Shelter, which provides food, beds, and
childcare for homeless families in need.
Every Starbucks is a part of a community, and we’re committed to helping neighborhoods thrive
wherever we do business. Starbucks partners' connection and involvement in communities has
always been and always will be a hallmark of the company. In that spirit, we are building upon
our legacy of local community service to inspire a change maker spirit among partners and
You can connect with volunteers through our Community Service website at The site also has information
on volunteer projects that are currently underway.
If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please visit us at
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