822/823 Series Battery-Powered Digital

822/823 Series Battery-Powered
Digital Temperature Indicators
User Manual
1. Description
NOSHOK 822/823 Series Battery-Powered
Digital Temperature Indicators are
monitoring and temperature indicating applications.
with high
indicators feature a large 4-digit LCD display.
They are designed for optimum accuracy and
performance. NOSHOK 822/823 Series Indicators are
an ideal replacement for bi-metal, liquid bulb and gas
thermometers. They are also a suit-able replacement
for Mercury reduction programs.
The NOSHOK 822/823 Series Battery-Powered Digital
Temperature Indicator arrives factory calibrated to the
customer’s specified temperature range. No costly field
calibration is required.
The housing, probe and fitting material is all fabricated
from 316 stainless steel.
The 822/823 Series Indicator is rated to NEMA 4X
(IP66). Many mounting configurations are available to
meet customer requirements.
The 822/823 Series Indicator has a five year battery
life with a low battery indication on the LCD.
2. Function
The 822/823 Series line of temperature indicators
uses a Pt1000 Platinum RTD sensor which is read
by our embedded processor and displayed on the
LCD display.
The LCD-based 822/823 Series is battery powered
and needs no wiring unless there are options chosen
that require it.
3. Safety Instruction
Read the instruction manual completely before
installing the 822/823 Series temperature sensor. All
safety guidelines should be followed and the sensor
should only be installed by qualified personel following
all local codes and regulations.
3.1. Safety Conventions
The following symbols
in this instruction manual.
Attention: This symbol indicates an instruction that if
not followed properly could lead to injury or death.
Note: this symbol indicates an action that could lead
to damage or contamination if not followed.
3.2. Proper Use
3.2.1. Designated use: These devices are intended for
specific industrial applications.
Appropriate fittings,
materials and form must be chosen depending on the use.
Proper specification must be done to conform with
temperature, pressure and flow velocity requirements.
3.2.2. Installation: these devices must be installed by
qualified personnel taking all necessary precautions. The
installation should adhere to all local regulations.
3.2.3. Ensure that the label on the 822/823 Series is
correct and that the model is appropriate for the particular
3.2.4. These devices are repairable. In the event of
failure they should be returned to the factory for
repair and recalibration.
Please ensure the unit is
clean and has no contam-inants before returning
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3.2.5. If the installation will occur in a hazardous location or
near hazardous materials all necessary precautions should
be taken.
3.2.6. Mounting locations should be chosen to avoid high
voltage electrical lines and for ease of installation and
future maintenance.
4. Installation
If there is any visible damage to the unit check the
packaging and notify the shipper immediately. Included
in the package should be one 822/823 Series and one
instruction manual.
4.2. Storage: Note that the device should be stored at a
temperature between -4 ºF to 160 ºF (-20 ºC to 70 ºC) in a
location that is reasonably dry and clean.
4.3. Orientation: See Fgure 1.
There are no restrictions on the orientation of the
probe installation location, but if there is a requirement
for the pipe to be self draining, the seating should be
angled such that it will drain properly.
The probe should be centered in the process flow no
matter what the orientation. Angled inserts should
have the probe pointing into the direction of flow as
Ensure that during installation all necessary
precautions are taken. If this is a sanitary installation
ensure that the probe has been properly cleaned in
advance of installation and ensure that it is transported
to the site of installation in a way that will maintain it’s
sanitary condition.
If there are flammable or explosive fluids or gases
present at the site of installation ensure that proper
grounding procedures are taken. Unwrapping a probe
from bubble wrap or other packaging can impart a
static charge on the probe which may discharge upon
insertion into the mounting location.
If the function demands it, seal the process connection
with PTFE tape.
Measurement Solutions
Measurement Solutions
Note: NPT connections should be hand tightened and
then turned only 1-1/2 turns further with an appropriate
wrench. This value may change according to what type
of sealant is used on the pipe threads. Do not use the
display body to tighten the probe into the mounting
location. Doing so may damage the probe. Use only
the process connection or compression fitting for
4.4. Troubleshooting
If the unit fails to function properly there are no user
serviceable parts inside. If returning the unit to
NOSHOK, please ensure that the unit is clean and free
from any contaminants before shipping.
Measurement Solutions
Figure 1
5. Limits
5.1. Pressure Limits
The pressure limits for the probe is 500 psig, but the pressure limits for the process connection could be considerably
less. Ensure the appropriate process connection is used for the desired pressure limits.
5.2. Temperature Limits
The ambient temperature range for the exterior housing enclosing the processor should not exceed 32 ºF to 120 ºF
(0 ºC to 50 ºC). The temperature limits for the probe should conform to the following table according to the unit ordered.
Note that the temperature will affect the pressure and flow velocity limits of the probe.
5.3. Thermal Characteristics
For some RTD temperature indicators there is self heating from the measurement current. With NOSHOK 822/823
Series products the self heating is negligible. Any self heating error will be compensated for during factory calibration.
Calibration of all NOSHOK 822/823 Series products takes place after the RTD, probe and electronics are assembled and
immersed up to the process connection or a minimum of 10X the probe diameter. There should be no discrepancy in the
measurement due to the thermal characteristics of the probe or process fitting.
5.4. Response Time
Warm up is approximately 30 seconds, then response time is typically 3 seconds due to the display refresh rate.
6. Calibration
Calibration is performed at the factory. For recalibration return the unit to the factory. Please ensure that the unit is
clean and free of contaminants before shipping. Certain Models with optional communication may be calibrated on site
by an NOSHOK authorized representative or by factory trained professionals.
7. Long-Term Stability
The electronics and RTD should not deviate more than 0.05% per year if sized and installed properly. Regularly
scheduled verification should be done to ensure that the unit is within accepted norms.
8. Error Codes
The 822/823 Series Battery-Powered Digital Temperature Indicator is programmed to display the following error
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